Russia: Rumour Mills Suggest it’s Nargiz Zakirova?

RussiaRussia – With no news at all coming from Russia as yet this year, one name has emerged this week as a rumour, and has circulated on social media. These rumours suggest that Nargiz Zakirova has been internally selected.  Nargiz is striking with her shaven head and tattoos and hails from Uzbekistan but has spent a lot of her life in the US, where she auditioned for the US X factor.

Check out her stunning audition for The Voice (Russia) here:

Do you think Nargiz would be a good choice?

54 comments on “Russia: Rumour Mills Suggest it’s Nargiz Zakirova?

  1. It’s about time Russia sent something more alternative…Good choice! (If true)

  2. She was rumored again last year and she’s again in the possible line-up.This is her latest single https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTw7gk7e3HY

    I don’t know about Max Fadeev.He seems to always be involved in the Russian projects just like Filip Kirkorov.

    • Fadeev is one of my favorite Russian musical producers (along with konstantin miladze)! His best project was Russian superstar Linda (in 90s she rocked outside Russian borders aswell)! Serebro is his project aswell.
      Kirkorov and fadeev arE totally in different leagues!

  3. It’s a good voice, but as always it comes down to the song.

  4. I don’t remember her from XF USA

  5. http://www.escunited.com/home/serbia-will-sing-english/

    I dunno if anyone said anything about this already. Serbia is going in English:(

  6. Her surname is actually Zakirova. I really like her!!!

  7. I’ve seen the audition video a few months ago, The girl is spunky and needs a song to fit her persona. No lovey dovey ballads. Give her something with attitude, a take no prisoners, loud and anthemic song.

  8. Sounds promising but it’s all about the song😊

  9. Fadeev has already written songs for Eurovision. Ex: Serebro. Song #1.They were 3th place. It was Julia Savicheva. Fadeev is famous producer in Russia. He works with many artists in Russia. Here tell about Nargiz, we are waiting for this new so much but don t know exactly to take part she or no. Recently was programme devoted Fadeev. And we thought that perhaps his artist Nargiz will take part on Eurovision. I will give some links.
    About Zakirova:



  10. Else perhaps this new group Mband the producer Meladze.

    • Hi, Irina. Welcome to ET. :) I haven’t got the time to check all the links you posted, but thank you for all the info. Am waiting patiently for the Russian entry.

  11. I love her and hope that she will be the Russian act for this year. Good luck, Russia … whoever you finally decide to send to Vienna.

    Yeah! Weekend! :)

    • It is mid-week still.

      • Yes it is. :)

        • I agree, from what I heard she looks like a really intriguing and interesting choice although I have my doubts that Russia would send her to ESC , beside the fact I imagine any Russian entry this year, despite diaspora voting, would have yet another suspicious Russian assassination in mind re voting (I say that quite separately as a comment because one thing is what happens in Russia and another is that we could have the chance to see her in ESC yet because of the Russian situation she could lose votes which is a shame..) Toggie you have a very long weekend! lucky you! sometimes I wish I had 9-5 job Mon-Fri but no!, I’m on duty for the agency today which means staying awake till 4.00 am in case something newsworthy happens here and I have to zoom off on Freddie (he’s my motorbike!), fires, murders, etc! in the meantime I’m rewriting my report on Andorran elections from last weekend (ZZZ!), maybe a post one day in the future could be “the daily lives of ET fans” that would be really interesting! and FYI, I became Uncle Paul again yesterday! a boy , am very happy! :-)

          • Congratulations Paul. I totally love bein an uncle because I adore being around children … in homeopathic doses. :)
            Well, I know what you mean. I don’t have a 9-5 job either. In some weeks, I work 100 hours and in other weeks, I work only 20. :)

  12. I wouldn’t be Avat if I didn’t share couple of videos of Fadeev and his best project Linda! More than 16-17 years I still listen his old songs and they still don’t annoy me! I think Russia would do much better if he was such Eurovision fan like crapy Philip is :(

    Fly with me (performed by himself): (L)

    Run through the clouds: (L)


    If this is true I guess Nargiz will become modernized Linda in his hands ;)))

  13. Off topic: The rehearsals of the remaining 4 hopefuls in Germany.Alexa looks like a favorite.A solid and simple stage performance.
    Fahrenhaidt’s Amanda gives us the best vocals of the relearsals but the stage performance for Frozen Silence” is OTT. :(
    I don’t like Ann Sophine at all but she may make it to the top-4

    • The market for Germany has opened on betfair.

      Alexa Feser 3.05
      Andreas Kummert 4.6
      Ann Sophie 5.1
      Fahrenheit 1.28
      Faun 3.55
      Laing 5.1
      Mrs. Greenbird 3.55
      Noize Generation 6.2

      As this is a live market, the odds will change a billion times between now and the end.
      You can also see how much money is being bet on each artist to win, or to lose.
      208$ on Fahrenheit to win so far.

      Betfair exchange is a fascinating way to bet.

      • 1.28?Are we a favorite?

        • No, we aren’t a favorite. Fahrenheit are the favorite. It’s the only act that has some money behind them. A whole 208$.

          I bet their parents are the ones who bet on them. LOL

        • Fahrenhaidt are favourites in most online polls too but I still remain sceptical. Tomorrow night’s audience will be totally different from the people voting in online polls. I would love to see them win though because I don’t think that stand a chance. :(
          Alexa would be a great choice too.

  14. Are we getting an article for the Greek NF?

  15. More two hostess missing their bra…

  16. I just wanted to reinforce my dear friend Shevek’s conclusion here about coverage re Portugal (and maybe Spain to a lesser extent too), why Portuguese SF or NF is always considered less worth ESC news in general? than Latvia? etc, we are the most western European countries in Europe, listen to us! and with a long history of great songs in ESC too!

    • “with a long history of great songs in ESC too!”

      I did like Portgual last year but I don’t think you can say they have a long history of good songs, this is the only country thats been in the contest over 40 years, and never once made it into the Top 5, even Albania, Belarus and Bulgaria have reached the Top 5 more times.

  17. Zakirova took part in international festival in Saint -Petersburg.

    We want so much that she will go in Austria from Russia.

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