Spain: Meet Edurne

Edurne spain smallSpain – Another internal selection from Spain this year in the form of one of one of their biggest stars… Edurne. There is much hype surrounding Spain’s choice of Edurne due to her success in her home country. Can she bring Victory back to Spain? 

Song: “Amancer”
Composers: Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Peter Boström & Thomas G:son

About Edurne:
Twenty-Nine year old Edurne García Almagro was born in Madrid, Spain and rose to fame in 2005 when she took part in Operación Triunfo (The original version of reality TV Show Fame/Star Academy). However her career started at the age of nine when she was in the childrens pop group Trastos and in 2002, Edurne turned to acting taking a part in Drama Hospital Central.
Since coming sixth in Operación Triunfo, Edurne was signed to Sony BMG and has released five albums, the first of which, “Edurne” entered #3 in the Spanish charts. In 2013 she featured on the Spanish release of “Hand On Heart” from the UK’s Olly Murs.


Edurne was internally selected by Spanish broadcaster RTVE receiving a lot of positive attention from Eurovision Fans. It was revealed her song was going to be composed with the help of Eurovision favourite G:Son and the result was “Amanecer”. Spain are currently joint tenth place to win Eurovision with Belgium, Iceland and the UK

Spanish Lyrics:
(Taken from eurovision.tv)

Se fue sin saber
Que yo sí lo amé
Se fue sin creer en mí

Perdí la razón
Sangré tanto amor
Que aún, hoy siento el vacío
Me lleva contigo
Mi corazón
Me susurró
A mí no vuelvas sin su amor

Camino al ayer
Allá donde esté
Hoy reto al olvido

Se fue sin saber
Que yo no me rindo

Mi corazón
Me susurró
A mí no vuelvas sin su amor

El alma en pie
Devuélveme el amanecer

Hoy vuelves conmigo.

English Lyrics:
(Taken from eurovision.tv)

He left without knowing
That I did love him
He left without believing me

I lost my mind
I bled so much love
Now a vast emptiness lives in me
It all brings me back to you
My heart
Whispered to me
Don’t you come back without him
On my way to yesterday
Wherever he may be
I challenge oblivion

He left without knowing
I never surrender
My heart
Whispered to me
Don’t you come back without him


It whispered
Breathe my soul back into me
Bring me back to
The Break of Day

You’re coming back with me ( Mid-8 )

Edurne on Social Media:
Twitter: @Edurnity
Facebook: Link
Youtube: EdurneVEVO
Website: Link

Last: Norway
Next: Russia

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

35 comments on “Spain: Meet Edurne

  1. This has only recently made an impression on me. Where was it hiding? Bit of a slowburner. I quite like it and it has made a surprise appearance in my top 20. I say ‘surprise’ like I have nothing to do with it…

  2. By the way, I really like these ‘meet’ features. A good way of focussing on each contestant and finding a little bit more about them. Good stuff, Jade!

  3. I like it ! I mean it certainly has its flaws (lack of chorus, cold performance) but I quite like it!
    Prediction #5-10 in Final!
    Good luck!

  4. Just out of my Top 10 at #11… Moldova and Oz pushed it out

    • #14 for me, which is impressive considering it wasn’t even troubling my Top 20 yesterday. Oz at #7. Moldova scrapping with Netherlands and Denmark for #40.

  5. It’s very grandiose but unfortunately there is no life in the poor thing. Stale! At least, Edurne seems to be a very fine singer. Good luck.

  6. Off-topic: I have enjoyed reading dimivision’s previews and reviews for some years now. In case anyone feels like having a look:


  7. She is really very good singer, beatiful girl not only outside but inside too, i hope she become top 5 , make me happy when she win , actually my top 1

  8. It’s the Kati Wolf of 2015. Sterile, soulless and shiny, and as such it probably won’t appeal to many listeners outside the fan community. I’m not even sure about the left side of the scoreboard. Listening to some of her other singles, I think it’s a shame that they came up with this.

    • One of the silliest videos btw.

    • This is how I expect the automatic finalists to rank on the final scoreboard from best to worst:

      France :(

      • Really?I think you’re understimating Italy.

        • Italy iss hardest to predict. I put the UK above France because I think that they will get some points from televoting (Yes, Ireland, I am looking at you first and foremost) whereas I can imagine poor Lisa to become the first 0 pointer in France’s long ESC history. I personally like the song but I don’t see/hear either jury or televote appeal.

          • After Twin Twin anything from France would be borning

          • I agree that the UK will score more televoting points but with the power given to the juries,France may do better.On the other hand,a grand French ballad from the old days isn’t the kind of song that will attract many jury points either.I don’t really know.

      • I would love Austria to do well, but I’m a bit worried. Can the average viewer relate to something that sounds so much like the 60’s pop/rock?

        Or maybe they can get points for standing out.

  9. This entry grows on me more and more. Good luck Spain.

  10. Edurne comes across as stiff and scared while singing this one live. Good luck!

    P.S. – I quite like it, but much will depend on how it is presented and sung live in Vienna.

  11. A new live performance of “Amanecer” with live orchestra:

    • Thanks for the link, Dimitri. :)

      This was much better than the last one. Less stiff and no fear in sight. Edurne chose a beautiful and stunning dress. The song is average, but it works live. Do not go ott with fireworks and pointless choreography in Vienna.

  12. Most beautiful lady in this edition hands down!

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