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Slove’n’aid: Former Eurovision Stars Join Supergroup

Slove’n’aidSlove’n’aid – Four former Slovenian Eurovision participants, Darja Švajger, Eva Boto, Nuša Derenda and Omar Naber, have taken part in a new Slovenian supergroup to promote Slovenia’s International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.

Slove’n’aid is the first official Slovenian “band aid” supergroup featuring 16 established Slovenian artists. The group has recently released a video for their new song ‘En svet’ (One World), with the aim to raise awareness and promote Slovenia’s Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.

Slove’n’aid features some of the most popular musicians in the country, including Alya, Andraž Hribar, Darja Švajger, Eva Boto, Eva Černe, Eva Hren, Jana Šušteršič, Katja Koren, Manca Špik, Nejc Lombardo, Nuša Derenda, Omar Naber, Skupina Gadi and Vlado Pilja.

eva botaPhoto of Eva Bota by Maruša Pirnat

Members of Slove’n’aid are no strangers to Eurovision, as Darja Švajger (Dublin, 1995; Jerusalem, 1999), Eva Boto (Baku, 2012), Nuša Derenda (Kopenhagen, 2001) and Omar Naber (Kiev, 2005) have all represented the Alpine-Mediterranean country in the contest. Katja Koren has sung background vocals for Slovenia three times (in 2006 with Anžej Dežan, in 2011 with Maja Keuc and in 2012 with Eva Boto) and many others have taken part in EMA, the Slovenian national Eurovision selection, over the past few years (among them, Alya holds the absolute record having participated in EMA six times between 2003 and 2015).

The song ‘En svet’ (One World) was written and produced by Žiga Pirnat, who co-wrote Time to Rise in the Irish Eurosong 2008, Shine in the Ukrainian Eurovision in 2010 and Twilight in the Romanian Eurovision in 2012. The last two songs were co-written by Andraž Gliha who also produced the video for ‘En svet’.


The project was supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is part of the European Year of Development 2015 focused projects in Slovenia. Its aim is to promote Slovenia’s Development Cooperation, the official development assistance, which the country allocates to support the economic, social, political and environmental development of developing countries.

Check out the official Facebook page here.

Slove’n’aid banner

Source: Directorate for International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
Photos: Maruša Pirnat

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