Results: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final One?

vienna eurovision 2015Poll: Yesterday we asked you who you thought would qualify from the first semi final on Tuesday May 19th and the response has been great. 122 people completed this poll and the results are in so read on to see what you think. With no spoilers, the results are kind of close

The results were achieved by adding all the points together in batches. All the 12pts, all the 10pts and so on. E.g. 55 poll takers thought Estonia would receive full marks so 55×12=660.

Then I added all the points that each country received together and then sorted them in order. The table is below…

SF1 Poll

Estonia are by far the favourites to take this semi final but the gap between 2nd place Belgium and 3rd place Russia was rather close. The Top 5 is finished off with Albania (4th) and Romania (5th).

The countries you think will not see the final are Armenia, Denmark, FYR Macedonia, Finland, Hungary and bottom place, Moldova.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWACbw3cqW0]

What do you think of the results? Do you think this is indicative of how it will in just over five weeks time? Comment below

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27 comments on “Results: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final One?

  1. Armenia is definitely qualifying…And I am still counting Denmark in!
    Greece is in danger of being left behind together with Serbia or Belarus. Hungary could be the dark horse!
    Belgium is once again OVERHYPED ! This is a song that needs a very experienced performer in order to shine LIVE and I am still not convinced not until his rehearsal! It could end up a disaster especially with Loic pulling faces and coming across like a smug!

    • Belgium over-hyped again? I cannot remember the last time Belgium were over-hyped to be honest

      Loic can sing live, it has been proven. He pulls faces sure but I think people can live with that… just because he’s not posing constantly like Mans does.

      • I meant overhyped in a 2015 net poll again! Sorry for not clearing this out!
        I definitely don’t enjoy Mans either :P
        I am more into Eldurne :)

  2. Nice to see that Eduard’s mum got her vote in lol :)

  3. Really? Belgium and Georgia get through…

  4. I’ve started to believe Greece will end up 9th-12th. 50-50 chances to make it. I think Armenia, Finland and Hungary will make it contrary to what most fans believe.

  5. I believe that songs in places 7 to 11 are in the danger zone.On the other hand,Hungary,Armenia,FYROM and Finland can do it.It will be a rather unpredictable semi.

  6. Finland and Armenia are definitely qualifying… Armenia’s song is about the country’s huge diaspora and they will vote for this. I don’t think Greece will qualify and I don’t think Albania will either

    I think Azerbaijan will win this Semi Final and voted as such,

  7. I think that Albania might be in for a bad surprise come May. I think that Armenia, Denmark and Finland are more likely to qualify, perhaps even Hungary. There are only 3 countries I can’t see qualifying in any scenario atm: Belarus, Macedonia and Moldova.

  8. I’m getting worried for Denmark :-(

    Whilst I acknowledge that it is not one of the most original songs in this edition, I still like it for it’s warm Beatles’que catchiness. It’s a real singalong that makes me happy.

    • Denmark was the only song I found myself singing/humming while being in the shower, waiting in a cue, driving the car etc. after only one listening, so perhaps that is a good sign. The song is ok but nothing special imo, and I still think that the lead singer is neither very likeable nor a very good vocalist. On the other hand, the backing singers are fantastic. I want more of those ladies in Vienna. :)

    • Tbh i caught myself singing the Danish song earlier today .. I don’t like the lead singer but i have to admit that it’s quite catchy !

  9. I do believe that all the contestants of the semifinal 1 are possible qualifiers.. Estonia , Russia , Albania and Georgia are one step closer to the final imo while all the others will battle for the remaining tickets.. Furthermore , not only is Greece in danger but Romania also .. The jury’s ranking will play a crucial role in the results i think…

    • The juries will love Romania, which is one of the best compositions this year. :)

      • Hmmm, most likely.. I don’t think that Romania will do well in televoting but the jury’s reaction may be positive.. :)

        • If they get the message with the migrants’ children being left behind across, they might get televoting support too. After all, it is an important issue, and one that concerns all EU member states.

          • i’m not a big fan of the romanian song … Actually, i think it’s the weakest romanian entry in years but due to its message it can stand out… we’ll see .. May is coming :)

            • After 50 % of the songs have been discussed, evaluated and scored by NDR’s expert panel, Romania is in the lead. I don’t love the song but I like it and want to see Voltaj in the final. :)
              Time will tell …
              Those awfully tacky Balkan Girls, the hideous Ovi & Paula combination, the Mandinga drivel and Dracula should all have failed miserably imo. In fact, Romania is among my least favourite ESC countries. I only like their debut entry and 2003. :( … and 2015. :)

  10. This is a kinda good result imo, the only one I would have changed is Armenia instead of Serbia, otherwise quite plausible. :P

  11. Like most of us here, I think I agree with most of the qualifiers. But I am 100% certain Hungary will be in final-I’m sure it will get jury points and televote. So we have to make room for them. Maybe Belarus will miss out, and I don’t think Albania will score high. Finland may score big with televote, but juries should knock them out. Finally, as much as I like Netherlands, I think they could make room for Armenia in top 10.

  12. I think this poll was very accurate. Those are the most likely qualifiers. Though I will say that Armenia could qualify, not because it’s a good song but because of the diaspora voting and jurors voting for it do it to the big production value of the entry. Another odd qualifier could be Finland as they might get sympathy votes,

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