Eurovision In Concert 2015: The Performances

eurovision in concert 2015Eurovision in Concert – Last night was the Eurovison in Concert and a total of 23 of this years contestants performed there. We have an article coming up with the interviews of the day but here we will show you the videos of the performances thanks to Wiwibloggs and others

This years line up has been the biggest ever, the line-up being…

Bojana Stamenov from Serbia
Knez from Montenegro
The Makemakes from Austria
Lisa Angell from France
Guy Sebastian of Australia
Aminata from Latvia
Nina Sublatti from Georgia
Trijntje Oosterhuis from The Netherlands
Monika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila from Lithuania
Daniel Kajmakoski of FYR Macedonia
John Karayiannis from Cyprus
Elhaida Dani from Albania
Uzari & Maimuna of Belarus
Nadav Guedj of Israel
Eduard Romanyuta of Moldova
Maria-Elena Kyriakou from Greece
Maraaya of Slovenia
Ann Sophie from Germany
Mørland & Debrah Scarlett from Norway
Electro Velvet of the UK
Elnur Huseynov of Azerbaijan
Måns Zelmerlöw from Sweden
Monika Kuszyńska of Poland

Unfortunately we weren’t there so we have to go to Social Media to see for ourselves… Wiwibloggs have started to upload the performances from last night with seven performances (Sweden, Israel, UK, Albania, Serbia, Slovenia, Azerbaijan) already posted as of writing this article. I’m sure they will keep adding and you can see the playlist below:

Eurovision.tv have posted a video of Australia’s Guy Sebastian killing it…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdnUjRzseV4]

ESCKaz have published performances by Latvia, Germany and Georgia

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g66YEqapj3Y] [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UciHKUOO9hg] [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmb4hIk0LnQ]

EDIT: ESCKaz have already put up new videos of Montenegro and FYR Macedonia… they have a playlist of all their videos from Eurovision in Concert which you can see here.

We’re still looking for videos from the other contestants but keep watch of the Wiwibloggs Playlist and also the ESCKaz guys as they should be providing more.

Who do you think performed well at the event and has anyone that you previously thought weren’t that great impressed you? Comment below…


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32 comments on “Eurovision In Concert 2015: The Performances

  1. I wonder if I should break my rule and watch snippets of the performances tonight …

  2. Ok, my initial reactions to the live performances I’ve watched:

    Well Mans still has it even without his little cartoon friend, that was really interesting, the place was buzzing for him clearly but he had charisma and energy on stage. He was enjoying himself too. Some of the others looked almost bored and nervous, same as with some of the interviews I’ve seen to date, we’ve got lots of people this year that look like they’re really struggling with the presentation aspect of things – just not experienced enough.

    I was very disappointed with Maraaya. :( Lacklustre on stage. Lots to be done with the presentation before Vienna. And what’s with those headphones, are they really going to stick with those EVERYwhere they go? Strange.

    I found Elhaida very dull, sorry.

    At least Electro Velvet looked like they knew each other on stage this time.

    Nadav went down well, obviously as he’s kinda cute, but also because people are desperate for some uptempo songs this year I think. But he had energy and like all the rest can deliver vocally and clearly enjoyed himself which is infectious. Doesn’t show how young he is. Gave Teo a run for his money with some nifty footwork. Good performance.

    Bojana looked awesome, she brought the shiny and glitter. Vocally brilliant. Love her.

    Elnur’s vocals were flawless too, really soared. It’s really growing on me.

    Nina was vocally great too but I felt it was a just a bit ‘angsty’ for Eurovision? Very angry. Not the feelgood song, that’s for sure.

    I heard reports Guy was good, but it just felt like watching someone do a decent performance on XFactor… but nothing that blew me away.

    Aminata really does not do it for me :/ The whole package turned me off, the dress, the waving her arms around, the first verse parts sound a little off point to me, the song stops and starts and jerks, and just loses momentum live. The chorus is strong but the rest is a bit messy for me.

    Ann-Sophie . Hmm. I think Simon Cowell would call her a pub singer. I don’t like her voice at all.

    Looking forward to hearing what everyone else thought!

    • Apparently the headphones are her trademark and she ALWAYS performs with them on

    • Why are you insisting on visual presentation? It isn’t May yet…

      • Doesn’t matter if it’s 1st September or May to me. They’re entertainers, about to perform for their country. To just wander on stage and stand there as dull dollops is lazy, unimaginative, uncreative and baffling to me. I’m not listening to a record, it’s a live performance, and I personally want a package, and that for me really importantly includes visuals. I can’t bear artists that don’t make the effort on stage, I want 110% in all aspects of their performance. I realise others may not be so bothered and focus on the song/vocals.

        • I think it should be obvious by now that Eurovision is a performance contest. Lame performances fail, good performances are rewarded.

        • That was not my point. ESC in concert is a casual event for the eyes of eurofans that normally have little understanding of music. I don’t expect some artists to give 100% in such a concert because ESC in concert isn’t the wright context. And I do disagree. Singers aren’t exclusively entertainers unless they sing a pop or a dance peace.

  3. I still don’t like Mans. The song doesn’t impress me at all. Just meh!

    I loved Nadav (I dreamt about him last night lol – don’t know why)

    The UK are getting there. I think they sound fab but they still need to get that chemistry. I hope by Vienna those stand mics are gone

    Aminata sounds like cats screaming (I hate it and as a fan who loves Latvia in Eurovision – very disappointed)

    Guy sounded great – you can tell he’s been at it a long time

  4. Thanks for the links. Will try to go through them when I am able to.

  5. I listened to some of the songs. I will judge only the vocal abilities of the singers. Most of them did OK. Ann-Sophie though still is shouting instead of singing…I agree as well Elaida was dull. UK was the most redioulous song in the concert…

    • The one thing I would say about UK though is that live, they can hit the notes, can’t they? If you’re just judging vocals, it’s quite hard to fault. (It’s just everything else about it!)

      • I have never said the have bad vocals but the fact the song is very poor has to be addressed once again. I just felt the need to do so because it was their first live performance. They hood singers. I do not deny it. But ESC isn’t about the next Euro talent but for the best song. ”Electro song” isn’t even decent IMO.

        • The song is very poor indeed. Conchita’s vocal coach, who acted as expert in one of NDR’s songcheck programmes said: “The song is extremely flat and totally void of ideas. If you take away all the busy visuals of the video, there is nothing left. Absolutely nothing.” At least Electro Velevt seem to be two lovely people. :)

  6. Aw I just watched Monika and Vaidas, the kiss was cute, now that’s chemistry on stage and they clearly love doing the song together. UK take note.

  7. Lisa Angell’s vocals were just beautiful and effortless, wonderful singer, and well respected by the crowd.

  8. So many people have been writing off Knez’s chances (which I think is more of an issue of his country’s flag lacking the colour blue – if you know what I mean) but I think he has a good chance to do even more than just make it to the final. His live vocals are excellent and the instrumental break is just epic.

    Once you take into account the obvious qualifiers of Semi 2 (Lithuania, Norway, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Sweden and Slovenia), there are 3 spots left. I think these will be Switzerland, Cyprus and Montenegro.

    In short, it may not be one of Zeljko’s best entries, but it IS still a Zeljko entry. He will make sure that the staging is perfect and brings that pan-European voting appeal that his entries always have.

  9. I couldn’t resist watching the videos :)

  10. I always watch the vids, just for the vocals and see the actual camera-charisma of te singers (and sometimes chemistry for duets, since we have so many this year), even if most singers don’t bring their esc stage, their esc visuals or routines…

    If we talk about our own countries, I think Lisa is actually charismatic and the song is actually a ballad people tend to listen carefully about and wins you over through the 3mns. I have hopes we WONT be bottom 5 for once (I hope for 16th-20th)

    Mans imo stills looks great, he has a killer smile and the song will go on stage with the status of big OGAE favorite. Could that be enough in a year that’ll split the votes around? Or will someone sneak in to upset?

  11. Going through the esc concert’s performances atm and Montenegro looks more than a possible qialifier.Bojana seems to be one of the OGAE favorites and with her strong stage performance may creep into the final although,her vocals weren’t top-notch last night.
    Lithuania puts a smile on my face every time i watch them performing their entry.
    Aminata’s dark and sexy song will definitely stand out and woth her stage charisma she’ll do well in the final.
    Australia’s Guy was good vocally but the song is just ok,imo
    Nadav is so fun to watch!It’s definitely a crowd pleaser but will that be enough to make him qualify?I doubt it.

  12. Overall it seemed like a great show, but the small stage doesn’t let all the acts reach their potential presentation-wise.

    Lithuania and Israel shined live. Albania did vocally, but the presentation was bland.
    Latvia are also good, and could surprise but I feel some dancers/choreography are needed.
    France is creeping up on my rankings after her live. Giving me Pastora Soler vibes in terms of perfect vocal delivery. A little movement on stage and she could surprise everyone. Her and Knez from Montenegro oozed experience and class, and I wish them all the best.
    Electro Velvet are fine vocally and seem to be confident live. They won’t be last.

  13. Another nice review of the night by esctips this time: http://esctips.com/2015/04/19/eurovision-in-concert-2015-review/#

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