Russia: Performs Live on TV

RussiaRussia – This year’s Russian entrant, Polina Gagarina, has performed ‘A million voices‘ live on TV for the first time. Her performance on Точь в точь was shown on Channel 1.

Polina has got the most viewed video on the Eurovision Song Contest’s official YouTube channel out of all 40 contestants to date, but is only about 7th favourite to win with odds of 17/1.

Watch the performance now:

25 comments on “Russia: Performs Live on TV

  1. The mention of Russia will almost certainly lead to booing from the Vienna crowd but this song will be vying for the win on May 23rd – Polina nails the live vocals every single time…

  2. She has twice the charisma of both Garipova and The Sisters, doesn’t she?

    • Yeah she definitely has more then those two! This is now a real top three contender, but not winner material doh imo, its a solid song with a solid singer, just like Sanna Nielsen last year. I dont like this a bit, (the message, the hypocricy etc) but if you want to be realistic then this song will be really dangerous in may.

  3. Leonor Andrade at Portugal’s got talent singing a piano cover of her esc entry: http://media.rtp.pt/gottalentpt/videos/leonor-andrade-canta-versao-ao-piano-de-ha-um-mar-que-nos-separa/

    • This is much better than the ESC version. Unfortunately, I expect Portugal to fight with San Marino and the Czech Rep. for last place in the 2nd semi-final.

  4. Polina is a fantastic singer I have always liked. Such a pity that she will sing such a phony, pretentious, hollow and boring ballad in Wien. Well, this is Russia, and therefore I expect her to end up in the top 5. I hope that I will be proven wrong in May!

  5. Early prediction – this prediction might/will change only during the rehearsals.

    Very likely:



    Greece (jury support)
    Azerbaijan (a balanced jury/tele-vote result)
    Spain (depending on the staging; I still maintain ”Amanecer” sounds better in a non-live context).

    I can’t see any other country troubling the top10 or top13/14. Only Romania and Serbia might achieve such a result but this will be based mostly to their regional support. France could also do likewise. Juries will love it!

    As for the winner? I see Italy.

    Top5 prediction: Italy, Estonia, Norway, Sweden. I can’t predict anyone. I thought of Slovenia but something is telling they wont. It is open IMO.

    • Belgium in top 10 withouth having the slightest idea of a stage video is a very early prediction. Greece will not even come close to a top 10…Slovenia is too introverted and awkward to watch to achieve a great position. Norway will need a strong televoting support which I doubt in order to achieve a top 5.
      You seem to overrate Russia and your prediction consists of betting and fan faves with the esception of Greece. No room for dark horses like Ireland, Lithuania etc.

      • *underrate Russia

      • Everything can change during the rehearsals but again if you look the majority of fan favorites and betting odds do well. Dark horse IMO is France. Lithuania as well. I forgot about this.

        • While I would love for Italy to win, my gut feeling is telling me they ultimately will not. The song itself is great. However, if the contest wants to become more modern and top 40-friendly, “Grande Amore” is anything but. It feels like the contest is looking for a big, pan-European radio hit like “Euphoria”, and this won’t achieve that.

          My prediction for top 10 (not in order):

          Lithuania (borderline, but the kiss is such a nice touch!)
          Belgium (if their live is good)
          Azerbaijan (will come achingly close to winning; Elnur live is stunning)

          I have Georgia, Romania, Italy, Slovenia and Finland the only other countries with a chance of troubling the top 10. This year looks like it will be another Western winner, but I could always be surprised.

  6. I can’t predict the 5th top5-er :p

  7. Ruslana among the 4 individuals(2 Ukrainians and 2 Russians)to win the Lev Kopelev award.The ceremony took place in Cologne today: http://www.dw.de/ukraine-conflict-colors-2015-lev-kopelev-prize/a-18392993

  8. In my opinion :
    Almoste definite top 10 contenders

    Then 7-12

    • I really hope Australia and Albania won’t be that high because i don’t think they deserve it.With Russia one feels that’s it almost inevitable. :/

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Albania was back home Thursday evening …

      • Yeah, it’s more borderline than anything, the eurovision concert live of hers was one of the worst ones, no charisma, no talent in moving on stage, shocking from a “the voice” winner, Tiziana-level

  9. Apart from its success, the Eurovision Song Contest has become a part of Europe’s culture. This is something that not many are willing to concede, but it is a fact.

    A really interesting conference is taking place in London on Alrip 24. There will be a live broadcast for fans across Europe who wish to follow: http://esctoday.com/100892/eurovision-conference-europes-favorite-show/

  10. Lisa Angell’s new single from her new album sounds much better than her esc entry:

  11. Hmm, she is indeed quite strong live.
    I still don’t like her song.

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