France: Meet Lisa Angell

Lisa AngellFrance – After a last placing in 2014 France have decided to place their faith in France 2 (rather than France 1) and they have selected Lisa Angell. Lisa will be singing her entry “N’oubliez Pas” and as she is representing one of the Big Five, she will perform in the Grand Final

Song: “N’oubliez Pas”
Composers: Michel Illouz, M. Albert, Laure Izon

About Lisa Angell:
Forty-Six year old Lisa Vetrano was born in Paris, France and has been singing since she was a little girl. She had performed in various talent shows as a youngster and spent a short time studying classical singing at the Conservatory of Nice.
Lisa’s early career was singing at nightclubs along the Côte d’Azur but when she was introduced to Dani Lary in 2009 he incited her on his show Le Château des secrets and she appeared in several TV shows following including Les Chanson D’abord with Natasha St. Pier.
In 2011 she released her first album Les Divines and has release two albums since.

Lisa Angell

In 2014 France came last place for the first time in their history when Twin Twin only managed to gain three points with their song “Moustache”. France are currently number 25 in the odds.

French Lyrics:
(Taken from eurovision.tv)

Il ne me reste que des larmes
Ces quelques notes venues d’autrefois
Et le chant de nos prières
Nos cœurs qui espèrent
Et le vide sous mes pas

Il ne me reste que les cendres
De mon village plongé dans le silence
Je ne suis qu’une blessure
Un cœur sans armure
Comment survivre après ça.

Mais je suis là, je n’oublie pas
Dans mon village balayé par l’histoire
Et je vis là, n’oubliez pas
Effacé des cartes et des mémoires

Je me souviens du rire des enfants
La voix des hommes quand ils partaient au champ
Les fêtes des moissons
L’odeur dans les maisons
Les éclats d’amour et de joie

Mais je suis là, n’oubliez pas
Effacé des cartes et des mémoires

Quand ils sont arrivés
Cachés derrière leurs armes
Ils étaient des milliers
Ils riaient de nos larmes

Ils ont voulu détruire
Nos croyances et nos âmes
Avec des mots de haine
Que l’on n’connaissait pas.

Je suis ici ce soir
Au milieu de ces ruines
Pour vous parler d’espoir
Et vous chanter la vie
Et je fais le serment
Quand séchera le sang
De reconstruire ma ville
Bien plus belle qu’avant.

Mais n’oubliez pas.

English Lyrics:

All that remains to me are tears
These few notes that come from long ago
And the song of our prayers
Our hearts that hope
And the emptiness under my steps

All that remains to me are ashes
Of my village plunged into silence
I am but a wound
A heart without an armour
How do I survive after this

But I am here, I don’t forget
In my village swept away by history
And I live here, don’t you forget
Erased from maps and memories

I remember the laughter of children
The voices of men when they left for the field
The harvest festivals
The smell in the houses
The bursts of love and joy

But I am here, I don’t forget
In my village swept away by history

When they arrived
Hidden behind their weapons
They were thousands
They laughed at our tears

They wished to destroy
Our beliefs and our souls
With words of hatred
That we did not know

I am here tonight
In the middle of these ruins
To talk to you about hope
And to sing life
And I swear
When the blood will dry
That I will rebuild my city
More beautiful than before

But don’t forget

Lisa Angell on Social Media:
Twitter: @LisaAngell
Facebook: Link

Last: Azerbaijan
Next: Belarus

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43 comments on “France: Meet Lisa Angell

  1. 5-/10
    Prediction : I will be surprised if this one ranks higher than 20th in the Final

  2. I really hope France 2015 gets a high placing. My favourite French entry since Patricia Kaas.

  3. In my top ten :-)

    Not very innovative, but it has a clear-cut and well proportioned melody. Performed with a lot of nerve and personality. I get touched by it. Nothing spectacular or “loud” about it, and what a relief. No attempt to be hip. It seems honest, and she sounds like she means it.

    A song for people who like to sit down and listen. Not for the “make some noise” segment though.

  4. The only entry aired on TV with translation of lyrics! A lot of sentimental people feel some familarity with historical event in Armenia and with the message of this song ! I predict that secound year in row neither Georgia nor Russia won’t get 12 points from Armenia this year!! Don’t know how well Lisa will do, but most probably she will get atleast on 12 points!
    I like the song!! Earlier it was in my top 3, currently it lost its position but still France is in my Top 10! Also liked Lisa’s live performance ! Goodluck her!

  5. I hate it. It’s very very boring and she always looks smug with herself. Not very likeable at all especially when compared to last year’s entry. This will be my toilet break

  6. “N’oubliez pas” is a well-built ballad with fine lyrics that will be sung by one of the best vocalists this year. Nevertheless, I fear for the worst because I can’t see either televoting or the “juries” supporting France this year. The song is in my personal top 10. :)

  7. The lyrics are great, but if the audience cannot understand them, it’s all up to the delivery. One of the stronger ballads this year by a confident performer. My personal ranking is 12th, but I have a feeling it won’t go near there in Vienna :( Best of luck to Lisa!

  8. It’s a very standard big eurovision ballad.Lisa is a very good singer and i quite like parts of the lyrics.It’s the kind of diva ballads that the esc fans usually love but will the juries and televoters follow?I doubt it.Good luck!

  9. I like this one. Surely it can’t be compared with the ESC classics from France but it’s a well-written, elegant and classical chanson ballad. And I do like her singing voice a lot too.

    I was surprised today when I read the morning paper and found a whole article, only about the French Eurovision entry. They wrote stuff about that Lisa has been bullied in France for being overweight, and they also added Christer Björkman’s frustrated comments about how disappointed he is that France couldn’t send anything better than this “worthless piece”. Then, a music journalist came to Lisa’s defense, told us that the Björkman and the rest of the Swedish preview jury were lost, and that this is the best ESC entry since “Quédate conmigo”.

    • Do you have a link to that article?

      • Hmm, it looks like they have divided it into three pieces.

        Lisa about being bullied:


        Christer Björkman about the song:


        Swedish journalist defending the song:


        • Super. Thanks :-)

        • Bullying someone for his/her weight is completely respectless and out of place btw – and a very unfortunate example of a culture that demands a perfect surface. She is a singer, and this is what should count.

          “We are only human”

        • that’s kinda weird having a whole paper on France 2015. I guess the newspaper felt the need to counter balance Bjorkman’s awful and insulting comments. But Bjorkman, probably out to get Berbérès back on the job, has never been amazing in regards to Eurovision (he’s better for MF, but has kinda lost te plot the last few years imo, the show has gone down in quality constantly when the songs have had high and low editions totally disconnected to the MF organization).

          anyway, on France 2015, I agree with Niclas’ comment, some of the best lyrics of the year (plus in national language, and trying to be your usual peace song without going to your usual imageries, without being great, but this is an AWFUL year for lyrics)… but i do think the best adjective fromm Niclas is “elegant”, it’s simple, straight-forward and does the job ok, especially since Lisa is very great vocally, effortless. It’s somewhere around my 8th-14th depending on my mood and the final deicison will come down to lives (with Georgia, Germany, Lituania and Norway in the same package in my rankings).

          on predictions, with a good late draw, after many good upbeat songs, it could gather enough jury support to pull us out of the bottom 5, hopefully, Lisa doesn’t deserve to be down there, but then neither did Amandine…

          • Either way, it seems that FT1’s somewhat cynical approach will likely backfire.

          • I’m afraid it will be very tough for France to rise from the bottom 5 this year too. :(

            Apart from that, I also think you are right that this article was written based on what they said in the preview show. Especially since Björkman showed up and had to defend his comments about the song. I’m not sure if the paper also interviewed Lisa or if they’ve just copied and translated an interview that already exists. It’s good nevertheless, except that it gives the impression that the French actually care about Eurovision, which you have told us they don’t. ;)

            • There was a slight rise with Conchita or PKN: and the #1 talk show in France loves eurovision and has put Lisa’s song after ad breaks when she was chosen to promote it (while some editorialists in the show say we’ll be last again and that the song sucks…)

    • and that this is the best ESC entry since “Quédate conmigo”.

      I guess he/she thought it was such a big compliment.lol
      I can see some similarities but also the differences between France 15 and Spain 12.

      • The other day, German “ESC expert” Jan Feddersen said that “Quédate conmigo” was the best ESC entry ever. :)

        • Maybe, Quedate Conmigo is the song equivalent of The normal Heart.lol

          • I think that I prefer “The Normal Heart”. LOL Btw, if we talk plays dealing with the AIDS crisis in the 80s/90s, “Angels in America” rules supreme. There is a fantastic TV mini-series too (staring Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson …) The work of Terrence McNally covers the whole crisis, from “The Lisbon Traviata” (my best publication ever … ;) …) to “Lips Together, Teeth Apart” ( <3 ) and "Corpus Christi".

            • I haven’t watched “Angels in America”.There’s another critically acclaimed play about AIDS,the musical “Rent”.

            • I am no fan of “Rent” … :(

            • I forgot about Dallas Buyers Club!Another AIDS-related movie i really liked.

            • Derek Jarman’s “Blue” is a fantastic AIDS-related film. And I’m not a Jarman fan in the slightest.

            • god yes, “Angels in America” is astonishing, both the play and the TV movie, though the film has such a stellar casting and brilliant photography that it’s a true masterpiece.

              on AIDS, besides “Angels in America”, Guibert’s “La Pudeur ou l’impudeur” is probably the most amazing yet unsettling masterpiece. Also, in France “Les Nuits fauves” is probably the most popular on the subject.

              But then, I’d recommend Koltès plays. All of them, even the ones not about AIDS!

            • I adore Koltès’ work. No surprise I guess … :)

            • I went to see Angels in America at the NF in London back in the early nineties, it was a truly remarkable piece of theatre and I was even more enthralled by the said mini-series when it was released (I have it on dvd). Definitely worth seeing.

            • I have it on dvd too. And I saw AiA in NY when I was conducting research on my master thesis there. :)

          • I quite enjoyed Rent (based loosely upon La Bohéme) and like ‘Seasons of Love’ from the show (though it does start like the theme from Hill Street Blues)

        • “Quédate conmigo”: ok song, well sung, but also very schematic. Lacks character. 7/12

  10. The songcheck preview shows in Germany are over.Norway won followed by Slovenia and Sweden: http://www.eurovision.de/news/Norwegen-bleibt-auch-nach-der-letzten-Sendung-auf-Platz-eins,songcheck260.html

  11. IDC what the Swedish panel said about France this year! The best French entry since 2009! The feeling on stage is amazing! Number 4 on my pre ranking, and she will probably stay in my top 5 after the contest as well! Go Lisa! :D

  12. i really want her to do well. hopefully france learns from mistakes and stages this well.

  13. australia’s odds keep shortening………:/

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