Australia: Getting Ready for the Big Reveal

australiaAustralia – In less than an hour Australian Broadcaster SBS will be starting their press conference which will reveal their chosen representative for their Eurovision Debut. Watch it with us on either the official Eurovision Website or Official SBS Website

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126 comments on “Australia: Getting Ready for the Big Reveal

  1. I am off to bed guys…good night :)
    good luck to Greece and Australia with their choices tonight

  2. I hope his actual entry is better than this.

  3. Not exactly surprised by this choice, although it wasn’t as bad as I was fearing. Guy Sebastian is a reasonably big name here, and while I’m not a fan of his music (or his knack for mawkish lyrics and over-singing) many people are.

    As always though, it’ll depend upon the song, and another ballad doesn’t sound too promising.

    (Were there people actually expecting Kylie to be chosen?!?)

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