TEKO 2015: Vote in Duel 8!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision KnockOut 2015 – It’s time to vote in the eighth and last Duel of this year’s TEKO competition. Today you can start voting for Azerbaijan or Slovenia who will fight for a place in the quarter finals!   

After the first round heats, which included 2 acts getting a second chance, the following 16 acts have won a place in the Duels:

Duel 1: Romania v Montenegro
Duel 2: Georgia v Norway
Duel 3: Australia v Germany
Duel 4: Sweden v Italy
Duel 5: Belarus v The Netherlands
Duel 6: Switzerland v Israel
Duel 7: Lithuania v Belgium
Duel 8: Azerbaijan v Slovenia


Please listen to the two competing entries:

Azerbaijan  Azerbaijan – Elnur Huseynov – ‘Hour of the wolf

Slovenia  Slovenia – Maraaya – ‘Here for you

The Voting:

As you have now listened to both songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the two songs.

Europe… start voting now! (and visitors from the rest of the world of course!)

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the Duels will be revealed on this blog every few days, so stay tuned!

*The voting periods for the following heats might vary and you might be able to vote for several duels at a time.

53 comments on “TEKO 2015: Vote in Duel 8!

  1. Slovenia <3 : Azerbaijan :)

  2. Another tough duel.I voted for Slovenia alhough i really like Azerbaijan too.

  3. Both deserve to go further than all songs in duels 1, 5 or 6…

  4. Slovenia but I can see Azerbaijan doing better in real esc !

  5. I really like Azerbaijans song, but the live performance is soo complicated/weird for me. There is both good and bad parts in it and he sings like he is about to burst lol. :P He seems to have chosen a too hard song to sing for him imo. Hope for a good live in may doh :)

    voted for Slovenia in this one ^^

  6. I voted for Slovenia.

  7. An easy one: Slovenia. Even if I don’t love it in terms of personal taste, I recognize its qualities.

  8. Off topic : Elhaida Dani performs “I’m alive” on the X factor Albania 4

    • This looks and sounds messy. They probably have something better planned for the contest staging-wise, but the vocals are a worry.

    • None of her live performances (the little available) are very good. She seems to be holding back, saving her vocals for Vienna; nothing wrong with that IMO; she can clearly hit the notes at the end if she tries, as she did above, for the most part. The big issue is presentation. EiC was a small stage and hard to fairly judge; however, on X-Factor, the far shots make her look lost on the stage, and a little more eye contact would be nice as well. Hopefully, come May, the Albanian delegation have worked something good out of this (golden shower at the big high note?). Elhaida and her song are simply too good not to.

  9. Off topic : According to star.gr Helena Paparizou will be the greek spokesperson at eurovision 2015 !

  10. My vote went to Azherbaijž… to Azer… To Baku :)

  11. Last night,during the preview show in Sweden,they accidentally revealed that Germany will host Eurovision 2016 in case Australia wins: http://www.eurovisionary.com/eurovision-news/germany-host-2016-eurovision-song-contest-if-australia-wins

    • The drama unfolds: The chairman of the eurovision reference group made the following comment: Mr Bjorkman’s unfortunate comments on Australia are nothing but premature.

      • Maybe Australia can find a place in their heart and host it in Portugal. Or, they can have some fun and host it in San Marino :)

        Being realistic, it will be a Western country they will choose to co-host, no doubt.

    • Wow ! Australia won with a total score of 50 out of 50!
      Estonia second with 34 points…
      Fyrom 3rd!
      I agree with bottom 3.
      And Belgium got a very average feedback…
      Greece is doomed… Not a single score over 4/10

      • I haven’t watched it yet but Australia 50 out of 50?Please…

      • Keep in mind that while other entries have presented HD official videos,the Greek one is the winner’s reprisal from the NF!It’s not even her initial live performance of the song so it will look a lot different on the esc stage.

    • Unfortunately some of their judgements are hard to take seriously. Especially France.

      I can understand why some people might find it boring, I don’t personally find it boring, I actually get touched by it (she puts a lot of soul into it vocally), but not everyone do. Fair enough. But a zero is completely out of proportions. I mean, she can obviously sing very well, it’s a clear cut and well proportioned melody.

      Their judgement is not very objective. A zero should be reserved for people who can’t sing at all, performing unmusical, ridiculous or extremely badly written songs in amateurish productions. There is no way this can be called unmusical.

    • Kristin Amparo’s 10 points to Finland was ridiculous: “I hate the song but what they do and stand for is SO important”.

      Otherwise, the points were all over the place and the huge love they felt for Australia was bizarre. I must say that this was the weakest preview show SVT has set up, even if I love Sarah. Too many judgements without any real explanations why they thought this or that.

      • I hear that about Finland a lot.A reporter here in Greece the other day was saying that she’ll vote for them because of the message they want to convey even though,she doesn’t like the song.

        • the song has been mentionned in France, even if we never mention the contest or our own entries…

          • This makes any prediction on Finland 15 quite risky.Will the fact they’re the most talked about entry help them?I do believe that they’ll manage to qualify unless their live is really bad.

            • Conchita also had a big media buildup, but also had a song with much wider appeal to back it up.

              Slightly unrelated, but was there media coverage over Iceland 2011? If they could barely crack the top 20 with their backstory, PKN could have a similar result.

            • No,i don’t think that iceland 11 had any big media coverage.Maybe it was mentioned during some preview shows or by the commentators when they were presenting the song at the semifinal night.

  12. Not sure if anyone has posted this yet – a nice little medley from Maraaya.


  13. everything so far feels and sounds like EBU is forcing down our throat the idea that Australia should/will win, to help promote the idea of them returning next year and every so on and forth… i wouldnt be surprised if, like with Italy’s return, Australia wins by a huge margin the jury’s vote… however, we’ll see how televote will react and give the victory to a middle ground song…

    • ugh why can’t the best song win.

      but honestly i see australia winning:(

      • I’ve not noticed the EBU push for Australia, but maybe I’ve not being paying as much attention. I think it’s nice for them to make the new guest feel welcome, but not show favouritism.

        If Australia wins, it could be Shepherd’s Bush 2016. Yes, I’ve probably done that joke before…

        • “not show favouritism”, besides the Big 6 status, which can feel unfair to some other big esc participants like Sweden, there is unfair treatment in that Australia is the only country (ever) to vote in both semis. That’s pure unfairness votewise (imagine a country qualifying by 1pt thanks to a big result by Australia…) and huge favoritism for a country meant to participate only once (if anyone still believes that…)

          • That does seem unfair, especially being allowed to vote in both semis. I’ve never understood why they don’t allow all eligble countries to vote in both semis.

            I can sort of understand fast-tracking Australia to the final. There’s been such a fuss about them taking part, it would be a bit rubbish if they were missing from the main show. I actually think it’s something of a disadvantage to be fast-tracked to the final, because you then don’t get the extra exposure of the semis. Many people will hear the songs for the first time at the semis and the second time at the final, so the songs from the semis will have bedded in a bit. I would scrap the Big 6 thing and have all countries compete on a level playing field, but I know that would be tricky politically.

            To be clear, I was agreeing with you that the EBU should not show favouritism; I wasn’t suggesting that they weren’t.

    • In case Australia wins I suggest they should co-host it with the runner up.

  14. I love both songs! Normally I would suffer with voting but here I let me to be subjective! Slovenia !

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