Norway: Meet Mørland & Debrah Scarlett

NorwayNorway – Following the success of Carl Epsen reaching the Top 10 for Norway last year, Mørland & Debrah Scarlett have been selected in the hope of bringing the Eurovision Trophy back to Oslo. Mørland & Debrah Scarlett will be singing their entry “A Monster Like Me” in the second semi final

Song: “A Monster Like Me”
Composers: Kjetil Mørland

About Mørland & Debrah Scarlett:
Thirty-Four year old Kjetil Mørland was born in Grimstad, Norway but moved to London in the United Kingdom where he founded the band Absent Elk in 2008. Their album “Caught In The Headlights” was produced by Toby Smith of Jamiroquai and their single “Sun & Water” got national rotation on British Radio. They also managed to support Girls Aloud and The Script on tours around the UK. Last year Mørland moved back to Oslo to work on his debut solo album.
Debrah Scarlett was born in Hakadal, Norway but moved to Switzerland at the age of 5 but in 2013 moved back to Norway to take part in the The Voice where she finished second place.

Mørland & Debrah Scarlett

Mørland & Debrah Scarlett won the right to represent Norway when they won the national final NGP. They beat off ten other singers including their fellow super-finalists Staysman & Lazz, Tor & Bettan and Erlend Bratland. Norway are currently sitting well in the odds at 8th place.

(Taken from eurovision.tv)
Honey, I’m telling the truth
I did something terrible in my early youth
My mind went blank, I lost control
I was just a little boy, I did not know
I better let you go…

To find the prince you thought you found in me
I better set you free and give you up
Just wave and say goodbye and let you live
Without a monster like me
Honey, what am I to you
Now I have pulled the trigger on this awful truth
Oh hold me now, cause I’m burning up
Sing me something beautiful, just make it stop
I better let you go…

To find the prince you thought you found in me
I better set you free and give you up
Just wave and say goodbye and let you live
Without a monster like me

Mørland & Debrah Scarlett on Social Media:
Mørland Twitter: @kjetilmorland
Mørland Facebook: Link
Mørland Website: Link
Debrah Scarlett Twitter: @DebrahScarlett
Debrah Scarlett Facebook: Link
Debrah Scarlett Website: Link

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34 comments on “Norway: Meet Mørland & Debrah Scarlett

  1. I hate this song…. It’s murder to my ears. Bottom of my list.

    I absolutely love her hair though

  2. best song ever in eurovision , masterpiece, beautiful song

  3. This is one of the best songs ever in the contest. I love everything about it. And Norway is quickly becoming my favorite eurovision country. I also loved “I feed you my love” and then last year they gave us Linnea Dale’s “High hopes”. And now this and the song by Karin Park.

  4. It’s a masterpiece that will probably be totally ignored by televoters (just like Norway 14) simply because it’s cough* “boring”.
    Prediction : 4-8 in semi, 11-18 in Final!
    Good luck to the country that has sent 3 great songs in a row!

    • I don’t think we should underestimate tele voters. Last year they rewarded songs and simplicity. I don’t see why that couldn’t happen again this year.

  5. I really like Norway this year. :)

  6. Potential #1 on my 2015 list.

  7. My number 1 this year, one of the few ESC entries I’m not embarassed to show to my non-ESC friends :p

  8. A nice duet ballad, which falls a bit the last chorus when they are starting to shout more than sing. With the right performance in Vienna, it could get a quite good score on my personal list. In the Norwegian final, it was my third after Karin Park and Tor & Bettan (!).

    Good luck!

  9. It has been growing on me, but it is also very depressive and pessimistic which is my main issue with it. But it is very intense, and this is why I have it 6th. It is very likely to get my vote in May.

  10. Lol!This is a funny article that tries to explain to foreigners what the Greek Easter is all about :D http://www.lifo.gr/lifoland/you-send-it/64250

    • And yes,the fact about the holy light arriving from Jerusalem in a private plane is true. :/ It gets a Head of State arrival ceremony.

  11. It’s a nice enough song, but it’s not outstanding. The NF performance wasn’t up to scratch vocally or visually and the lyrics are aggressively dumb.

    Still, it’s positive qualities are enough for this to be in my lower top ten, and that’s also where I expect to see it rank in the final.

  12. I quite like this song, but there’s something in the known live performance that does not work; the vocals are not stellar and it comes across as a tad pretentious.

  13. Excellent as usual from my country, Norway :D

  14. Great song Norway, for the second year in a row Norway is sending my favourite song. I’m sure the juries will like it but let’s hope the televoters go for an understated performance. Lykke til Norge

  15. Wow, this has really grown on me and now I love it! It’s such a seething slowburner, But perhaps that will be its downfall. In a show where possibly the majority of viewers will only hear your song once or twice, can you afford to be a grower?

    I love how after the second chorus it drops down into a very subdued interlude before THE BEST DRUM BREAK OF THE CONTEST and then WOOOMPH! the most enormous finish imaginable. I just know after a few Bucks Fizzes on the night I’ll be air-drumming my tits off.

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