Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final Two

pollEurovision 2015 – In about 5 weeks time the Eurovision Semi Finals will be here and he will see who will be in, and who will be out. However we like to make predictions here and we know you do too so I have of course have a survey for you. Read on to vote…

The first Semi Final will see seventeen semi finalists competing for each others votes as well as the votes from Australia, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom

These are in order of performance…

LithuaniaMonika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila “This Time”
IrelandMolly Sterling “Playing with Numbers”
San MarinoMichele Perniola & Anita Simoncini “Chain of Lights”
MontenegroKnez “Adio”
MaltaAmber “Warrior”
NorwayMørland & Debrah Scarlett “A Monster Like Me”
PortugalLeonor Andrade “Há um mar que nos separa”
Czech RepublicMarta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta “Hope Never Dies”
IsraelNadav Guedj “Golden Boy”
LatviaAminata “Love Injected”
AzerbaijanElnur Hüseynov “Hour of the Wolf”
IcelandMaría Ólafs “Unbroken”
SwedenMåns Zelmerlöw “Heroes”
SwitzerlandMélanie René “Time to Shine”
CyprusJohn Karayiannis “One Thing I Should Have Done”
SloveniaMaraaya “Here for You”
PolandMonika Kuszyńska “In the Name of Love”

You’ve heard all the songs and show know them all pretty well by now but some songs can easily be forgotten so you can hear the songs on this YouTube Playlist below…

You can allocate your points by clicking the link HERE

The results will be shown at some point in the coming week and a poll for Semi Final Two will be coming very shortly… Please vote for who you THINK will qualify and not who you WANT to qualify.

Edit: The response to the poll has been immense with over 100 responses on it already. I will close the poll at 16:00CET 12/04/2015 in order to get you the results quicker.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

36 comments on “Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final Two

  1. Sure qualifiers: Sweden, Slovenia, Latvia, Norway, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Lithuania. Likely: Cyprus. After that, it gets more difficult.

    I hope Ireland will get through, but I am worried.

  2. Just come across an interesting vote… Someone thinks Montenegro will win the semi.

  3. I don’t have the slightest clue.

    off topic: Happy Easter to everyone celebrating tomorrow.

  4. SEMI 2 PREDICTION (For the moment):
    And one out of: Cyprus, Malta or Montenegro

    15.Czech R
    16.San Marino

    • It’s gonna be Montenegro or Cyprus ir both.Poland,Iceland and Ireland are in the danger zone.The rehearsals will tell us more.

      • Ireland will score 2-8 in semi. It’s a definite qualifier for me!
        For the others I could agree

        • Well,2 to 8 isn’t much of a prediction.lol
          2nd is a contender to win the semi while 8th is a borderline qualifer.Ireland puzzles me.I can see it 5th or 6th with a good performance but also failing to qualify if it’s like what we see in the Irish final.

    • I literally agree 100% with your NQ, and out of the three qualifiers i would say Malta, as there have been….allegations that Malta have been doing vote trading with eastern countries meaning they always do surprisingly well in tele voting, This years song is very weak so if it does well in juries then it will all but confirm it, but its a very western semi final so hopefully there won’t be enough countries for Malta to do business with but with my own musical taste i would pick Montenegro :P and tbh i would pick anything but Malta!

  5. Al the brother and sister countries.

  6. Easier to predict than the first semi, by far.

    Definite qualifiers: Norway, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Slovenia, Poland and Lithuania.

    Borderline: Iceland, Latvia, Ireland and Cyprus. The last two will probably split the slow-ballad vote.

    Latvia in particular are worrying me from what Aminata said in this interview: http://www.esc-plus.com/aminata-i-wont-change-the-performance-as-it-was-in-the-latvian-selection-latvia-2015-exclusive-interview/

    11th: Malta, but just by a hair.
    12th: Montenegro
    13th: Czech Republic (although the live staging could save it)
    14th: Switzerland
    15th: Israel
    16th: Portugal
    17th: San Marino

  7. I am only writing my prediction, cause I think I might be the only one that dont think Lithuania will qualify :P

    1. Sweden
    2. Azerbaijan
    3. Slovenia
    4. Norway
    5. Iceland
    6. Israel
    7. Latvia
    8. Ireland
    9. Cyprus
    10. Montenegro/ everyone else haha ^^

  8. I just saw the results of the first preview show in Iceland.They loved Finland,Armenia and Belgium and hated Greece,the Netherlands and Moldova.

  9. Hello from Sydney on a sunny Sunday morning….
    Firstly, thank you to everyone at ET for making the lead-up to Eurovision so much fun-with all of the polls and artist updates.

    Here are my predictions for a tough semi:

    1. Azerbaijan
    2. Norway
    3. Sweden
    4. Slovenia
    5. Montenegro
    6. Iceland
    7 Cyprus
    8. Latvia
    9. Lithuania
    10.Ireland (preferred) or maybe Poland

  10. Can I also add that I really like the Israel & Greek entries and would love them to qualify (maybe in place of Lithuania)….you can see I’m struggling with lots of good songs in this semi.

  11. This one will be a bloodbath and I don’t have a clue here either. Out of the hopeless cases I would like to see Portugal qualifying because of the fantastic first 45 seconds.

  12. This one is a little easier to predict than the first, but still tough.

    1. Sweden
    2. Azerbaijan
    3. Norway
    4. Poland
    5. Latvia
    6. Slovenia
    7. Iceland
    8. Lithuania
    9. Montenegro
    10. Cyprus
    11. Israel
    12. Ireland
    13. Switzerland
    14. Malta
    15. Czech Republic
    16. Portugal
    17. San Marino

  13. Sweden,Norway,Azerbaijan and Slovenia are sure qualifiers
    Malta has 75% chances but it depends on her performance.I also think that Czech Republic will qualify this year as well and of course Iceland.I don’t think Cyprus will be the suprise qualifier (Switzerland will be the suprise qualifier in my opinion)

    While the songs from Latvia and Lithuania probably stay in semi

    Here’s my ten qualifiers(in no particular order)
    Czech Republic
    I am not sure if its gonna be either Ireland or Montenegro (Montenegro has more chances though)

  14. 01: Sweden
    02: Azerbaijan
    03: Slovenia
    04: Norway
    05: Israel
    06: Latvia
    07: Iceland
    08: Lithuania
    09: Montenegro
    10: Switzerland

    This semi was a little easier to predict than the first one. Malta was a very close 11th and Poland may also finish higher than expected with their good draw.

  15. This by far stronger semi :)

  16. I have had such a huge response to this poll I think I will end the poll at 16:00 to get the results to you quicker

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