Czech Republic: Meet Marta Jandová and Václav Bárta

Marta Václav czechCzech Republic – After a five year break from the contest, Czech Republic and it’s broadcaster Česká Televize have returned. Internally they have selected singers Marta Jandová and Václav Bárta who will be performing their song “Hope Never Dies” in the second Semi Final

Song: “Hope Never Dies”
Composers: Václav Noid Bárta and Tereza Šoralová

Meet Marta Jandová and Václav Bárta:
Thirty-Four year old Václav Barta was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia and is a song writer. He is currently singing with the Noid Crew but he is also an actor who has starred in musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Aida. He released his only album “Václav Noid Barta” in 2013.
Marta Jandová is also a rock singer who sings in the band Die Happy who are known in Germany where she lived for 16 years. Like Václav, Marta also has experience in musicals and she even had the job as a coach in The Voice of Czech Slovakia. She was walso born in Prague and is 8 years older than Václav.

Marta and Vaclav

“Hope Never Dies” will be the third song that the Czech Republic have sent to Eurovision and they have never been able to qualify for the grand final. Will Marta and Václav be the first? Not according to the bookies. Currently they are joint last place with Moldova, Portugal and San Marino

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_o44RdxYTY]

(Taken from eurovision.tv)

Wait for me don’t cross the sea of pain
Wait for me I’m lost I’ve gone astray
Ravens calling my name, their wings so dark
Soon they’ll take me away, I have their mark
They never miss their prey

There is no light to pray for
Cold and dim are the skies
Wounded lying
Running out of life
In your eyes I could see
Our hopes and our future
Now we must let go

Find me where the night turns into day
Your love as a torch shows us the way
How to be whole again

There is no light to pray for
Cold and dim are the skies
Wounded lying
Running out of life
In your eyes I could see
Our hopes and our future
Now we must let go
Must let go, must let fade away
Or we can rise and fight

For a light to live for
Fire in our hearts
Through our pain
Through all the lies
We will walk, walk reborn
Hope never dies
Never let me go

Marta Jandová on Social Media:
Facebook: Link
Website: Link

Václav Bárta on Social Media:
YouTube: Václav NOID Bárta
Website: Link

Last: Armenia
Next: Netherlands

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22 comments on “Czech Republic: Meet Marta Jandová and Václav Bárta

    • Oh no, I hope not! I adore this song (although I prefer the original Icelandic lyrics).

      It seems ridiculous that they might have to withdraw just because some menials are having a strop. Sorry, I’m sure they have a worthy cause and I shouldn’t be so flippant about labour disputes. But still, we have volunteers to count election votes, surely we can manage without professional notaries to count Eurovision votes!

  1. Marta is a pretty big name here in Germany and even won the Bundesvision Song Contest representing Niedersachsen in 2007. For this reason I expect good points from Germany. Personally, I think that the song is ok … but unfortunately in the wrong genre to get a top result on my list.

  2. This is obviously the best Czech entry and i really like the medieval feel in it,the lyrics and their voices but they may struggle to qualify.Semi 2 is so hard.Good luck to them!

  3. You can vote for your favorite esc winner in this BBC poll.Results will be announced on May 18: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1N5gKJp2mkZFGgWqj4yXSsj/what-is-your-all-time-favourite-eurovision-winner

    • “Un premier amour”. :)

      The song will probably get one vote only.

    • Eight Eurovision winning songs are (12/12) cases for me:

      Luxembourg 1961
      France 1962
      Denmark 1963
      France 1969
      France 1977
      Ireland 1994
      Ireland 1996
      Serbia 2007

      And there are also eight (10/12) songs:

      Netherlands 1957
      Netherlands 1959
      Italy 1964
      Luxembourg 1965
      Monaco 1971
      Luxembourg 1973
      United Kingdom 1997
      Sweden 2012

      Ireland 1996 got my vote in the end.

      • Ireland 1996 is my second favorite.You don’t really like Norway 1995? :-o

        • Norway 1995 is balancing between a (9/12) and a (10/12). It’s very beautiful but I also think it’s kind of a bad idea trying to chop down this New Age symphony into just three minutes. It doesn’t get enough room to fully develop, even if it’s still very good.

    • Ireand 96 since it’s my all time #1 but Denmark 63 is also in my all time top 10, France 69 in my all time top 20. And there are a few other great ones. Around a dozen (out of 60…)

    • Oh, heck, I’m not sure I can pick an all time favourite without have some sort of funny turn…

    • I could not vote due to some cookies that were not enabled.

      It is a difficult one. I tried to vote, and I decided on “Un jour, un enfant”. I have given 12/12 to the following winning songs:

      “Un premier amour”
      “Un jour, un enfant”
      “Rock’n Roll Kids”
      “Love Shine a Light”

      I think the winner in this poll will be either one after 2000, a British one (since it’s a BBC poll) or “Waterloo”.

  4. Conchita Wurst is in a German talk show on sexual diversity atm. :)

  5. I really want them to suceed. The song is gorgeous and so cool. Vaclav’s voice may be the best male voice this year.

    They seem to have some good neighbours, as well as Marta being uberpopular in Germany, who votes in that semi.

    They deserve it.

  6. 7/10
    Prediction #13-17 in semi :(

  7. A rather uninteresting song, but it is partly saved by the relatively unpolished singing.

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