TEKO 2015: Result of Duel 6!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2015 – The votes have been counted in Duel 6 of The Eurovision Knockout 2015!  The sixth Duel of the season saw Switzerland and Israel going head to head to try and win a place in the quarter finals! Check the result now…

The result of Duel 6:

Switzerland  38%
Israel  62%

Well done to Israel’s Nadav Gudej singing ‘Golden boy‘ who progresses to the quarter finals.

9 comments on “TEKO 2015: Result of Duel 6!

  1. This is a reasonable result and if it comes down to one of them qualifying for the final,i would prefer Israel without a doubt but i feel that neither of them will make it.

  2. I don’t care … :(

  3. YEEEES!!!!!

    Thank you ET, thank you so much, this has made my day :D <3

  4. While I don’t hate Switzerland and find people kind of harsh towards it because Mélanie is kinda poor live, I do like it more than Israel. However, I don’t hate Israel anymore since all songs are on my mp3 player and when it comes on I like the beginning enough and the lives so far have been good enough… Though Serbia is my new guilty pleasure lol! I actually like the English version, it feels like a Cascada irony to me… Maybe it’s not, maybe it’s awful, but that made me enoy it lately lol

  5. Yay. I would have been mad if Switzerland won

  6. israel: it has slid into my top 10. sorry not sorry but it is my jam

  7. The dance remix of Iceland 15 is available for anyone wishing to download it for free: http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=486765faff267819622549ee6&id=1fa9a28b36&e=ba5a0b3620

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