Sweden: Andra Chansen 2nd Chance Contest Tonight

melodifestivalen sweden 2015Sweden – Tonight the Andra Chansen 2nd chance round will take place in Helsingborg. The 4 winners of the duels will go through to the Melodifestivalen final on 14th March in the Friends Arena in Stockholm. You can watch here from 20.00 (CET)

Here are the duels for next week’s Andra Chansen round:

Duel 1:
Andreas Weise – ‘Bring out the fire‘ vs
Linus Svenning – ‘Forever starts today

Linus is favourite to win.

Duel 2:
Hasse Andersson – ‘Guld och gröna skogar‘ vs
Kristin Amparo – ”I see you

Kristin is favourite to win.

Duel 3
Dolly Style – ”Hello hi” vs
Dinah Nah – ‘Make me (La La La)

Dinah is favourite to win.

Duel 4
Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone – ‘Det rår vi inte för‘ vs
Samir & Viktor – ‘Groupie

Samir & Victor are favourites to win.

The actual running times can be found here.

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151 comments on “Sweden: Andra Chansen 2nd Chance Contest Tonight

  1. With every “hallo!” I cringe.

  2. Samir & Victor’s act represents everything I can’t stand!

  3. Behrang is out already. He was the only one tonight whose app heart didn’t start to flash. :(

  4. Groupie wil so win this!
    In my books it ranked #27 out of all 28 MF 2015 entries slightly above Hello Hi!

  5. OOjjjOOjjjOOjjj … this is brain damaging … :(

  6. Ah well, if it qualifies it will at least be fun watching them rank near the bottom.

  7. En gång i Stockholm <3

  8. Dinah was the best tonight. Totally deserved to qualify for the final directly… I hope she outrun Dolly Style, even though I would love to have them both in final :D

  9. Måns and Mariette seem like a dead fly in a bowl of milk.

  10. En gång i Stockholm <3

  11. En gång i Stockholm: i’ll never forgive myself for disliking this song until some years ago.

  12. This was so beautiful and touching.

  13. I loved this duet. :)

  14. It’s so sad that a song like Groupie makes me feel pure HATRED and it still would not be my last in the final if it goes through (STINK)

  15. Pheww!Yes!

  16. Yessssssssss !!! “Make me la la” till final !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Duel 3 :) :) :)
    Duel 4 :( :( :(

  18. 3 duels out of 4 went my way. And the last one was so goddamn obvious anyway. Well well, someone has to finish last in the final. :P

  19. Linus Svenning – “Forever Starts Today” 6/12
    Hasse Andersson – “Guld og grönar skonar” 4/12
    Dinah Nah – “Make Me (La La La)” 8/12
    Samir & Viktor – “Groupie” 2/12

    • 6/12

      Pretty similar …

      • How about final rankings?

        1. Måns Zelmerlow – “Heroes” 8/12
        2. Dinah Nah – “Make Me (La La La)” 8/12
        3. Mariette – “Don’t Stop Believing” 7/12
        4. Isa – “Don’t Stop” 6/12
        5. Linus Svenning – “Forever Starts Today” 6/12
        6. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – “Jag är fri (Manne Liem Frije)”
        7. Magnus Carlsson – “Möt mig i Gamla Stan” 5/12
        8. Hasse Andersson – “Guld og grönar skonar”  4/12
        9. JTR – “Building It Up” 4/12
        10. Jessica Andersson – “Can’t Hurt Me Now” 4/12
        11. Eric Saade – “Sting” 3/12
        12. Samir & Viktor – “Groupie” 2/12

  20. LINUS = 5/10
    HASSE = 4/10 (UPGRADED)
    DINAH = 6.5/10
    S & V = 3/10

  21. I managed to watch it anyway, listening on headphones while preparing the dinner, and then eating while watching (I rarely do that).

    I’m surprised that Dolly Style didn’t make it to the final (it’s a kind of guilty pleasure for me in all its silliness – kitsch is often fascinating – but of course for the sake of seriousness I really don’t hope it wins). It was also sad seing Kristin Amparo miss out.

    The new version of “En gång i Stockholm” was really great. It made a great, poetic song even greater. And I was rolling on the floor laughing during “Don’t Compete In Musik”.

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