Poll: Who Should Win Unser Song für Österreich?

Germany Germany – This Thursday Germany will select it’s Eurovision 2015 entry via their TV show Unser Song für Österreich. A little out of the ordinary, the eight finalists will perform two songs each, all sixteen entries being eligible to represent Germany

Seven of the finalists were picked by broadcaster NDR and the eighth finalist was the wildcard which was voted in by the public. This was Ann Sophie. The final of Unser Song für Österreich will consist of four rounds.

The first round will have all eight acts sing their first song and the public will vote to determine a Top 4. These four will then perform their second song again for the public vote.

After the second round the two songs with the highest number of votes will proceed to round 3 which will determine the actual winner. If the top 2 songs are by the same act, the #3 song will join the #1 song. Simple yes?

I have been able to find most songs on YouTube but some are none existent. The ones I have put an asterix next to are the songs that will be performed in round one:

Alexa Feser
“Glück” *

“Das Gold von Morgen“

Andreas Kümmert
“Home Is In My Hands” *

“Heart of Stone”

Ann Sophie
“Jump The Gun” *

“Black Smoke”
Video Not Available

“Frozen Silence” *

“Mother Earth”
Video Not Available

“Hörst du die Trommeln” *


“Zeig deine Muskeln” *

“Wechselt die Beleuchtung”

Mrs. Greenbird
“Shine Shine Shine” *

“Take My Hand”

Noize Generation
“A Song For You” *

“Crazy Now”
Video Not Available

In the poll, as not all the songs are available I can only ask you who you want to represent Germany but feel free to comment on what song you would like them to sing if the songs are available.

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76 comments on “Poll: Who Should Win Unser Song für Österreich?

  1. I don’t have time to listen to them all, but of the ones I’ve heard “Frozen Silence” was the best. I will wait until Thursday and decide during the show who I will vote for.

  2. Can’t decide – Andreas-Faun-Fahrenhaidt ! Amazing selection! couldn’t finf any crap in this list! Whatever the result is I will atleast like the German entry! Great!

  3. Oh God.I was just watching snippets of the rehearsals.Laing use stationary bikes for their first song “Zeig deine Muskeln” ….

  4. Ironic that the people in countries that use Celsius to measure temperature are all voting for Fahrenhaidt all of a sudden.

  5. I got to listen to all the songs. I won’t comment on all of them, but I have rated them all. These are the artists and songs that stand out the most, positively or negatively.

    Alexa Feser’s “Das Gold von Morgen” is a very, very beautiful song. It’s very simple, performed only with piano, and I hope it will be played the same way in the final. I also love Alexa’s vocal performance which is very present and personal. A feature that is often missing today in Eurovision-related vocal performances, sadly.

    Fahrenhaidt’s “Frozen Silence” seems to have a lot of fans. I am not that impressed actually. If you close your eyes and imagine a song about winter, cold and snow, you might hear something sounding a lot like this. In other words, the musical and lyrical content is very stereotype. Then comes a somewhat unnatural melody (f.e. in the chorus) and a quite clinical production. All in all it comes across as very synthetic and impersonal, and it sort of lacks a ‘human’ dimension. That said, it’s not badly written, and it has a fine musical structure.

    Faun represents a genre that was popular in the 90’s and which I personally like a lot: ethno-folk with an electronic touch. “Abschied” is the best of the two songs, whereas “Hörst du die Trommeln” plays a bit too much on the sort of medieval clichées.

    Laing’s “Zeig deine Muskeln” sounds a lot of some of the minimalistic pop music from the 80’s. The sound productiln on the video is not the best, so it can be a bit difficult to get a full impression of it. It is not a bad song, but their second song “Wechselt die Beleuchtung” is much more intriguing musically, containing a mystic atmosphere and a strong dynamic structure. Again the sound is not the best on the video, but the musical ideas shine through, and I imaging this could be really great in the right circumstances.

    All in all, this is a strong final. Many good songs, and it is nice to hear that they don’t necissarily sound Eurovision-like, but more like something that would get recognition in the outside world. Only Noize Generation have some really bad songs.

    Alexa Feser “Glück”: 8/12
    Alexa Feser “Das Gold von Morgen”: 10/12
    Andreas Kümmert “Home Is In My Hands”: 7/12
    Andreas Kümmert “Heart of Stone”: 7/12
    Ann Sophie “Jump the Gun”: 6/12
    Ann Sophie “Black Smoke”: 6/12 (based on a snippet)
    Fahrenhaidt “Frozen Silence”: 6/12
    Fahrenhaidt “Mother Earth”: 5/12 (based on a snippet)
    Faun “Hörst du die Trommeln”: 8/12
    Faun “Abschied”: 8/12
    Laing “Zeig deine Muskeln”: 8/12
    Laing “Wechselt die Beleuchtung”: 10/12
    Mrs. Greenbird “Shine Shine Shine”: 7/12
    Mrs. Greenbird “Take My Hand”: 7/12
    Noize Generation “A Song For You”: 4/12
    Noize Generation “Crazy Now”: 3/12 (based on a snippet)

    My vote goes to Laing, provited that “Wechselt die Beleuchtung” wins.

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