Eurovision 2015: TV Talent Shows and Eurovision

RealityEurovision – With the ever growing popularity of TV Talent Shows across Europe, we are starting to see a record amount of Eurovision Acts coming from these shows. Artists exposure on these shows help them get selected in the National Finals and this year has the most Alumni’s than ever.

Currently there are four mainstream TV Talent Shows with exceptional popularity across Europe and this year we have definitely seen a surge of contestants from these series of shows. A lot of countries are starting to use The Voice in particular to seek out their entries with The X Factor being just as a popular route.

Although the prizes of these shows does not include the right to represent in Eurovision, their exposure on these shows does help in getting them the backing of the public.

Pop Idol

Pop Idol

Pop Idol started in 2001 in the UK where it lasted for two series. Although the show did not last long in its originated country, Pop Idol had many series in countries all across Europe including Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Norway, Estonia and France.

Pop Idol is not a wide-spread TV show across Europe these days… only Estonia, Sweden, France, Norway, Germany and Portugal still produce the show today. Three of this years acts started their career on Pop Idol in their respective countries.

AustraliaGuy Sebastian (2003 Winner)
GeorgiaNina Sublatti (2013 Winner)
SwedenMåns Zelmerlöw (2005 5th Place)

Got Talent

Got Talent

Another TV Talent Show of British Origin, Got Talent started in 2005 and aims to find talent of all varieties such as Singing, Dancing, Comedy and has even seen Dogs win the show. Got Talent has been shown in a total of thirty-five countries across Europe since the shows conception and is till shown in 26 of them.

Bojana Stamenov of Serbia is the only entry to hail from “Got Talent” when she came fourth in 2012 however the runner-up in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen was also from this show… Jon Henrik Fjällgren who won the show in 2014. Back in 2008, Norway Runner up Erlend Bratland also won the show.

The X Factor

X Factor

The X Factor, yet another British Series started in 2003 replacing Pop Idol. Since then the show, where already established singers and producers mentor a group of singers in the aim of winning the overall series, has been shown in twenty-four European Countries. This year we saw a lot of X Factor Alumni in the selection process including Macedonian Rep Daniel Kajmakoski.

GermanyMrs Greenbird (2012 Winners)
FYR MacedoniaDaniel Kajmakoski (2014 Winner)
HungaryKati Wolf (2012 Sixth)
HungarySpoon (2014 Sixth)
RomaniaTudor Turcu (2012 Winner)
MoldovaKitty Brucknell (2011 Seventh X Factor UK)

The Voice

The Voice

The Voice, originating in The Netherlands has become the biggest TV Talent Shows across Europe and over the past few years we have seen plenty of hopefuls coming from past editions of the Voice. Thirty countries in Europe are currently airing their own versions of The Voice This year we have a record year of The Voice contestants representing their nations at the contest in May.

AlbaniaElhaida Dani (2103 Winner of The Voice of Italy)
AzerbaijanElnur Hüseynov (2014 Winner of The Voice of Turkey)
BelgiumLoïc Nottet (2014 Second)
GreeceMaria Elena Kyriakou (2014 Winner)
PortugalLeonor Andrade (2014)
United KingdomBianca Nicholas of Electro Velvet (2014 Blinds)


Rising StarRising Star
Rising Star is the newcomer of the bunch and originated from Israel where it is known as HaKokhav HaBa. The shows concept has been bought by various TV broadcasters in Europe but it is yet to reach the success levels of The Voice. It is only shown in France, Germany, Hungary and Portugal within Europe with new seasons starting in Turkey, Greece, Italy and Russia this year. The United Kingdom were going to buy it but the BBC cancelled it shortly after the announcement.

Israel’s representitive Nadav Guedj was selected via this method this year but if he succeeds in qualifying for Israel, perhaps other countries will follow suit in selecting their entrant in the future.

Star FactoryFame Academy
Fame Academy or Operación Triunf as it is known in Spain where it originated is a rather old TV talent shown which is no longer shown in European Countries. Fame Academy as it was known in the United Kingdom or Star Factory as it is known in the USA and France has it’s contestants living in a house where they are taught by coaches each week. At the end of each week the contestants would perform live and one knocked out until a winner was determined.

This year sees two finalists who found fame from this TV show more than ten years ago but as the show is no longer shown in Europe any future acts we’ll see from the franchise would have had fame a long time since taking part.

SpainEdurne (2005 Sixth)
RussiaPolina Gagarina (2003 Winner)


The Voice is the major player at the moment and whereas countries like the UK are against using finalists from The Voice to do Eurovision, other countries are embracing their winners. Rising Star is becoming a successful show Europe-wide with more countries taking it on it would not be surprising to see more artists coming from this format too.

Do you think countries should start giving Eurovision rights to the winners of shows such as The Voice and Rising Star? It provides the best of both worlds by allowing the public decide on who to send whilst allowing the broadcaster to pick the song. A possible winning formula?

18 comments on “Eurovision 2015: TV Talent Shows and Eurovision

  1. And here is the Rising Star winner of Israel performing his esc entry live for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RJhTVGlP4Y
    Even though,the quality is bad,i think he sounds good and he has stage charisma.

  2. Don’t really know about the rest of the world, but here in Greece the majority of the participants of all these so called …talent shows are not very… talented.

  3. I was watching some of Elnur Hüseynov’s performances in Turkey’s Voice earlier today, it’s interesting seeing them do all sorts of different songs.

  4. Happy Easter to everyone celebrating tomorrow :)

  5. This is a very informative article for a guy like me who does not follow talent shows. Thanks a lot, Jade … I didn’t know that there were so many different formats out there. LOL

    For ESC I like a good mix of established artists and newcomers best but at the end of the day, everything depends on the song, the production and the voice. :)

  6. Jade, even Spanish singer Edurne ended up from a Tv reality show but was 10 years ago at least, and didn’t even win, but she got her herself an exotic boyfriend, a few decent enough songs to keep her remembered by Spanish public, then as a presenter on Spanish TV primetime, then to represent Spain with a Swedish song! what more can a 20 something Spanish girl ask for apart from shag…ng a bullfighter!!

  7. Reality TV is the reason why I stopped watching comercial TV. Vade retro!

    P.S. – thanks for the info, Jade. :)

  8. Many local pop stars became famous on Talent Show platform. In closest future I’m sure we will see them in ESC. F. ex. Lilith Hovhannisyan was 4th in the First Armenian Pop Idol and she is one of the “hopes” of local ESC fans:

    Also Lilit’s main revail Iveta Mukuchyan was in 4th Pop Idol and took part in German Voice. This year in Facebook and social sites she couple of times posted her wish to represent Armenia in ESC:

    So far the only Talent Show related team from Armenia was Aram MP3’s team. Aram is the host of X-Factor Armenia, the authos of Not Alone’s lyrics Garik is musical produce and XFactor Coach! That team did great job in 2014 IMO!

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