Eurovision Conference Today!

60th anniversary eurovisionEurovision Anniversary – Today sees London host a Eurovision Conference to celebrate 60 years of the greatest song contest in the world. It will explore the social, political and cultural influences of the world’s biggest entertainment show.

Nearly 200 academics, journalists, media professionals and fans will be in attendance at BAFTA, Picadilly Circus from 11.00 (CET) to 18.00(CET).

You too can take part… as the event will be steamed live from 11.00 (CET) on Eurovision.tv.

The full agenda can be found HERE.

Conchita Wurst will be discussing her year in the spotlight and answering your questions via Twitter from 16:15 (CET). Tweet @EBU_HQ and @Eurovision using the hashtag #Eurovision60

The Eurovision Times will have a woman on the ground looking out for any interesting snippets armed with a camera so we’ll report back later.


10 comments on “Eurovision Conference Today!

  1. https://youtu.be/jUMxxfy0OpA just amazing version , this girl begin deserve to be top 5 maybe winner , absolutely

  2. Brilliant…. for the unemployed.

  3. I just watched the last 30 minutes live streaming and it looked like a very interesting conference.I wish i could be there!Eurovision.tv stopped the broadcast right at the moment when a Dutch journalist asked what the next esc milestone will be.Grrr..
    There was a lady,Karen Fricker who criticized what she called the “Homonationalism” of many western European countries that look down on some eastern European countries because they’re not gay friendly enough.She argued that these countries follow their own trajectory and we should respect that…I don’t really think i agree with her argument.

    • that will open a can of worms I guess…and yes I agree with you about disagreeing with her, especially thinking about the original idea of ESC as harmony etc among European nations..bla bla..

  4. “Homonationalism”.

    It’s a difficult one. I of course support the defense of gay rights, just like I support the rights of every other group in society, be it sexual, ethnic, religious, political etc. We have got to be here everyone.

    But at the same time, it is also clear that this gay thing has been used ideologically from both sides, and last year it was more or less taken hostage in something that did not necissarily have anything to do with sexuality in itself. It always gave Conchita’s victory a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth. Also because it took the focus away from what Eurovision ought to be about most of all, namely music and songs.

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