TEKO 2015: The Result of Quarter-final 3!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2015 – The votes have been counted in Quarter-final 3 of The Eurovision Knockout 2015!  The third QF of the season saw The Netherlands and Israel going head to head to try and win a place in the semi-finals! Check the result now…

The result of QF3:

The Netherlands  48%
Israel  52%

Well done to Israel’s Nadav Gudej with ‘Golden boy‘ who progresses to the semi-finals.

25 comments on “TEKO 2015: The Result of Quarter-final 3!

  1. Excellent start to my birthday, already had some very good news concerning a close friend and now im left in shock, but a happy shock, as Israel beats always well hyped (whether rightly or wrongly) Netherlands. Genuinely though Netherlands would win this.

    Are ET readers starting to get their shake on?

  2. A song to shake it in the semi-finals …

  3. Off topic: a while ago I saw a spot on NERIT about their esc coverage later this month.
    It said: “Tuesday 19/5 at 22:00, Saturday 23/5 at 22:00”.
    Does that mean that they won’t broadcast the second semi on Thursday?!!!
    If so, this will be the first time they do so since the introduction of semis. I hope it was just a typo.

  4. Anyone from the ET regulars wishing to cast their votes for the ET jury semi rankings, please hurry !
    I am closing the procedure the following days!

  5. Has anyone posted this: The preliminary list of the esc juries for Eurovision 2015: http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=exclusive_here_are_this_years_national_juries

    • The chairman of the Greek jury is of Armerian descent and i don’t even know him and there’s also an Armenian jury member in the Cypriot jury.Now,let’s see how Armenia will fare will both these juries…
      Bruno Berberes in France. :P
      The president of OGAE Greece in the Greek jury…

      • Jik Nakasyan is a legendary condactor in Greece. I remember him from the Thessaloniki Song Festival era :)
        I think that it’s positive that he is one of the jury members. Same goes for Mr Karatzikos and Marianna Efstratiou. On the other hand I read that one of the members is a singers’ agent/manager (?!); not that promising.

        • *conductor

        • I have never heard of mr. Nakasyan,tbh.Mr Karatzikos is ok but not that promising,imo.I remember him supporting some atrocities.Helen Giannatsoulia is the most promising.I like her as a lyricist.As for the PR/manager,i don’t think he’s the manager of one specific singer.I don’t know him,either.But,my statement still stands.I want to see how Armenia will fare with both the Greek and Cypriot juries.

          • Hmm, we seem to disagree a bit on this; I think that both Mrs Giannatsoulia and the PR guy, are sort of the …weakest links there :)

            • I don’t really know the PR guys so i can’t say if he’s good or bad.On the other hand,i really like some of the songs Eleni Gianatsoulia has penned alongside Christos Nikolopoulos.

          • Btw, have you seen the NERIT spot on esc? Are they planning not to broadcast semi 2?

      • He is the composer of Vissi’s Autostop, no?

  6. The Italian jury seems to be the most irrelevant i’ve seen till now.

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