TEKO 2015: Result of Duel 7!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2015 – The votes have been counted in Duel 7 of The Eurovision Knockout 2015!  The seventh Duel of the season saw Lithuania and Belgium going head to head to try and win a place in the quarter finals! Check the result now…

The result of Duel 7:

Lithuania  34%
Belgium  66%

Well done to Belgium’s Loïc Nottet singing ‘Rhythm Inside‘ who progresses to the quarter finals.

47 comments on “TEKO 2015: Result of Duel 7!

  1. Expected. But I will speak after I watch a live performance!

  2. I would have liked to send both songs to the next round. :)

  3. For an unexplicable reason Armenia has grown on me these last couple of days and now it’s in my top-10 of the first semi.After watching a clip of their rehearsals they sound good and will most likely qualify,imo.

  4. I wouldn’t be sad with any outcome here!

    Off topic. Sirusho released new single !!!

    • It’s very nice but it wouldn’t be eligible to take part in esc.lol But, with this song you would do very well in ETSC or FDLC.
      Armenia should go back to this kind of tunes asap!

      • Last year we saw that Armenia may afford diversity with quality aswell if participant doesn’t have steriotipical approach to ESC (Aram was ESC fan by far before his year)! I wan’t diversity!
        As for ETSC and FDLC, I’d love to submit this folky video but it is a cover of an old folk song :( Rules must reviewed (new covers of old songs should be alowded aswell)!

  5. I’m BACK! I’ve listened to all the songs… again, and I’ve made my top 40. I’m still working on a post about it, but in the mean time, here’s a video I made. It’s unavailable in Germany at the moment, but I’m working on that.

    On-Topic: Congrats Loïc, but both songs were worthy of advancing from this duel, imo. :)

  6. I would actually have thought Lithuania would do better. Many people here have been positive about it, and it is straight forward and happy-go-lucky.

    A bit too happy-go-lucky for my taste, I must say.

    • But still 7/12. Absolutely above average :-)

      Belgium is 9/12 at the moment. I’m not sure if it is going to stay there. It could turn into a pros and cons entry.

  7. Offtopics, but I’ve yet again updated my top 40, i think this really is my final one until rehearsals and ultimately the esc lives…

    my top 4 are the songs id listen to outside esc
    my top 12 are songs that in this edition are likable and have at least one good quality
    then my top 19 are songs inside the realm of esc are acceptable
    the rest is poop but there’s ok poop, guilty pleasuer poop, awful poop…

    01 Belgium
    02 Estonia
    03 Latvia
    04 Slovenia
    05 Austria
    06 Sweden
    07 Azerbaijan
    08 Georgia
    09 Germany
    10 Norway
    11 France
    12 Lithuania
    13 Ireland
    14 Montenegro
    15 Malta
    16 Denmark
    17 Belarus
    18 Finland
    19 Australia
    20 Serbia
    21 Albania
    22 Czech Republic
    23 Romania
    24 Switzerland
    25 Netherlands
    26 Israel
    27 FYR Macedonia
    28 Cyprus
    29 Hungary
    30 Portugal
    31 Iceland
    32 Armenia
    33 Spain
    34 Italy
    35 Russia
    36 Moldova
    37 San Marino
    38 United-Kingdom
    39 Greece
    40 Poland

    • Am I counting this for ET jury vote?

    • Glad we just got into your top 19! I like your Top 10 list.

    • I more or less agree with your top 10 (but in different order and Cyprus and Romania replacing Georgia and Germany, who sit just outside of my top 10). Going further down the list, we disagree a lot. Belarus in 17th place??? It is among the worst and most annoying ESC songs ever imo (excluding joke entries …).

      • I don’t see that. But then Marc P has Montenegro and Denmark in his bottom 10 and Finland 4th so… it all exists on ET, common sense prevails for something around 6-8 songs and that’s what matters

    • Italy that low? ._.

      Well, good songs in your top. Your top 4 has 3 songs of my top 10 (Estonia isn’t there, but it is a good song)

      • and it’s the highest I ever had it: I never could stand it, it’s an overrated pompous train wreck: the live is even worse, they’re all so punchable… and the lyrics, goddamn!

        • damn XD
          I disagree, I’ve followed them for a while and I think it’s well constructed for what it is and plays to strengths (opera equals big and histrionic almost all the time), and I bet they won’t fall live as bad as Amaury (or so I hope)

          Other than Austria at 5th and Malta at 15th (both way too high imo), I can understand the rest (You still recognize Poland as the pomposity queen and sympathy bonus and Greece obivous and boring copycat of the winner, so we good :P)

  8. I have just returned from the supermarket where I was very surprised to hear the Georgian “Warrior”. If a Stuttgart supermarket airs the Georgian ESC entry before the contest, there is still hope for our continent … :)

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