Fan Cafe Program Released

Fan Cafe 2015Eurovision 2015 – Today the program of Events for this years Euro Fan Cafe has been revealed. Past winners of the contest and a number of past Austrian representatives from over the years will be performing during the Eurovision Week. Read on to read more details

The full list of guests include…

Jacqueline Boyer (Winner France 1960)
Anne Marie David (Winner Luxembourg 1973)
Getty Kaspers of Teach-In (Winner Netherlands 1975)
Niamh Kavanagh (Winner Ireland 1993)
Jan Johansen (Sweden 1995)
Darja Svajger (Slovenia 1995 & 1999)
Thomas Forstner (Austria 1989 & 1991)
Hera Bjork (Iceland 2010)
Lou (Germany 2003)
Katerina Hasprova (Slovakia 1998)
Nadine Beiler (Austria 2011)
Tony Wegas (Austria 1992)
Anita (Austria 1994)
Betinna Soriat (Austria 1997)
Gary Lux (Austria 1985 and 1987)
Stella Jones (Austria 1995)

Other events of note that will be held include a tribute to Udo Jurgens, a winner for Austria in 1966 who sadly passed away this year. OGAE International will be holding a party on May 20th and interviews with this years acts will take place throughout the week though the dates of these are still to be announced.

This year the Euro Fan Cafe will be held at the EMS Lounge with events spanning from May 17th to May 23rd. More info can be found in the picture below as well as on this link here and tickets information can be seen here


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10 comments on “Fan Cafe Program Released

  1. Seems an incredibly dull line up, only 2 songs that aren’t either Austrian or Pre 2000 (and even those are from neighbours Germany and Slovenia)

  2. OMG that Lou woman popping up again. She’s awful … :(

  3. I was really hoping for the Trackshittaz. They beat the “almighty” Conchita in 2012 after all

    Would have loved have seen Alf Poier their also

  4. Off topic.

    Sometimes it is very hard for me to understand the modern art! In some cases I can’t find out where the photoshop ends and art starts. But would never imagine that I will see Conchita in hidjab somethere! Now it happened! In an exhibition named ”Penitent prodigal women”! Don’t know what author wanted to say but I want her to wear it once:


  5. I’m glad Slovakia 1998 is not all forgotten. A fine song :-)

    The rest is not so much up my alley, except “Se på mig” is one of my favourite entries from Sweden. I am not a big fan of Anne Marie David, and Niamh Kavanagh really didn’t impress in 2010.

  6. Well I am delighted to see Ann Marie David in the line up and look forward to seeing her again after The Greatest Hits show in London, watching her win was my first Eurovision and I still love the song. I see Niamh here in Donegal a few times a year and she and her husband do a fantastic set for nearly three hours in a local pub.

  7. A lot of Austrian entries of course. I miss my favourite which is from 1979, “Heute in Jerusalem” – very jazzy, understated and poetic :-)

    The Milestones and The Makemakes come second.

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