Eurovision In Concert 2015: The Interviews

eurovision in concert 2015Eurovision in Concert – Last night was the Eurovison in Concert and a total of 23 of this years contestants performed there. We have already written up an article on the performance (which you can read here) but here we will give you a round up of interview from the day

First of all, a thanks  Wiwibloggs and ESCKaz who have posted a lot of interviews from the press event before the show that saw 23 of this years acts perform in Amsterdam.

Wiwibloggs are gradually uploading their videos throughout the day into the playlist below. You can already watch their interview with Måns Zelmerlöw of Sweden:

And you can watch the ESCKaz interviews below: (Please note ESCKaz are putting their performance videos in the same playlist)

ESCKaz have also posted a video of the United Kingdom’s Electro Velvet performing an acoustic version of their song “Still in Love With You” which you can watch below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Dwa9XvGSYg]

Both sites will be uploading more videoa from the show so make sure to keep an eye on both for any interviews you may want to watch.

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8 comments on “Eurovision In Concert 2015: The Interviews

  1. Each year you always hear rumours of acts starting up romances…

    We were told the singer from Belarus ’12 kept chatting up Leanne who was backing Jedward that year

    Rumours went around of Ryan Dolan and Dina Garipova which in hindsight obviously isn’t true

    This year it looks like Eduard Romanyuta has a thing for Nina Sublatti judging by his interview with ESCKaz

    • Poor Dmitry, he was endlessly rebuffed by Leanne

      My faves are the bromances that unexpectedly spring up and people bond and make great friends, remember Kurt Kajella and Can Bonomo?

  2. I have watched the interviews and still adore Bojana. I found it pretty hard to warm up to Knez and Lisa. :(

  3. Maimuna is very sweet too. Unfortunately, I don’t like the song. :(

  4. And another one who likes the Belgian entry which seems to be the other participants’ favourite. :)

  5. I watched Wiwi’s interview with Mans, he seems lovely, very humble, with a sense of humour. The new stick man will be fatter, have a different hat and a balloon instead of an umbrella apparently.

  6. Lithuania is fantastic to look at. :)

  7. I have caught up with everything on my sunny roof terrace. :) With Eurovision in Concert I once more start to support songs I don’t like because I like the artists a lot. Poland and Belarus come to mind …

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