Current Semi-final Betting Odds

eurovision logoEurovision 2015 – According to the Oddschecker betting site, there are some clear favourites to qualify from this year’s 2 semi-finals. Take a look at the odds now and see if you agree, and if not who may the ‘shock’ qualifiers be?

The ten qualifiers from the first semi-final and their odds:

Estonia 1/50
Russia 1/20
Albania 1/5
Romania 1/5
Belgium 1/4
Georgia 1/4
Greece 2/5
Belarus 1/2
FYR Macedonia 1/2
Denmark 1/2
The ten qualifiers from the second semi-final and their odds:

Sweden 1/100
Slovenia 1/14
Azerbaijan 1/12
Norway 1/10
Iceland 1/4
Poland 1/3
Latvia 4/11
Lithuania 4/9
Cyprus 4/9
Switzerland 4/7

We’re shocked to see Serbia outside of the top 10 in SF1… what about you?

31 comments on “Current Semi-final Betting Odds

  1. Finland will qualify. I doubt Cyprus will

  2. Not surprised about Serbia at all. Am more surprised that Iceland and Switzerland make it in Semi 2. Am not so sure on those two nor Poland for that matter.

  3. Greece is a borderline qualifier imo. Also , if i’m not mistaken, it’s the first time since the introduction of the semifinals that Greece does have such big odds for winning the ESC or the qualification !

  4. I am not shocked with Serbia out. Most probably though they will qualify.

  5. How is 1/2 higher odds than 1/50? I don’t really know how reading these odds work.

    • if it was 10/1, you would have to put 1€ on to win 10€ , 2/1 you put 1€ to win 2€ .

      For 1/2 it means for every 2€ you put on you only win 1 euro… hardly worth it. For 1/50 you’d have to put 50€ on to only win 1 – not remotely worth doing, which means that is way more likely that they’ll qualify.

      Hope that makes sense

      • Actually it’s quite the opposite.
        Estonia is like 1/50 which means you bet 50 euros to only win 1E !
        With 1/2, you have to risk only 2 euros to earn one!
        50/1 is a tottaly different thing! Yoy have to risk 1 euro for the extravagant gain of 50 (OF COURSE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN)

  6. Can anyone explain how is FYR Macedonia the favorite to win semi final 1? It’s a great song, but I doubt it can win the semi over for example Russia or Estonia

  7. I still believe Netherlands and Armenia will qualify from semi 1 over FYROM f.e
    Greece is not a sure qualifier by any means and Belgium could turn out to be a huge flop LIVE! Denmark is looking like the very first candidate to take Belgium’s ticket in case Loic sucks live!
    Semi 2 looks more realistic (f.e with Poland in) but Ireland will be IN instead of Switzerland!

  8. To qualify is here: http://www.oddschecker.com/tv/eurovision/eurovision-semi-final-1/to-qualify

    To win outright is different and makes no sense to me! FYROM? nahhhhh.

    Bottom left of he page has site settings where you can switch between fractional and decimal odds

  9. Not a fan of Armenia this year but i’m surprised they aren’t in the top 10 list for semi final 1. If Emmy and “Boom Boom” failed to qualify by just one point, Genealogy are sailing through. There are so many countries in that semi that regularly give Armenia votes.

  10. I think Malta will qualify instead of Switzerland/Lithuania or Cyprus… even though i really like the Swiss song!

  11. First of all…. Armenia have 95% qualification changes because in first semi their countries who give high points to Armenia : Russia, Belarus, Belgium, Netherlands, Moldova, Greece and Georgia. Secondly … FYR Macedonia, Belarus and Georgia have changes to stay in semi and Malta, or/and Netherlands, or/and Finland or/and Serbia to take their places in the final. For second semi i thing that: Cyprus, Latvia and Switzerland have changes to stay in semi and : Malta or/and Israel or/and Czech Republic or/and Montenegro will take the ticket for the final….

  12. As the lead-up to the contest continues, I always like to make some bold predictions along the way that I may or may not change as I get more accustomed to the songs. These aren’t based on my favourites, but just previous experience in watching the contest since Ruslana’s win in 2004.

    I think the big flops in the semi-finals will be Belgium (although I like the song, I have a sneaky feeling this won’t translate on TV very well) and Czech Republic (will be forgotten after Israel’s catchy song I think). In the final, I think Spain is overhyped, and Austria is very underrated.

    Bold bold prediction for me though is that UK will finish Top 10. I don’t know, it’s just a gut feeling. For some reason I feel like people will randomly vote for this because of it’s tune a la France 2010.

    • Forgot to say: I think Cyprus might be the shock qualifier for the year. It’s got a slow feel to it that lots of people will like I think like every year.

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