TEKO 2015: Results of Heat 14!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2015 – The votes have been counted in Heat 14 of The Eurovision Knockout 2015!  This heat saw Slovenia and Israel go head to head. There was a clear winner in this heat but will the second place country win a second chance?  

Results of Heat 14:

Slovenia 43%
Israel 57%

So it’s Israel’s Nadav Guedj singing ‘Golden boy‘ who wins a place in the next round! Slovenia should get another chance though in the second chance round which is coming soon…

43 comments on “TEKO 2015: Results of Heat 14!

  1. I thought Slovenia was one of the big favorites.

  2. yes ESC voting will obviously say the opposite, and would declare Slovenia , the winner of ESC 2015, such is the voting here..

  3. :-o :'(

  4. Oh my… They select an outright badly written song that could have been a semi final left-out in 2005 over a charming, well-crafted pop tune…

  5. So by my reckoning, we’ll see Greece v Belgium v FYR Macedonia in one 2nd chance, and Malta v Ireland v Slovenia in the 2nd…

  6. oh hang on, no, Spain v Belgium v FYR Macedonia plus Malta v Ireland v Slovenia. Will go and idiot check the numbers now!

  7. Seriously, Israel?
    I do enjoy the song, I’m half Israeli so I do have a soft spot for my country’s song, but how the hell could they win against Slovenia?
    Moreover, I don’t think Israel will even get close to Slovenia on the scoreboard in May.
    I actually don’t expect to see Israel on the scoreboard at all!

  8. I am among the very few who don’t predict top 5 for Slovenia this year (I am more like #8-13 in Final) but losing to Israel, seriously?

    • I don’t even think Slovenia will make the left hand side of the scoreboard. Its just one of the those songs loved by fans but will FAIL in the end, i would nearly have it a non-qualifier but ORF of course have done there level best to make sure there is 0 chance of it not qualify by giving them a position in the running order where they will stand out the most.

      • I think Slovenia might do worse then predicted too, so this poll is quite interesting.

        • I agree!, i get the feeling it will be same heart 2.0. Majority of fans said that was a dead certain qualifier swell and look what happened. I showed all the songs of semi final 1 to my family who are basically your average viewer every year and it ranked 14th out of 17 songs in the second semi.

          • Or that could be Israel this year, again.

            • No because Israel this year is just a guilty pleasure song that we all know doesn’t stand a chance of qualifying, Israeli entries are usually hyped up every year by fans ( no disrespect intended at all but its true) “Golden Boy” i think will end up like the trackshittaz from 2012 which was very similar in terms of fan support, a guilty pleasure songs that most people hand around the fringes of qualifying if not qualified…and then it came dead last in the semi which of course shocked everyone ( including me i must admit). as for Slovenia i just simply can’t see it happening, if I’m good at anything it is distinguishing between a Fanw@nk and an actual favourite, this song is option 1 without a doubt because as i said I’ve should to a lot of non esc fans and they were unimpressed.

  9. I thought Slovenia would win this one but I was an Israel voter… I love Golden Boy. More my taste than the Slovenian song but I still like the Slovenian song

  10. Love both of these, and glad Slovenia is getting a 2nd chance.

  11. if voting here ends up like this for whatever reason, and as Slovenia should clearly be the winner here and will be in ESC of course, as much as Isreali song is a dancy kind of hit in various regions, I won’t be voting or commenting here anymore..

  12. Yaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

  13. I’m sure Slovenia will do quite well!! I have made an ESC survey among my family members and friends! Italy and Slovenia were leading! Surprisingly UK was liked to!

  14. Painful heat, but I love both songs.

    Result was unexpected, but I trust Maraaya’s ability to get a second chance.

  15. my only saving grace here is that Israel will drop like a stone in ESC and Slovenia will be at least top 5, such things are meant to be outside this kind of voting..

  16. Another nice song from Aminata:

  17. Weird results this year imo. Anyone had a go on ESC Nation’s 2015 simulator? The bridges are nice but Moldova won my first try LOL!

    • escnation scoreboard is absolutely bonkers, and gets more so each year.
      I clicked use current betting odds and include political voting in televote, and sat through San Marino and Portugal fighting it out to the death until Portugal finally won with about 135 points to San Marino’s 132. Sweden, the current betting odds favourite and founding member of the Nordic block didn’t even make the final!

      • ‘Totally Bonkers’
        Agreed. Sweden didn’t make it on my first try either. Did a bit of tweaking on the second go and Italy, Sweden and Norway battled it out.Italy won.Still, it can be quite fun. :)

    • I gave it a go too. I went for “Current winning odds” and “Diaspora patterns”. .As usual I got a rather weird outcome. No Belgium or Slovenia in the final.

      Top10: Rom 194, Swe 185, Cze 182, Mkd 173, Alb 170, Rus 147, Hun 128, Lit 126, Geo 124.
      Bottom 5: Fra 3, Aut 3, Ger 1, Esp 0, Aus 0 !!! :P

  18. I stand by my opinions of Slovenia (40th)

  19. I also had a go at the ESC scoreboard. It was very close and the winning country only got 1st place in the final round of voting from Ireland.

    Top 10:
    1. Latvia 235
    2. Macedonia 228
    3. Estonia 199
    4. Armenia 199
    5. Moldova 192
    6. Serbia 162
    7. Romania 156
    8. Belgium 149
    9. Russia 120
    10. Spain 102

    Bottom 5:
    23. UK 9
    24. Italy 5
    25. Austria 2
    26. Australia 0
    27. Slovenia 0

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