Armenia: First Part of Postcard Shoot Completed

armeniaArmenia – Armenian supergroup, and this year’s Eurovision representative, Genealogy, has been captured in the 2015 postcard. The postcard carries the idea of “Building bridges” and will be presented right before Armenia’s entry at the Eurovision Song Contest.

In the postcard Genealogy members are receiving a surprise package from Eurovision organizers with invitation to Austria. Members of the band are opening it and looking inside. What exactly the participants find in the package will be revealed in the next scene that will be shot in Vienna. Organisers are still keeping it secret.

Following the Armenian Public TV Company’s suggestion, the shooting took place in one of Armenia’s picturesque places – in Dilijan. The shooting has been conducted by the team arrived from Austria.

Genealogy armenia 2015 postcard

Tamar said “the process was incredible, we had a great time. So what we did is Essai picked up the box, it had a ribbon on it and the rest of us would come around him and we would open it and act like “ohh, surprise!”

Essai added “maybe we did it 20 times the same scene because he needed it, so every time we would open the box we would find something – some money, a plastic card, a knife or even a cellphone with a turned on camera on video mode to capture our emotions.”

Mary-Jean said “ I had so much fun. It was really relaxed to shoot this clip for Eurovision and it was surprising each time that we filmed. We had a surprise each time…”

Vahe said “we shot the postcard in a very picturesque place that actually, totally looks like a postcard. It is amazing, I enjoyed it.”


5 comments on “Armenia: First Part of Postcard Shoot Completed

  1. Love Dilijan !! It’s my favorite city in Armenia!! It’s my summer hometown :))

    And good for AMPTV for shuting postcard out of Yerevan !! The first time they did it was in 2013 ! Dorians shut their postcard in Geghard monastry eich has great interior drcorations :

  2. I really like the Armenian song but I always do. I haven’t hated an Armenian song yet.

  3. When I start to like oue entry I tell me stop Avat it is just because you are biased! Anyways there is something in the video along with the instrumental that has goosebumps effect on me it’s between 2:17-2:27 when chairs of big family get empty along with duduk sounds! It had very emmotional impact on me and I started to lose adequancy catching the idea of the video! So I avoid of speaking about my opinion about the song! I also think the instrumental of “Don’t Deny” is going to be one of the best ones in this edition!

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