Belarus: Meet Uzari & Maimuna

Uzari &MaimunaBelarus – It was the national final that resulted in Alexander Rybak throwing his Eurovision toys out of his pram. Uzari & Maimuna beat off Alex’s girlband Milki to win the right to represent Belarus in Vienna with their song “Time” which they will sing in Semi Final One

Song “Time”
Composers: Uzari, Gerylana and Maimuna

About Uzari & Maimuna:
Twenty-Three year old Uzari (real name Yuri Navrotsky) was born in Minsk, Belarus and has tried various times to represent Belarus in the contest. He came fifth in the 2012 selection and eighth in the 2013 selection. He was a backing singer to Anastasia Vinnikova in 2011 and was the composer of the song “Sokal” that Nadezhda Misyakova sang in the 2014 edition of the Junior Contest.
Thirty-Four year old Maimuna Amadu Murasjko was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and has been playing Violin since a young age. She ever had the privilege to be the first chair Violin role in the Presidential Orchestra and has released two instrumental albums called “Queen of Africa” and “Showtime”. She has two children.

Uzari &Maimuna

Uzari and Maimuna have the jury to thank for their win because the public only rated them 3rd behind the already mentioned Milki and televote winner Muzzart who ended up only 7th place overall after a poor jury result. Belarus are currently joint 15th favourite to win.

(Taken from eurovision.tv)

Tell me where I belong
I’ve been trying for so long
Breaking out through the night
Made me see the bright light
Now I’m willing to fight
And I know that Time is on my side
Time is like thunder a-aa
Hear it like thunder a-aa
All we’ve got are somedays and I am
Trying not to waste.
Time is like thunder a-aa
Beating like thunder in our heads
Time is like thunder aa-aa-aa
Verse 2
At the end of your rope
Keep on hoping against all hope oo-o
Time is fading away
So don’t you lose a day
We can do what we say

Time is like thunder \Time is like thunder \Time is like thunder
I know ,you know
I don’t want to wait
Like thunder \ like thunder
Time is like thunder aaa
Hear it like thunder aaa
Beating like thunder aaa aaa aaa
Time is like thunder aaa
Hear it like thunder aaa
All we’ve got are somedays and I’m
Trying not to waste.
Time is like thunder aaa
Beating like thunder ….
Time is like thunder aa aa aa
I don’t want to wait

Uzari & Maimuna on Social Media:
Uzari Twitter: @Uzariworld
Maimuna Facebook: Link
Joint Facebook: Link
Joint Twitter: @UzariAndMaimuna

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3 comments on “Belarus: Meet Uzari & Maimuna

  1. While watching the interview from Amsterdam, I fell in love with Maimuna, who seems to be a lovely young lady. Unfortunately, this song is even worse than the Sammarinese one. Belarus has finally been overtaken by Finland too, and as a result Uzari and Maimuna are in last place on my pre-contest list. This one just gets soooooo on my nerves. :(

  2. I’ve grown to love this song a lot.

    I didn’t like it immediately, but it has all the things I love since the revamp. String action, pathos, rousing bridge. It isn’t lyrically brilliant, but should do the trick.

    I also had a soft spot for Uzari to win for Belarus once, and luckily he did so with his best offer.

    Belarus has never qualifed in not Nordic hosted contests. This should break that curse.


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