Armenia: Meet Genealogy

GenealogyArmenia – Armenian broadcaster AmpTV have internally put together the six piece group Genealogy. Celebrating the Armenian Diaspora world-wide, Genealogy consist of singers who are of Armenian descent but hail from various countries worldwide. Their song is “Face the Shadow”

Song: “Face the Shadow”
Composers: Armen Martirosyan and Inna Mkrtchyan

About Genealogy:
As already mentioned, Genealogy consists of six singers specially for Eurovision celebrating the Armenian people who live around the world. The group is (from left to right)…


Vahe Tilbian (Born in Ethiopia) Vahe’s Grandfather also fled Armenia during the Genocide and made his way to Africa, settling in Ethiopia. Vahe has a BSc in Biology which he studied in Canada but started singing in 2008 when he joined the group Z Beyaynetus and sang with them up until 2012 when he went solo releasing his album “Mixology”.
Twitter: @VaheTilbian
Facebook: Link
Website: Link

Tamar Kaprelian (Born in Arizona, USA) Tamar started singing in 2008 after winning a cover contest of One Republic song “Apologise” and this resulted in Ryan Tedder introducing her to Interscope records where she eventually signed.
Twitter: @tamarkaprelian
Facebook: Link
YouTube: tamarmusic

Inga Arshakyan (Born in Yerevan, Armenia) Inga is representing the native Armenian’s and represented Armenia in 2009 with her sister Anush. Inga has studied at both S. Aslamazyan Music School and A. Babajanyan Music College where she studied the Violin. She has been singing with her sister professionally since 2009 and they have released four albums in Armenia and have toured the USA.
Twitter: @ingaanush
Facebook: Link
Website: Link

Mary-Jean Anaïs O’Doherty (Born in Texas, USA but representing Australia) Mary-Jean’s father is from Australia and her mother from Armenia. Mary-Jean is a classical singer and flutist and has studied singing in Syd­ney, Aus­tralia with world-renowned so­pra­no Arax Man­souri­an. She has citizenship in Australia, Greece and the USA.
Twitter: @maryjeansoprano
Facebook: Link
Website: Link

Essaï Altounian (Born in Paris, France) Essaï’s grand parents left the Ottoman empire during the Armenian Genocide, his grandfather moving to France where he met Essaï grandmother. Together they started a family and in 1980, Essaï was born. Essaï started singing at age 19 when he was the singer in pop group Ideal-3 and hen he was 21 split from the group to go solo. He has a solo album coming out in 2016.
Twitter: @Essaimusic
Facebook: Link
Website: Link

Stephanie Topalian (Born in the USA but representing Asia) Stephanie’s grandparents also escaped the Genocide moving to the states where her father met Stephanie’s Japanese mother. Stephanie was born in LA, USA but located to Japan where she has released two albums. Two of her singles featured on popular Anime TV shows in the country.
Twitter: @StephTopalian
Facebook: Link
YouTube: Stephanie Topalian
Website: Link

(Taken from eurovision.tv)

We find so many ways fooling our heart
Playing too many games trying to hide
When you follow a dream, surrender the sorrow inside
Face every shadow you denied

Feels like so many times life was unfair
Will you run and forget all the despair?
If it’s breaking you down, remember the power inside
Face every shadow you denied

Time is ticking and you keep thinking that you are tricking your heart, so

Don’t deny
Ever don’t deny
Baby don’t deny
You and I

Cross the ocean of blues, happy you’ll be
Оnce you’ve risen you are meant to be free
When you’re feeling afraid remember there’s hope inside
Face every shadow purified

Time is ticking and you keep thinking that you are tricking your heart,so

Don’t deny
Ever don’t deny
Listen don’t deny (I don’t want to deny)
You and I

Don’t deny
Ever don’t deny
Listen don’t deny
Don’t deny you and I

Originally the song was called “Don’t Deny” but it was changed due to the fact that it refers to the Armenian Genocide that happened exactly 100 years ago this year. As it is against EBU rules that Politics should not be involved in an entry, the song was changed to “Face the Shadow”. Currently Armenia are 14th favourite to win in May

Last: Russia
Next: Czech Republic

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16 comments on “Armenia: Meet Genealogy

  1. I really like this one… Plus Essai is rather blooming hot

  2. Armenia-Face the shadow: The good things: I like the bridge and Inga!
    Other than that,it’s a song that serves the purpose which rarely works,imo.Trying to find an Armenian singer living in Africa,Asia and Europe they ended up with average at best performers.As i said,Inga saves the song and Mary-Jean and Tamar are good too.The remaining 3 are there just because they happened to be Armenian singers living in the respective continents,imo.Anyway,i think they’ll qualify because it’s a song that is a diaspora magnet and i can’t see juries voting it down.Good luck!

  3. Not for me but good luck anyway.

  4. A hard one to decide on. There are many things in the music that I like. It is almost symphonic, containing some unexpected changes in time signature and some unusual chord changes.

    Unfortunately the chorus is rather weak, and it becomes a bit of an anticlimax after the verses. Also, the six singers don’t really work together as a group. Like with Switzerland 2006, it’s like six solo artists working against each other to get to the spotlight.

  5. I think they are all great individually but not sure they gel well

  6. Average. Good thing is I LOVE Inga’s part!
    5/10 (same score as Georgia last year with a similar disjointed song)
    Prediction : 6-12 in semi
    Good luck!

  7. I’ve grown to like this one!

    they’re all talented people, and the fact the song turned a lot less preachy and dreary than I thought. I eally like the instrumentation and the powerful ending (which can be epic or a mess live)

    my 6th in their semi.

  8. I agree with The Anders. This is an oddity.

    With so many songs playing it safe and sticking doggedly to a simple groove from start to finish, this should be applauded for being quirky with its rhythm changes, the way it switches in and out of triplet time, the contrasting middle section, the concept of drawing together the different voices from across the globe. Sadly, it doesn’t quite work. It’s a little bit messy and the disparate voices end up battling each other for supremacy instead of working together as an ensemble – and someone thought there was still room in the mix for a guitar solo!

    In the end, this is perhaps easier to admire than enjoy.

  9. The official video of Lithuania 15 is now on youtube:

    • With all those videos you tempt me to break my rules and listen to the songs again before ESC. :)

      • Lol!You should listen and watch this.It’s so sweet and genuine.They sing it live.

        • But if I listen to the songs all the time, they will all bore me come May. It happened in 2006 … but then that was an awful year anyway. Perhaps this year’s songs are more resilient.

          • Well,not all the time.I only listen to them if there’s something new like a new video or a live performance of a song we had previously heard only in studio version(see Azerbaijan,Spain,Albania).
            You need to listen to some songs a lot of times in order to appreciate them,imo.That happened to me with Austria 14.Yesterday,i was watching Conchita’s BBC performance and i really liked the song more,the orchestration,the lyrics.

  10. Wish best of luck to all these guys! Yes musically this is a step back after last year’s brilliant song but I can’t blame nor lyricist neither the composer as it was really hard to make something really outstanding within 3 mins, with 6 rather different artists and with a song that might comptain a message inside. Though I’d not say that the outcome is awful.
    I love the video and specially the dramatic part demonstrating how the family dissapears and chairs get empty! Just like in case of Apricot Stone this song is targeted for a small group of people so I think geting to final will be considered as a good result!
    A briliant entry for this year could be the song from Anush and Inga composed by the author and composer of Jan Jan /2009/ but it would be baned just after the premiere:

    My second favorite after Inga in this group Tamar made amateur acustic cover of Don’t Deny. Wish she will make a solo ESC-project in upcoming years.

  11. The French version of Serbia “Le monde est a moi”:

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