TEKO 2015: The Second Round Draw!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2015 – We now know our final 16 in this year’s Eurovision Knockout competition!  They will battle it out in 8 duels over the next 8 days, and you’ll have about 2 days to vote for each. Find out the results of the 2nd chance heats, and see who faces who in the 2nd round now…

Result of Heat 15:

Spain 39%
Belgium 47%
FYR Macedonia 14%

So Belgium’s Loïc Nottet singing ‘Rhythm Inside‘ goes through to the second round!

Result of Heat 16:

Malta 14%
Ireland 20%
Slovenia 66%

So Slovenia’a Maraaya with ‘Here for you‘ easily qualifies for a second chance too!

The last 16:

Duel 1: Romania v Montenegro

Duel 2: Georgia v Norway

Duel 3: Australia v Germany

Duel 4: Sweden v Italy

Duel 5: Belarus v The Netherlands

Duel 6: Switzerland v Israel

Duel 7: Lithuania v Belgium

Duel 8: Azerbaijan v Slovenia

The first duel will be online to vote for soon. In the meantime who do you think the 8 qualifiers will be?


43 comments on “TEKO 2015: The Second Round Draw!

  1. Interesting that Spain are out. I would have thought they would sail through. In any case, the Belgian song is much more interesting, so I am personally happy.

  2. Ugh, Belgium and Slovenia again. Boring…

  3. To go through:

    Duel 1: Romania

    Duel 2: Norway

    Duel 3: Germany

    Duel 4: Sweden

    Duel 5: Belarus

    Duel 6: Israel

    Duel 7: Lithuania

    Duel 8: Azerbaijan

    I’m torn between Duel 6 though, Israel just edge through.

  4. I am very happy that Belgium and Slovenia have made it … but a round of the last 16 still seems a bit pointless without Estonia imo.

  5. Duels 5 and 6 are pretty weak imo.

  6. I love Belarus so that is no problem for me in Duel 5.

  7. Duels 5 and 6 are horrible and duel 1 is poor considering we have Belgium Vs Lithuania and Australia Vs Germany. Italy also got a ”strong” (not for me but for others) contender.

  8. Romania

    I refuse to vote in duels 5 and 6. The fact the winners of these heats will fight together in the QFs is funny. For sure one of the four is in SFs.

  9. Well done to Slovenia and Belgium!
    Still, it is a travesty Estonia is misssing from the final 16!!!

  10. So unfair on Sweden first they have to fight against the 3rd favourite Estonia, and the greek fanbase, then in the next round Sweden has to face the 2nd favourite Italy.

    Also for all the peeps saying you don’t care who wins the Duel between Switzerland and Israel.

    Why not make your friend Max happy, and vote for israel, just to be nice?

  11. The official video for Lithuania 2015 <3 :

    • Another contender for top 10!

      • It would be really nice but i stll see it somewhere between 11 to 16.
        There’s something very genuine and cozy in this entry and their performance i hope people and juries will also feel it and reward Lithuania with a good result.

  12. Albania looks more and more like a top-10 entry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdDZv0fyr1Q

  13. I still feel there’s a problem with the way TEKO was conducted.There were entries competing in a heat of 3 and the last 2 were duels if i remember correctly.

    • It’s just like the real competition, some people get good draws, and some don’t, an there’s lots of rules lots of us don’t like, but depending on how many countries enter each year it really does make it hard to do it completely fairly. Someone should just as equally not lose out to a second chance spot just because they got a 2 place draw.

      We’re open to suggestions for rule changes for next year. Or we may just impose one and go all a bit SVT on you ;)

      • Could you maybe have less initial heats, and more songs in those heats, and possibly the Top 2 go through? That’s how it works in the world cup.

        And 14 initial heats did feel a bit much, especially when everyone was bound to have a few where they didn’t like any songs in certain heats?

      • Let your cat do the draw. Like last year.

    • I agree and entries in duels qualified over entries competing in heats of 3…

  14. 40 songs this year.

    8 heats with 5 songs each. Top 2 go through to the next round, et voila Top 16.

    If you insist on a 2nd chance round then you could do 7 heats, with 5 or 6 songs in each one, top 2 go through. Then take all 7 of the 3rd placers and put them in a 2nd heat round, where again Top 2 go through.

  15. Elnur performing live his entry “Hour of the wolf” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3LJydjoa3k

  16. off topic: I got my press accreditation for Vienna confirmed today, yay! :)

  17. Have you noticed that we hadn’t heard from OGAE clubs yet?This is because this year the results will begin being revealed in May 1st and for a period of 7 to 10 days.

  18. Duel 1: Romania v Montenegro (Montenegro)
    Duel 2: Georgia v Norway (Georgia)
    Duel 3: Australia v Germany (Oz)
    Duel 4: Sweden v Italy (Italy)
    Duel 5: Belarus v The Netherlands (Netherlands)
    Duel 6: Switzerland v Israel (Israel no contest)
    Duel 7: Lithuania v Belgium (Belgium, again no contest)
    Duel 8: Azerbaijan v Slovenia (Slovenia)

  19. Belarus, The Netherlands, Switzerland & Israel still in…

  20. Duel 4: :(

    Duel 6: *Ragequit*

  21. The favorite moment of the year: played all the songs to my mother (her annual torture lol)
    Her comments were surprising: She loved Belgium and liked Georgia,UK, Russia and Italy the most. She hated Estonia and Lithuania (I don’t understand why).
    So who knows… The winner so far has always been among the songs she likes.

  22. These duels are a mess for the most part. No Estonia? No Iceland? No Ireland? No Hungary???

    These results make me lose faith in humanity. Lol

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