United Kingdom: Mel Giedroyc to Co-Host UK Semi Final Coverage

old bbc eurovision anniversaryUnited KingdomScott Mills has become a permanent fixture at the BBC for their Semi Final Shows every year but his female co-hosts have been changing year after year. This year he will be joined by TV presenter and Comedienne Mel Giedroyc

If you are not familiar with British TV every year the BBC air a reality TV show in the form of The Great British Bake-Off and it’s pretty damn popular. The show focuses on Baking Challenges where bakers are eliminated each week until the Champion Baker is decided. It’s all very British.

Sue and Mel

Mel (the blonde one) along with her comedy partner Sue Perkins presents this very popular show so it is of no surprise really that she has been chosen to present with Scott. She will replace Laura Whitmore who helped cover in Copenhagen.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCjTFVeCsz8]

Do you think she will do a good job in Vienna?

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6 comments on “United Kingdom: Mel Giedroyc to Co-Host UK Semi Final Coverage

  1. Oh god not her!!!

    Looks like if I decide to watch it at all it will have to be off the main Eurovision site or maybe from RTE.

    • Oops just re read the article, its the blonde one not the brown haired one. Ok thats different then.

      Still odd why they chose her though. A baking show doesn’t really link into ESC well. Usually they pick someone on BBC Radio

      • What’s your beef with Sue Perkins?! I like her! She’s had a rough time recently, receiving death threats from idiots on Twitter about a false rumour that she was taking over as presenter on Top Gear following the departure of Jeremy Clarkson.

        Mel and Sue are primarily comedians, I think, often a double-act together, who have moved into TV presenting, so The Great British Bake-Off is just one of their TV gigs. I think either would make a fine presenter for the semis. I guess Mel has the greater Eurovision interest!

        • No beef other than I find her annoying, simples. Also I don’t know anything about her getting death threats on twiter or w/e I don’t think she deserves that. DIdnt hear the rumour about her and top gear either, but again, i dont think she’d be good for it (but then i dont watch top gear so dont mind as much

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