Have Your Video Shown in the Grand Final

eurovision logoEurovision 2015 – This year’s Song Contest has the slogan ‘Building Bridges’, and it’s an event connecting people all over the world. Now, fans can make ‘video bridges’ across cultures, borders and time zones – and become part of the final show itself.

A flying snowball from Iceland to Australia, someone from Ireland frightening an Italian with a bucket of ice water, or a proposal of marriage across the continent…Austrian broadcaster ORF is looking for original video connections between two people in different countries.

The best and most creative entries will be selected by the editors and broadcast in the Final of the Song Contest – to around 200 million viewers.

video bridging


1. Contact friends or acquaintances abroad you’d like to „build bridges“ with. Do you share an idea for a video? Or connect with someone who already has the first part of a ‘video bridge’ out.

2. Film the first part – ideally before a typical background, like a tourist attraction, in the mountains or at the sea.

3. Ask your partner to continue the video – and as accurately as possible to consider the connecting locations.

4. Load the uncompressed videos (both parts separately) onto the ORF platform video.ORF.at and enter all of your contact details.

For the videos to be used in the Song Contest show, please note some technical details:

• Film your entry in the best possible quality of your mobile phone or your camera (ideally, Full HD 1920 x 1080, 16: 9)

• Avoid pans and jerking; film your ‘video bridge’ as much as possible without camera movements.

• To facilitate the Eurovision Song Contest editors’ assembly, leave about ten seconds of buffer time at the beginning and at the end of all videos.

• Do not use additional background music.

• Send the video directly from your phone to video.ORF.at or transfer the finished files from your phone or via cable from the camera to the computer. Please do not use tools: WhatsApp compresses videos automatically, thus reducing the video quality.

• To check, you can assemble both videos into a finished „video bridge“ – but for submission it‘s not necessary.

• Last day to send your videos is April 30th.

Check out an example of video bridging here.

Have fun building bridges. Be creative!

40 comments on “Have Your Video Shown in the Grand Final

  1. It’s a nice idea but not for me. I hate being photographed or being the centre of attention. That’s one of the reasons why I go on a holiday over my birthday whenever work allows me to get away. And what happened in my B&B in Rhodes last year? My birthday fell on my 2nd night there, and they organised a surprise party in the garden. They had invited friends I had never seen before who hugged me. I even got a big birthday cake. Of course everyone took photographs. LOL Those Greeks. Fantastic! :)

  2. We should do a Eurovision Times one!

    • That’s a great idea imo. ET has people from many different countries commenting. Plus it is the only international fan blog with a sense of community I know. If only we had more women commenting here. We only have you, Jade, mermaid and rosalina … and some on and offs like Lina or Phyll …

    • sounds like a fun idea! I could ask around media/journalist circle here to see how it could work, there are lots of creative people! I see myself showing off Barcelona Gaudí architecture which is obviously so representative of my city something like Beth 2003 in preview video type of thing, then I’d throw a “butifarra” (Catalan sausage) to our dear neighbours (France or Portugal) and if there is a lack of women involved as suggested, I could drag up , have been known in the past to do a good Jackie O impersonation in my earlier years :-)

      • I officially appoint you creative director! We need ideas for what we can all do. Do people literally have bridges in their cities they could film themselves jumping on and off the end of?

        • all bridges in Paris are over the Seine, so no :p

          i think we should have an ET logo print in ours too! i guess we could do sight seeing, like im in front of the eiffel tower, i show ET, pass it around off screen and someone like you seems to “recieve” it in front of your Leicester famous place (sorry I dont know anything except for the Tigers lol) and so on trough ET regulars?

          • Sounds like a great idea … except for … I hate being filmed even more than being photographed. Are we allowed to waer a burqa? ;) (Wearing them is still legal in Germany.) Wearing one would add to the proportion of ET women too …

            Hulluna could choose Richard II’s bones … ;)

        • I would be more than happy to try that with my contacts but I need to know if you are happy to go with the bridge idea or something else before I go ahead with the idea, in journalism we need to know what basis we are working on that equals a truthful outcome

        • thus I will try with my contacts here, never say never can’t guarantee anything here in Barcelona!


  3. Me in a Western Swedish spruce forest, throwing away a cone to someone in Slovenia…

  4. I will try to hand a couple of pillars to someone in Austria – if I can make it work.

  5. The Eurovision version of Italy 2015:

    • It gives me those winning vibes atm!

      • I agree! Sweden won’t win so early especially with such an average song and Estonia is underwhelming live to capture the audience (like HUNGARY 14).
        Albania, Australia, Norway, Latvia and Netherlands were the other songs I remember appealing to me on 1st listening but I can only imagine the first two troubling the top 8!
        Ireland, Lithuania could be the dark horses of the year.
        Slovenia and Belgium could go the wrong way.
        Iceland will qualify against all odds
        and Finland will flop (hopefully)

        • I agree on Ireland.It’s a song that can make people and juries vote for it(like Belgium 10 or Malta 13)BUT Molly needs to step up her whole performance because she can easily flop(like Sweden 2010).Better vocals but mainly more stage charisma.
          Albania could end up around 8-13.The Netherlands won’t do that well,imo.I fear that she’ll struggle to qualify.I see Lithuania somewhere between 12th and 16th atm.Slovenia and Belgium will reach top-10,imo with Slovenia doing better.Latvia can do well.It’s a performance and voice that can’t go unnoticed.Australia is overrated,imo.Finland will qualify but i have no clue how well it can do in the final.Don’t forget about Russia and Azerbaijan.Italy,Sweden and Estonia are the main contenders atm.

          • I was talking about my initial instinct while listening to the songs for the first time! Belgium top 10? I seriously doubt it for the moment. Russia top 10 for sure. Azerbaijan top 15? I think you underrate Albania…

            • Why not?If Roberto was able to reach top-12 then why not Loic?

            • Roberto was a very special case! Loic looks very arrogant someone people can’t relate to or will not be willing to award for fragile factors like Roberto

            • Well,Roberto didn’t do that well with televoting anyway.I’m underestimating Albania?Ok.She has the voice and with the stage charisma she can do well?But how well do you see them doing?Top-5?

            • Lower top 10, more likely 6-10

      • I’m personally hoping for Estonia, but an Italian win is not impossible. It is not among my favourites, but I can understand why a lot of people like it.

        I also think Georgia could reach a lot further than the bookies think. It is very effective….

        • I agree that with a strong performance Georgia could reach top-10(a bold prediction).
          While i recognize Estonia’s merits,i can’t really warm up to the whole song-performance.It sounds calculated and looks cold.I can’t relate to it.

          • Did u watch this?

            She was good and improved her accent!

            • No,i haven’t watched it yet.Thanks!I told ya she’s a great live performer.Now,the shot for the top-10 looks more realistic. :!:

            • Hmmmm….Very bold prediction ftm

            • You seem to underestimate the warrior princess from the Caucasus… ;)

            • No I am not. Despite ranking her #30 on my lists, not only I predict she will most probably qualify but she will also rank around #11-15 in the Final. Top 10 seems a very far stretched scenario for such an enervating song though :P

    • NDR’s ‘experts’ in the 2nd songcheck show think that it will be between Sweden, Italy, Estonia and Slovenia. They hope for Georgia though. :)

      • I like Georgia too but i don’t think it could win.I agree on their prediction with Slovenia most likely between 4 and 10.

  6. and in the meantime, ok tried my best people power :-)

  7. so we are where? here? following such stuff?

  8. Monika&Vaidas interviewed by esckaz(tonight it’s the Riga esc event).They’ll keep their stage performance quite simple because they want to keep the feeling of their national final performance and focus on their chemistry on stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFphMV8nCWY

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