TEKO 2015: The Quarter Finals!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2015 – We now know our final 8 in this year’s Eurovision Knockout competition!  They will battle it out in 4 quarter-finals over the next 4 days, and you’ll only have 1 days to vote for each so make sure you check the site daily!

The Quarter-final draw:

QF 1: Romania v Norway

QF2: Australia v Sweden

QF3: The Netherlands v Israel

QF4: Belgium v Slovenia

It’s time to start voting in the Quarter-finals!


Please listen to the two competing entries:

Romania  Romania – Voltaj – ‘De la capat’ / ‘All over again

Norway  Norway – Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – ‘A monster like me

To hear the song click on the respective flag!

The Voting:

As you have now listened to both songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the two songs.

Europe… start voting now! (and visitors from the rest of the world of course!)

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the QFs will be revealed on this blog every day, so stay tuned!


74 comments on “TEKO 2015: The Quarter Finals!

  1. Can you imagine the top 8 this year consisting of these 8 songs.

  2. Norway! It has very good package – singers, video, style! I wouldn’t say musicaly is as outstanding as song’s package is!

  3. Lol surprised Romania has made it this far. Really thought they would be out in their first duel and either Austria or Hungary would win.

    However, I’m going to back Romania again for the same reason I backed it in its heat and in its duel, I don’t like the other song.

    Norway is overhyped every year in my opinion. So I suspect it to win this QF sadly.

  4. Hate both but despise Norway immensely.

  5. I don’t know who’s going to win , but I’m quite sure that the actual results will look nothing like this… Romania, Israel and the Netherlands have no chance to be in the top 8 in my opinion!
    On the contrary, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Italy will do much better.
    My votes for these rounds:

    1: Romania (37th) vs Norway (2nd)
    2: Australia (16th) vs Sweden (6th)
    3: The Netherlands (21st) vs Israel (9th)
    4: Belgium (4th) vs Slovenia (3rd)

  6. Romania drops slightly in my rankings but I really do like the song so it takes it over the Norwegian entry which I like but not enough to put it through in this vote

  7. The fact that i find it hard to vote for Norway means that i may like Romania more than i think.lol

  8. All 6 versions of Portugal 2015:I really like the acoustic version!!The English one is quite nice too. http://media.rtp.pt/festivaldacancao/artigos/exclusivo-oica-aqui-as-novas-versoes-de-ha-um-mar-que-nos-separa/

  9. oh lord, compare qf3 to qf4… my vote here to Norway, can’t really care for Romanian song this year, especially the English version

  10. Norway ! <3

  11. For me it’s


  12. Νοrway, Australia and Slovenia. I don’t mind Belgium either.

  13. The first preview show in Finland.They apparently love their own entry…lame!

    • Greece once again is failing miserably…
      Armenia is in !
      I can understand someone not liking Estonia but awarding it the same amount of points like Moldova?

      • They’re the worst jury so far,imo!

        • Agreed: I only agreed with them on Belgium, Moldova and Greece…

          • Greece is definately not that bad.

            • Oh it is. It really is (my ranking was posted a few days ago somewhere if you haven’t seen it…)

            • I am very strict when it comes to Greece in ESC. Personally I don’t like it. But I don’t hate it either. By no means it is a BAD entry.

            • Well, I tend to overly hate the very boring americanizzed lyrics with no depth whatsoever and shouty-but-very-poor vocals (the breathing is an insult to almost all other singers in this year’s contest): that’s why even with all horrors in esc 2008 (Estonia, Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Latvia…) I used to have Poland dead last… now I don’t anymore, coz all the horrors are worse, but Greece ends very easily in my bottom 3 this year where we don’t really have any horror, but many boring and lame songs, so this one is not only awful but awful to my personal bias against these types.

            • Especially when you think they gave Moldova almost the double pts.lol!The thing is in all those preview shows they use official videos while the Greek official video is her performance after she was announced as the winner.It does play a role,imo plus,the preview shows’ scores tend to be irrelevant to what usually happens in real esc but i do get the feeling that if Greece ends up somewhere between 11 and 14 with the juries there’s no way we’ll qualify.On the other hand,i believe that it’s a ballad that will score more pts with the Eastern juries than with the western ones.

    • I get the impression that the ESC experts, juries and preview panels suck in all countries … :(

      • And I get the impression there’s always at least one member screwing Estonia out of nowhere…

      • We don’t have a panel in Denmark at all, just a showing of the videos with the commentator introducing them (“and here comes the Portuguese entry which is performed by…”).

        It was only 2004-2007 when there was a Nordic preview show with one from each country.

        • The Nordic preview show actually had a good dynamics because it contained different people with very diverse views on the songs.

        • I think that having a neutral introduction show is highly preferable to some B-celebreties who have no clue “discussing” the songs. But that would be soooo boring of course … GRRR
          (grumpy mood alert) :)

          • They probably attract more viewers. But I agree.

            However, I would love a panel with people who are educated in music and/or literature.

            • Either that (I would even love music experts who know nothing about ESC discussing the line-up. That would be very interesting imo, listening to people judging songs for what they are and not within an ESC framework) or people who are not necessarily music experts but know a lot about ESC.

            • Some of them actually do. F.e. Thomas Lundin who represented Finland in the Nordic panel was often introduced as “a living ESC encyklopedia”. From Denmark we have had people like Jørgen de Mylius (commentator 1978-96 and 2003-05) and Keld Heick in the panel.

            • Here in Germany we only have Peter Urban (our commentator for almost 20 years) but he wasn’t part of the songcheck experts this year. The rest of the bunch are not very likeable people trating ESC like reality TV. The trashier, the better …

            • Maybe a result of Eurovision not being as big in Germany as it is in the Nordic coutries?

            • Probably, it is all stereotypes, arrogance by the established critics and drawing a crowd of yobbos here. :(

            • I forgot to mention the one exception we had this year. Conchita’s vocal coach was on the 2nd songcheck. She has been to ESC in that function already 5 times, first with Bettina Soriat in 1997. She was the only one who talked about composition, singing technique, pharsing and lyrics. :)

  14. Indeed. But they probably don’t dare to critisize it.

    It reminds me of the Nordic preview show in 2007 where Erikur Hauksson, who was in the panel, got top marks from everyone else – for a rather ordinairy rock ballad. Not bad, but certainly no masterpiece either.

    Very low points to Greece. I don’t think it is that bad though it would have worked a lot better in Greek. She did record one in Greek, didn’t she?

  15. Totally offtopic, Nanterre won Basketball’s C3 and it’s so thrilling and amazing! in 2011 Nanterre was in second division, 15 years ago we were 11 division lowers and now French champions 2013, French cup winners in 2014 and now an European trophee! (They even beat Barça in Barça in 2014 C1!)

    • Congratulations to Nanterre! :)

    • Btw, my hometown Ludwigsburg plays in the Basketball Bundesliga too. Unfortunately, they haven’t qualified for European cups for ages … but at least they haven’t been relegated for many years now. :)

      • That’s good! Basketball is my fave sports since I lived in the US, less boring time with better speed and pace

        • I am not a big fan although my sis played in the 2nd Bundesliga 25 years ago. Naturally, I went to see all the matches. I wish that we had a football bundesligist instead … and now it looks like we will lose Stuttgart too. I am no VfB fan but I don’t want them relegated. Wait, if they are relegated, I can watch Stuttgart – Bochum again next year. There is a bright side to everything. :)

  16. Since we are talking on the Finnish preview show here. I didn’t even watch NDR’s last songcheck show until the end because that Freschtorge creature was there as an expert. He perfectly represents what I like least in people: always cheerful and always talking a lot of nonsense. He loved the Israeli entry because “partying is what ESC is all about”. (Comment: Don’t you dare tell anyone what ESC should be about for him/her.) He predicted that Israel will do very well because “who wants to listen to another ballad.” (Comment: Check your facts. When did an ethno shake shake last win? Exactly 10 years ago. Most winning songs were ballad or midtempo or a mix.) When he started making fun of the Latvian entry and Aminata as a person, I switched off. This guy loves everything that is bad and tacky about ESC. And why was he there anyway. He openly confesssed that he had only listened to the 10 songs they were reviewing. What kind of preview panel expert is that. And even though he did not know the other 30 songs, he was more than willing to be very outspoken about the songs’ chances … Gosh, how I detest that guy. Finally, he doesn’t know anything about ESC. Nothing but perhaps Abba, Nicole and Dschinghis Khan before 2000, and in the later contests he always gets his facts wrong like f. e. “I think that was in 2004” (when it was in 2003, 2006 or whenever) or “I remember a similar song from Albania in 2007 …” (You can bet that it was Bulgaria in 2006 or Andorra in 2004 or whoever whenever. It’s not important at all because the songs won’t be similar for sure.
    Sorry, but I had to get that out of my system at least once!

    • Always cheerful and talking what you perceive as nonsense.
      Loves the Israeli entry because partying is what esc is all about
      Thinks israel will do well because who wants to listen to another ballad
      Loves everything “bad” and tacky about ESC.

      OMG ITS ME!!!

      • I already thought that it might be you. ;) No, I respect you whereas I detest this guy. Loving ISR15 is perfectly fine imo but having no idea about what works in ESC is a completely different story …

      • You’ll probably be surprised to learn that I love this song which is my favourite ESC-related song from the Czech Rep. Unfortunately, they lost to some crap that failed miserably.

        Alas, you won’t like my n° 2:

      • And a live snippet I adore:

  17. Interesting results in Finnish show lol! Wonder what did they talk about genealogy and how Armenia and Belgium appeared in the middle oF Finland, Estonia and Hungary ;) :)
    Whatever Estonia 2015 is created to be in the top 3!

  18. I’ll vote for Norway here.

    As for the Finnish preview show: that girl Frida was pretty fun. Considered “Diggi-loo diggi-ley” to be the best song in the world ever, and told us about how she back in 2013 had bet all her money that Krista Siegfrid would win. Now she made clear that she was going to repeat that by betting 70 euro that Finland would win this year instead.

    Otherwise, I sort of liked the Finnish preview show better than the Swedish. The atmosphere was more cosy, and the panelists were less full of themselves. And even if some of their votes were very strange, they at least had an argue why they voted like that.

  19. My ratings are slightly changed. F.e. I had to move Moldova up because it sounds relatively well-produced. Belgium, on the other hand, is losing a bit of its initial fascination, but still a fine effort overall.

    In general, there are 13 songs that are more than just ok, which is quite normal. Nothing really embarrassing or unmusical.

    10/12: Estonia
    9/12: Austria, Slovenia, Latvia
    8/12: France, Georgia, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Belgium
    7/12: Italy, Lithuania, Cyprus, Australia, Romania
    6/12: Switzerland, Malta, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Albania
    5/12: Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Belarus, Russia, Finland, Greece, Moldova
    4/12: San Marino, Serbia
    3/12: Poland, Israel

  20. Indeed the year is not that bad actually. 2010 is still the weakest contest in this decade imo.

  21. Loveeeeeeeeeee it!

  22. Norway.

  23. I hope I came back in time to vote for Romania.

  24. I voted Romania. Sadly, I expect the trite overrated nordics to sail through. Sigh

    • Norway 15 has been going down my list. It tries too hard to come across as dark and deep. There’s somenting that does not work there, especially when it is performed live.

      • Agreed. The song strikes me as a farce: “I did something horrible that I will keep vague because I wanna be dark and can’t be bother with making an effort”. And the live is very subpar. Not my thing at all.

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