Portugal: Festival da Cançao Semi 2 Tonight

portugalPortugal – National broadcaster RTP is resuming this year’s Festival da Cançao tonight. There was a first semi-final last Tuesday and a Grand Final will be held on 7th March. Six songs compete tonight for three tickets.

The show will be hosted by Joana Teles and Jorge Gabriel. Here is tonight’s line-up:

01. Rubi MachadoQuando a ula voltar a passar (Sebastião Antunes)
02. José FreitasMal menor (Ninguém me guia À razão) (Chukry)
03. Teresa RadamantoUm fado em Viena (Fernando Abrantes / Jorge Mangorrinha)
04. Simone de OliveiraÀ espera das canções (Renato Júnior / Tiago Torres da Silva)
05. Filipe GonçalvesDança Joana (Héber Marques)
06. Diana Piedade  – Maldito tempo (Carlos Massa)

The show starts at 22:00 CET. You can watch it here.

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216 comments on “Portugal: Festival da Cançao Semi 2 Tonight

  1. I 100% agree with the 3 finalists tonight!

  2. I actually want Gonçalo Tavares to win… at least it’s 100% cheese and a bit more fun than the other songs in the final

  3. That ends this Super Thursday.

    The story of the day is Germany, and will continue to be a story until the final.

  4. at least Simone qualified. Yola is the only chance for a song I kinda like and a probable qualification to the final (one of the rare trad-folk songs in the edition)… everything else :/

  5. I wonder if Poland surprises us this year. I’d love sth like Tecku send for them in FdlC5 :)

  6. I think its time that the ESC jury gets the scoring tweaked.

    Everybody being scared to go out on the limb, to send something way out there, to risk it, because of the fear of being marked in the 30’s or worse.

    Its no surprise that who the jury will vote has been all the conversation is about. How about the televoter that wants to get drunk and see lights, helicopters, parachutes, Slavic Girls and Apricot stones? LOL

  7. My GOSH, i can’t describe what I feel after Simone’;s performance, it’s the best ESC related performance in decades..she brought the tear to my eye, these emotions are sensational, and that composition is from the fairytale, it’s so quality, combination of that raspy voice that can tell a thousand stories, and violins and chelo is brilliant, and her moves on the stage, almost like in 1969 with “Desfolhada” when she lifted her arm in the end of the performance the way that gives me goosebumps..she didn’t change at all, her attitude, her emotions, I even prefer her voice now..if she wins, Portugal will be my CLEAR number one..this is so poignant!!!

    Shevek, vote for Simone!!

    • Agreed and signed, Marko. :)

        • Common sense. Simone is in a class of her own. Of course her song doesn’t come close what we get on the charts these days, but then she is a lady of advanced age singing what suits her perfectly. And being classy and a true artist is a timeless gift. :)

          • And that color f vocal is incredible to me..so different to all we get..
            I wish I understand lyrics..I have feeling they are dreamy and awesome..i only understood smth “navegar” and “barcas”..I just imagined “wild” Atlantic ocean, boats, forests of madeira island and sandy beaches in the middle of nowhere along the Portuguese coast.
            Simone da Legendaira is EVERYTHING! <3

            • “I just imagined “wild” Atlantic ocean, boats, forests of madeira island and sandy beaches in the middle of nowhere”

              I will think of exactly those scenes when trying to fall asleep later tonight. :)

    • I will vote for two songs next Saturday – Yola’s and Simone’s.

  8. SIMONE DA LEGENDEIRA go to Vienna!! :) <3

    • I am so glad you liked Simone. She oozes class and experience. I love the surname you suggested for her – Legendeira!

      P.S. – Simone says that she does not want to spend two weeks in Vienna. I do not know if the televote agrees with her.

      • Is Simone going to do an Andreas K. in case she wins? :(

        • I do not know. She said that one of the younger artists should win and that she has little wish to spend so much time abroad.

          • There is only one younger artist that wouldn’t bring a miserable result for Portugal. If she wins, she wins, and has to go. Full stop!

            • Personally, I would send Yola to Vienna. However, I also think that Simone should go to Austria, if she wins.

  9. I haven’t watched all the performances and I have missed all the comotion in Germany! I do hope the winner is not seriously ill.

    On FdC – Yola all the way, imo. It’s genuinely Portuguese, richly layered and there is this exquisite relationship between the lyrics and the music. It’ll be between her and Simone, I think.

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