What is your all time favourite Eurovision winner?

old bbc eurovision anniversaryFormer Participants – The BBC are currently running an online poll to see who fans will choose as their all time favourite Eurovision winner. You can vote in the poll here until Monday 20th April. Radio 2 will reveal the results from 18th May onwards on the Ken Bruce shows.

52 comments on “What is your all time favourite Eurovision winner?

  1. #1 L’oiseau et l’enfant, France 1977
    #2 Non ho l’età, Italy 1964
    #3 Dansevise, Denmark 1963

    • I love Non Ho L’Età. How on earth did they get that bass sound on the record? It’s got the most extraordinary treble attack and slap-back echo on it. Very Morricone. I notice that the bassist in the orchestra did not reproduce that sound live!

      • Have you heard the Who song “Rael”? It takes the sound effect a lot further in the instrumental part at the end of the song (starts after 4:20): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3LKK8Tsbrg

        • Thanks for the link. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet as I’ve been away for a few days, but I will! Not ignoring you!

        • Thanks for this. Yes, it’s the same sound effect in isolation only more so! What’s remarkable about Non Ho L’Età is how it is somehow part of the bass note despite not being a bass sound. As a bass player who is a sucker for effects pedals, I want to recreate that!

          Interestingly (perhaps) I did a Who tribute night last August and the Eurovision one I did on Saturday was part of the same series of events.

      • Hm, haven’t noticed that tbh ;)

    • you got mail! :-)

  2. The poll should just have one option: Euphoria. Why even bother listing the others? They take up unnecessary space.

  3. On the other hand, I disagree with this kind of “ALL TIME favourite eurovision winner” polls since they always tend to “favour” recent songs while overlooking the older ones. I think it would be fairer to vote for every decade separately.

    • I agree in general, although if this is mostly seen by BBC Radio 2 listeners then it will more likely favour middle-of-the-road chart hits from the 1970s.

      As well as a time bias, there will likely be a cultural bias. Again, if it’s mostly Brits who vote then it will favour UK chart hits. My guess is that Waterloo, Save Your Kisses For Me and Making Your Mind Up will be jostling for the top spot.

      Voting for each decade would be more fun for us Eurogeeks.

  4. I notice that they can tell if you have voted already. Not that I was trying to cheat, of course… *cough*

  5. I went for “Un jour un enfant”, but I don’t think it will get many votes there. The winner will probably be either one from the last six years, a British song, or “Waterloo”. And I think “Euphoria” is the most likely of them all.

    It’s a difficult task, and I could also have chosen “Dansevise”, “Rock’n Roll Kids” or “Love Shine a Light”.

  6. Everyway that I can, Dansevise & Fairytale

    • Ahem, there’s only room for 1 Max here :P

      Nice to meet another Everyway that I can Fan!
      Was the first year I watched the contest and loved it straight away.

  7. I was torn between “Un premier amour”, “Dansevise”, “Un jour, un enfant” and “Molitva” and decided to give my vote to the oldest song. :)

    • Off topic : Just for you :D

      • LOL Thanks a lot … It seems that Bojana records hundreds of versions of her ESC song. The German version sounds very Bavarian/Austrian. Bojana’s German diction is very good btw. This lady seems to have a talent for languages. :) Plus she knows how to yodel. With this version she might be invited to a Florian Silbereisen or Carmen Nebel show …

        • Hehe, I actually like this a lot :D When I her she will yodel I thought it will be a joke. It is the last version, and as I’ve said her team is doing everything to win (even though it is imposible at this stage) ;) It is nice to hear so many versions of the song, I guess my country really tries with promoting… Sadly people are not into “BNL”..

          • I would love to listen to more versions of BNL. The more, the merrier, as mermaid would say. :) Btw, Many people tend to confuse Bavarian Volksmusik with German Volksmusik. Music from northern Germany f. e. has a completely different sound. Here in Swabia we only have traditional music in the historically Catholic (Oberschwaben) parts because the puritans, who dominated northern and central Swabia for centuries, only cared for religious songs. LOL :(
            Here is an example of Volksmusik from Oberschwaben:

            • Well that’s all :D Spanish, French, German, English and Serbian, more than any country this year. You should all award our effort with douze points :D
              I’m not familiar with the differences or in German folk music, but it does seem like the similar genre :)

            • Well, Oberschwaben is close to Bavaria but there are significant differences. We don’t yodel and normally have more than one singing voice f. e. :)

            • Haha. So you don’t yodel :D
              I’m not familiar with that kind of music, but Slovenian folk does sound similar to my ears :)

  8. For me, my favourite song is the song that turned me from, casual tv viewer, to proper full time Eurovision fan.

    Lordi, Hard Rock Hallelujah!!!

    Ruslana Wild Dances would be a close 2nd.

  9. 1st Fairytale by far
    2nd Making Your Mind Up
    3rd Hard Rock Hallelujah

  10. Un banc, un arbre, une rue

  11. Denmark 63. Ireland 94 is a very close second. Also France 69 is <3

  12. Very hard to choose between Non ho l’età, Tu te reconnaîtras, and L’oiseau et L’Enfant but in the end Non ho l’età took my first place.

  13. Norway 1995
    Ireland 1996

    Denmark 1963
    Sweden 2012
    UK 1997
    Norway 2009
    Serbia 2007
    Turkey 2003
    Denmark 2013
    France 1977
    Austria 2014
    France 1962
    I also like some more too.

  14. The acoustic version of Georgia’s “Warrior”:

  15. France 1969.

    • dear Shevek .Here in Spain, despite what is considered always a second hand win at Eurovision, and I know it’s one of your favourite songs in ESC, and here in Spain is always considered something less than “la lala”, probably because she is from Valencia and post Franco times she always considered her song in “Valenciano” (Catalan)language more than in original Spanish:

      • Paul, I love Salomé’s live rendition of Spain 69. The song is average at best, but her enthusiasm and energy transform it completely. Her legendary (and heavy!) dress was the perfect gimmick. She gave us one of the most dynamic performances in the history of ESC, imo. Gracias, Salomé!

        • it’s why I remembered you here regarding Eurovision winners and Salomé, I remembered you were a fan of hers!, indeed her dress is what here in Spain she is known in ESC Spanish circles, and also she was a famous presenter in Catalan language (or Valenciano she would say maybe) in the Valencia public TV channel “Mornings with Salomé ” until it went bankrupt and is now off the air, pending another Spanish corruption scandal …!

        • indeed if the topic is about best Eurovision winners she is one of them :-) desde que llegaste ya no vivo cantando, vivo soñando :-)

        • I hope younger fans will appreciate it :-) a classic indeed!

        • I somehow love that song too! despite, as you say the average lyrics…etc, at least here in the top 5 of best ESC winners!! :-)

  16. ay! so difficult to find time these days to comment here but for this thread I will go for a top 3 of French songs:
    1/Luxembourg 1973
    2/France 1969
    3/Monaco 1971
    I guess a lot depends on your age in this kind of voting and as I’m coming up to nearly 50 these days , recent winning songs , although I can appreciate them, will never have the same impact in a time capsule placed on earth about Eurovision to be opened in 21200! ;.)

  17. Mans performing “Heroes” during “the Voice of Finland” final.It’s a chance to watch the performance without the gimmick: http://www.nelonen.fi/ohjelmat/the-voice-of-finland/1869031-ruotsin-euroviisuedustaja-mans-zelmerlow-paattaa-tvof-finaalin-huippusuositulla-heroes-kappaleella

    • personally , and without the gimmicks, would have my doubts voting for the live performance..hoping for a 2015 win outside the same old nordic crap..eg Slovenia :-)

      • I like Mans’ performance and his voice,tbh but visually it’s not that impressive without the gimmick.Slovenia would make a good winner and it can actually win but for now and before the rehearsals kick off,i expect it to finish somewhere between 3 and 7.

        • personally, if Sweden wins again with him in ESC and whatever gimmick, I would be very unhappy., that he follows the line of Swedish winners in ESC ok, and maybe he will, I hope not, if he beats Slovenia I probably won0t ever comment here again …ever,,

          • That’s a strong statement.Well,i don’t think that it will be easy for Mans to win.Italy,Estonia and maybe Slovenia or an unexpected dark horse may do it.

            • uff you know, about strong comments here, more in line with typical Swedish , will win here as opposed to rest of europe hopes not..

          • It is not ET’s fault if Sweden beats Slovenia next month. ;) (Slovenia is in 1st place on my list btw …)

  18. I’m only counting the Eurovision contests I watched, as I don’t want to choose a winner from contests I didn’t watch. So I’ll go with “Fly on the Wings of Love”. A masterful classic imo, truly underrated in best winners talk.

  19. ‘Un jour un enfant’ but even this pales compared to ‘Rapsodia’

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