Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final One

pollEurovision 2015 – In about 5 weeks time the Eurovision Semi Finals will be here and he will see who will be in, and who will be out. However we like to make predictions here and we know you do too so I have of course have a survey for you. Read on to vote…

The first Semi Final will see sixteen semi finalists competing for each others votes as well as the votes from Australia, Austria, France and Spain.

These are in order of performance…

Moldova –  Eduard Romanyuta “I Want Your Love”
Armenia – Genealogy “Face the Shadow”
Belgium Loïc Nottet “Rhythm Inside”
Netherlands – Trijntje Oosterhuis “Walk Along”
Finland – Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät “Aina mun pitää”
Greece – Maria Elena Kyriakou “One Last Breath”
Estonia – Elina Born & Stig Rästa “Goodbye to Yesterday”
Macedonia – Daniel Kajmakoski “Autumn Leaves”
Serbia – Bojana Stamenov “Beauty Never Lies”
Hungary – Boggie “Wars for Nothing”
Belarus – Uzari & Maimuna “Time”
Russia – Polina Gagarina “A Million Voices”
Denmark – Anti Social Media “The Way You Are”
Albania – Elhaida Dani “I’m Alive”
Romania – Voltaj “De la Capăt”
Georgia – Nina Sublatti “Warrior”

You’ve heard all the songs and show know them all pretty well by now but some songs can easily be forgotten so you can hear the songs on this YouTube Playlist below…

You can allocate your points by clicking the link HERE

The results will be shown at some point in the coming week and a poll for Semi Final Two will be coming very shortly… Please vote for who you THINK will qualify and not who you WANT to qualify. E.g You hate Finland but think they will qualify 3rd place so you will give them 8pts.

Edit: The response to the poll has been immense with over 100 responses on it already. I will close the poll at 16:00CET 12/04/2015 in order to get you the results quicker.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

40 comments on “Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final One

  1. Difficult to predict.

    Sure qualifiers: Belgium, Estonia, Russia, Romania and Georgia. Unlikely to qualify: Finland, Macedonia and Serbia. I haven’t got a clue about the rest.

  2. I don’t think Romania will qualify despite them being popular normally.. The UK aren’t voting in this Semi and there is a lot of Diaspora here

    I think Finland will qualify with ease just because of the message they are there to give.

    • Romania: Spain are voting in this semi, plus they also have Moldova.

      Finland: may or may not do well in the televoting, especially if the protest votes go that way, but I think the juries will slaughter it.

  3. I don’t have the slightest clue.

  4. This is one of the weakest semi finals I can remember.

  5. SEMI 1 PREDICTION – I am being bold here:

    • I think you’ll get 7 or 8 out of 10 at best. :D

      • I remember you saying the same when I was predicting Estonia out last year…
        And people were saying Netherlands would struggle to qualify last year because of lack of allies in semi and I was like “It is a gem, it will be appreciated, you’ll see…”

      • So except from Belgium which I can’t get at the moment, which one is the other I am not predicting through? Hungary?

        • You were also predicting qualification for Latvia,Moldova and Portugal if i remember correctly.lol

          • Latvia was my 10th and Iceland got through in a similar genre.
            Moldova: I was saying it will rank bottom 3 despite the Soviet oriented semi, so u must be confusing me with someone else. I never Predicted Portugal through either.
            I was among the few predicting Slovenia in and Lithuania out (despite the 3 years strike of qualification)

            • Didn’t you get 8 out of 10 in your prediction for the first semi?

            • I just checked:
              Semi 1 : I got 8/10
              Missed San Marino and Iceland (was predicting Latvia and Belgium)
              Semi 2 : I got 9/10 Was predicting Israel over Belarus. I was among the very few saying Ireland will fail even before rehearsals…when people were overhyping it…

            • I got the same scores with a slightly different prediction if my memory serves me correctly.

            • I don’t remember tbh. But noone predicted more than 17/20 last year that’s for sure!

        • Hungary,Finland even FYROM can have its shot with a strong live.

  6. Greece, Romania and Russia have never missed a final. Will it happen now?

    I think Hungary will be big in jury voting and Finland in televoting (they will on the other hand crash with the juries). It’s terribly hard to predict this, I’d say, and after San Marino 2014 it feels like everything is possible, lol

  7. I don’t have a clue but voted anyway. :)

  8. Okay, this is what I came up with. While I’m fairly confident the top seven will qualify, the rest are all borderline and will depend on the live performances.

    1. Estonia
    2. Russia
    3. Romania
    4. Georgia
    5. Belgium
    6. Finland
    7. Albania
    8. Greece
    9. Macedonia
    10. Hungary
    11. Belarus
    12. Denmark
    13. Armenia
    14. Moldova
    15. Netherlands
    16. Serbia

    • Serbia won’t come last. 12 pts from Macedonia and 10 from Austria … plus some minor points.

      • People said there was no way they would miss the final in 2013, and look what happened. Plus, they’re singing in English this time too.

        It’s obviously not a lock at this stage, but I do think Serbia are in real trouble this year. And 15 points (still a decent amount) isn’t enough to keep you from last place these days…

  9. While everybody predicts that Finland will do well in televoting and might even qualify i believe that it will come last or second to last in that semi
    I think that Belarus will flop live just like his NF performance

  10. 01: Russia
    02: Estonia
    03: Belgium
    04: Georgia
    05: Armenia
    06: Romania
    07: Denmark
    08: Greece
    09: Belarus
    10: Albania

    This semi final was super hard to predict. I may have put Belgium too high. A lot of it depends on the live performance on that one. I could easily see how they could fail to qualify also. Netherlands is high on my personal list but they were number 11 in my prediction. I hope I am wrong on that as I would like the Dutch to continue their run of finals.

  11. Here are my my thoughts on this Semi-overall, I like the songs in Semi 2 more, but there are some gems here as well, and it’s harder to predict….

    1. Estonia
    2. Belgium
    3. Russia
    4. Hungary
    5. Georgia
    6. Greece
    7. Romania
    8. Macedonia
    9. Albania
    10. Moldova

  12. Wish Estonia, Armenia, Belgium, Georgia, FYR of Macedonia, Netherlands qualify here!

  13. My fave in this semi is Greece..i think she won’t have problem…i love color of her vocal, it’s so warm and nice..it has a bit of that “sand’ in the voice I like to listen to. :)
    the second one for me is Estonia and it’s obvious fave, not only to qualify but to win the whole competition..
    Then comes The Netherlands for me, i also think she will do it..but who knows..I like that song, vocals are strong, composition is fine, it’s combination of modern and retro.. :)
    The others I’d love and like to see in the final are (in this order):
    4. Russia – what a vocal, I’m speechless, and she oozes class, I saw her performance of her entry live in Vienna few days ago and she has blown me away, her singing has some echo, it was brilliant..
    5. Belgium – really modern and alternative, I like it..
    6. Macedonia – i just love that singer, he won X factor and he really has that X factor, he is AWESOME.. :)
    7. Armenia – quality and interesting
    8. Finland – different and brave
    9. Belarus – I Iike melody, it’s catchy and performance can be really good
    10. Georgia – grown on me, her live performance in Riga few days ago is fantastic..energetic, live, singing is marvelous..

  14. I’d also like to see Serbia qualifying cause voting will be more interesting to me, but song is middle of the road..

    • Hi Marko ! You like Greece this year? That sounds like the kiss of death for us :P
      Hope u are doing fine! ;)

      • hahah yes I like Greece..but why kiss of death? recently I’m doing fine with songs in ESC, my faves do quite OK.. :)

        • Hopefully :p
          Do u have any favourites this year?
          We are kinda running an ET jury ranking this year. If u like we can add your votes too ! Just post your top 10 for both semis! :)

          • Of course I have faves..I posted for the first semi above..that is my ranking for the first semi..I will post for the second semi now:
            1. Slovenia
            2. Switzerland
            3. Azerbaijan
            4. Israel
            5. Latvia
            6. Poland
            7. Cyprus
            8. Sweden
            9. Malta
            10. Ireland

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