Still Looking for Elusive Grand Final Tickets?

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – After the latest flurry this week as more final tickets went on sale unannounced, no-one is quite sure if more will appear. Time is running out, but other than the outrageously priced rip-off (legal) tout sites like Viagogo that ORF/EBU have take no action against, what are your options?

This week has seen package deals announced, so you may be able to consider getting a final ticket either with a hotel package, or a train package.

The train packages can be found HERE.  A return train from Salzburg with a final ticket would be, for example, €314, The combination ticket is valid for 4 calendar days for a single round trip. Unlike the tickets which cost €30 postage, the booking fee on this is only €2,20!

The hotel packages are vie OE Tickets HERE. A bed in a double room for 2 nights with a grand final ticket will cost you €499 or for 3 nights €579. A single room for 2 nights looks to be €619. If you buy your tickets this way through your OE account delivery via DHL to Europe is only not €20 and not €30 showing yet again that they have marked up Eurovision tickets massively.

If these packages do not sell out, maybe some more final tickets will be released. Keep checking that OE site every day!

3 comments on “Still Looking for Elusive Grand Final Tickets?

  1. In 1994 I bought 2 eurovision tickets for the dublin show priced at £300 each, it was a disgraceful price. I always wanted to attend the contest and was so enthusiastic about going I regret ever since paying that price for a tv show….much better watching it on TV. That’s my advice

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