Denmark: Meet Anti Social Media

Anti Social MediaDenmarkAnti Social Media have been selected by last years host country Denmark to represent them at the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. They will be singing their song “The Way You Are” in the first Semi Final on May 19th and hope to get in the Grand Final

Song: “The Way You Are”
Composers: Remee, Chief 1

About Anti Social Media:
Anti Social Media are Philip Thornhill (Vocals), Nikolaj Tøth (Guitar), David Vang (Bass) and Emil Vissing (Drums). When they were trying to find a name for the group, they realised that they were on their phone instead of talking to each other so they decided on the name Anti Social Media despite actually loving being on them.
The group are inspired by the upbeat music of the 1960’s including the almighty Beatles which you can clearly detect in their Eurovision Entry.

Anti Social Media

Anti Social Media beat off nine other singers to represent Denmark in Vienna including fan favourite Anne Gadegaard and Cecilie Alexandra. Anti Social Media won the jury vote in the Melodi Grand Prix and are currently 32nd favourite to win in May

(Taken from eurovision.tv)

Summer’s here, winter’s gone
Finally I can see the sun
Every time you walk in to the room
all my fears disappear
When I’m in your atmosphere
I don’t know what it is you do
But you do
And I can´t explain why

Its the Way you are
Its just the Way that you are
That Can make my Day
Bad times go away

Its the Way you are
Its just the Way that you are
That Can make my Day
Bad times go away

Like an old radio, a song i just cant let go
All i Got on my mind is you
Movie stars and caviar couldn’t get me where you are
There’s nothing I can do
About it

Its the Way you are
Its just the Way that you are
That Can make my Day
Bad times go away

And I’ll be right there
when you need Someone to guide you.
Whatever it takes girl
I will be doing it for you.

‘Cause i’ve been acting like a fool
I Wanna take my time
And spend it all on you.
So girl just come and sweep my feet of the Ground, like you do

Its the Way you are
Its Just the Way that you are
That Can make my Day
Bad times go away hey

Its the Way you are
Its just the Way that you are
That Can make my Day
Bad times go away

Because its all about you
Because its all about you girl
And I’m hanging on to every single word you say

Its the Way you are
Its Just the Way that you are
That Can make my Day
Bad times go away
Its the Way you are
Bad times go away
Its the Way you are..

Anti Social Media on.. Social Media:
Facebook: Link
Instagram: @antisocialmediaofficial
Website: Link

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40 comments on “Denmark: Meet Anti Social Media

  1. Jade,you mean Antiscocial Media in the title,i suppose? :P

  2. Denmark at its dullest. God this is boring.

    Hopefully they don’t qualify.

  3. I actually like it. Perhaps not the most original song you would come across, but is is joyful and catchy as hell. 8/12 :-)

    As for the proposed Beatles inspiration, I think it resembles some other music from the early sixties more. F.e. I hear an echo of a style represented in songs like the Honeycomb’s “Have I the Right” from 1964: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9C3tZwDpx4. A style that lost ground a bit after the Beatles’ breakthrough btw. It could also have been a hit by the American concept band The Monkees (“I’m a Believer” and so).

    The closest it gets to the Beatles is perhaps the early Beatles-recordingss from 1962-65 (“She Loves You”, “A Hard Day’s Night” etc.) – that is, before it got really interesting with albums like Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band or The White Album – but even the early Beatles records sounded more fresh and energetic than Anti Social Media.

  4. While I no longer hate this entry like I did when it was first picked, the singer still makes me aggressive and the band-name makes me double-over with cringe. Plus there’s the whole thing of Denmark sending yet another lame, MOR tune trying to pass itself off as something more.

    Having said that, I do think they’ll qualify. The ranking system was made for entries like these.

  5. A harmless feel good song by a band that is no band because they try too hard to come across as one. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no authenticity or identity in the way ASM perform. However, Denmark has one of only very few songs that make me tap along this year and a candidate for my driving the car in summer playlist. The singer seems to be a prick but the ladies in red, who provide the backing vocals, are fantastic. I expect a result between 10th and 18th place in the final.

  6. I forgot to add that I totally hate whoever chose the band name. They even fave a FB site. How fake is that? Yuck!

  7. The song is alright… just a bit easy to forget. I think the group look fun though

  8. This song is probably one of the most fake entries on offer this year. It lacks authenticity and it reeks of prentiousness. This is Denmark and it will be in the final.

    • I meant that Denmark usually makes the final cut with songs that are below average. The voters like the first taste of the song (bubble gum stuff) and that is enough.

      • By voters do you mean televoters? Cause I think this the exact opposite case here.
        Denmark 2015 is a song that juries are gonna like more than televoters!

    • Pretentious? What should it pretend to be?

      • The name of the band and the whole let’s be simple and no frills attitude that they convey comes across as fake. Anyway, they will most probably reach the final no matter what.

        • But as I said, the band name could be self-ironic: They could be making a point out of calling the band Anti Social Media and then actually being on the social media at the same time. It could also be understood as a comment about electronic communication being anti-social. I don’t know if they are intending this, but still, it’s a way to read it. So as I see it, the band name can be seen as ambiguous, pointing out paradoxes, and I am a sucker for that :-)

          A relevant question could then be: what does that have to do with the song? It is basically just another cliché love song like last year.

          As for the “let’s be simple and no frills” attitude: In order for that to come across as fake, it would mean that it should be pretending to be simple without actually being it. But the song IS simple: It is mostly based of four chords, no advanced sound effects, the structure is very classic, and the melody is straight-forward…

          • Yes it could, but I happen to think that it is not. Ratings and money are involved. The song tries to sell itself as simple and its structure is, but they attitude is not. This is all very subjective, but that it is my opinion.

            • their attitude and posture is not.

            • I really can’t see anything fake or pretentious in their attitude. They are not even trying to be authentic, they are just performing a song.

            • I mean, the whole package – the song, the way it is staged and the clothes they wear – is so much like the 60’s beat music that it is clear for all to see that it is something they perform. In that sense it is honestly non-authentic.

            • I see, honestly non-authentic as in honestly souless. It’s a fitting description of their act. I am expecting more of every participating country.

            • Not all music is about authenticity. Sometimes musical craftsmanship is enough for me, especially when it comes to pop.

              Some musicians even make an artistic point of not being authentic at all. Think of David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust-era. It was anything but authentic, but not therefore artistically uninteresting. It was based on verfremdung and alienation.

              And hand on heart. how often is Eurovision authentic?

              I wouldn’t call it soulless. The melody is joyful in itself.

            • I’ll keep that in mind. These guys may be going through a Ziggy Stardust kind of thing. We have to agree to disagree on this one. :)

            • There is absolutely no relation between Ziggy Stardust and Anti Social Media. It was just to give an example of something that is not meant to be authentic.

            • I know that.

            • Sorry, The Anders, your comment deserved a more complete answer, but my ears were still ringing from a fireworks display I had just I attended. I realise that you’re illustrating a point, if I may say so. However, I think that Bowie was authentically inauthentic and he knew what he was doing. Time will tell if the same is occurring with the Danish band.

          • I really don’t think the band are out to make any sort of statement. Their name isn’t clever at all and their music doesn’t convey any sort of ‘message’ whatsoever. They were formed exclusively for Eurovision and had their song written by two pop composers chosen by their label. And I don’t hear enough of a 60’s influence in the song for the retro aesthetic to not come across as pretentious and calculated.

            You make a fair point about Eurovision not generally being a place for musical authenticity, but there are an increasing number of exceptions (look how many self-composed entries we have this year, for example) and Denmark are sadly never among them.

            • I don’t think it contains a statement of a message either. It doesn’t have to. It was just a suggestion of how it can be read, regardless of what the intentions may be.

              Calculated or not, I still think it is a fine melody and a catchy chorus. We are clearly not speaking of great art in any way, but I don’t think the song is pretending to be particularily artistic either. It’s just a happy pop song, and it should not be taken for more than it is.

              Indeed, to get a 10/12 or a 12/12 from me, it has got to do a lot more than just please the listener. It would require a much more subtle, artistic universe and a more sophisticated composition. This is clearly not the case here. This is why I “only” give it 8/12.

              I would love Denmark to take some more musical chances in Eurovision than we normally do, but maybe one day… One never knows.

            • Actually, I am not necissarily so fond of songs with statements. I often prefer songs that are open for different interpretations, or songs that ask questions more than giving answers. It is great if it leaves something to the listener.

            • I understand, and I agree. Unfortunately however, there are only so many ways you can interpret “it’s just the way you ARE, it’s the just way that YOU are”.

              Digs aside, I think “The Way You Are” is a perfectly average song let down by weak live singing and an uncharismatic bunch of performers. My feelings about the entries authenticity don’t factor into my scoring of it whatsoever.

            • “Unfortunately however, there are only so many ways you can interpret “it’s just the way you ARE, it’s the just way that YOU are”. ”

              Of course. It was not that song I had in mind when I wrote this. “The Way You Are” is another cliché love song lyrically. No doubt about that.

  9. 6,5/10
    #4/16 ;)
    Fans keep writing this off but I am not sure Denmark will be missing the Final with such a safe song this year !
    Good luck!

    • It didn’t even manage to win the Danish final but it’s true that the ranking all songs system favors the Danish entry.

  10. It’s this sort of embarrassingly trite nursery rhyme fluff that gives Eurovision a bad reputation. I hope it does not get through the semis because I expect to get cramp from cringeing throughout its every performance.

    Come on, Denmark, you have given us some fine songs in recent years, but not since you last won!

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