Denmark: Listen to the 10 Songs!

Denmark melodi grand prixDenmark – The Danish broadcaster DR, which was supposed to reveal the ten songs participating in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix on the 26th, just released them today. Or they’ve leaked one day early. Check then out and tell us who’s your favorite!

It’s on Esctips’ site that the 10 songs leaked. You can listen to them here. The line-up is as follows:

  1. Tina & René – Mi Amore (Thomas G:son & Henrik Sethsson)
  2. Anne Gadegaard – Suitcase (Mickey Skeel & Magnus Funemy)
  3. Babou – Manjana (Thomas Sardorf, Karen Rosenberg, Lasse Lindorf, Daniel Rothmann, Johannes Loeffler & Mathias Zürkler)
  4. Cecilie Alexandra – Hotel A (Marcos Ubeda, Bobby Ljunggren & Kristian Lagerström)
  5. Anti Social Media – The Way You Are (Remee & Chief1)
  6. Julie Bjerre – Tæt på mine drømme (Lise Cabble, Maria Danielle Andersen & Jacob Glæsner)
  7. Andy Roda – Love Is Love (Andy Roda & Maria Hammer-Jensen)
  8. Sara Sukurani – Love Me, Love Me (Sara Sukurani, Robert Uhlmann, Alexander Papaconstantinou & Arash)
  9. Marcel & Soulman Group – Når veje krydses (Marcel Gbelke, Jeanette Christiansen & Bjarne List Nissen)
  10. World of Girls – Summer Without You (Daniel Calvin, Rune Braager & Martin Fliegenschmidt)

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152 comments on “Denmark: Listen to the 10 Songs!

  1. Copy-paste

    Yeah, this isn’t exactly a vintage DMGP year… Hopefully they will at least continue their trend of picking the best song.

    And having listened to all ten songs…
    1. Cecillie Alexandra – “Hotel A” 9/12
    2. Julie Bjerre – “Tæt på mine drømme” 6/12

    3. Anne Gadegaard – “Suitcase” 6/12

    4. Anti Social Media – “The Way You Are” 5/12

    5. Marcel & Soulman Group – “Når veje krydses” 4/12

    6. World Of Girls – “Summer Without You” 2/12

    7. Tina & René – “Mi Amore” 2/12

    8. Andy Roda – “Love Is Love” 2/12

    9. Babou – “Manjana” 2/12

    10. Sara Sukurani – “Love Me Love Me” 2/12

    I predict Cecilie or Babou will win. No prizes for guessing who my fingers are crossed for.

  2. Just copy/paste

    DMGP quick review
    1. “Mi amore” 7.5/10 – weird title, all around “in a moment like this”, overall not bad
    2. “Suitcase” 9/10 – Sounds cute :D I like a lot
    3. “Manjana” 6.5/10 Finally some beat to ESC… Nothing special, but can get through it without getting to much bored
    4. “Hotel A” 9/10 Can get higher, depending on the performance. Another cute song.
    5. “The way you are” 5/10
    6. ” Tæt på mine drømme” 6/10 I guess, Everything is nice except main part. Chorus. It is totally boring…
    7. “Love is love” 6/10. Why do they make such a nice instrumental and destroy it with awful lyrics.
    8. “Love me, love me” 9/10 Arash again! I don’t like the fact that all his songs are recycled… But I really miss this kind of music on ESC. #Nostalgia
    9. “Når veje krydses” I’m still singing “Love me, love me”. Don’t really boring to listen this one after previous… 3/10
    10.”Summer Without You!” 6/10 1D song, singed by the bunch of girls…

    So I would really love for “Love me, love me” to win, but “Suitcase”,”Hotel A” even “Mia Amore” could be better representatives… Sorry guys, but this time I am in teamARASH!

  3. It’s a very weak line-up, unfortunately. Though we have one great song, standing way above the rest. It’s also the best Danish NF song since “Husker du” (yes, I do).

    1. Cecilie Alexandra – “Hotel A” (9/12)

    2. Julie Bjerre – “Tæt på mine drømme” (6/12)

    3. Tina & René – “Mi amore” (5/12) 

    4. Anti Social Media – “The way you are” (5/12)

    5. Anne Gadegaard – “Suitcase” (4/12) 

    6. Marcel & Soulman Group – “Når veje krydses” (3/12)

    7. World Of Girls – “Summer without you” (3/12)

    8. Sara Sukurani – “Love me love me” (2/12)

    9. Andy Roda – “Love is love” (2/12)

    10. Babou – “Manjana” (1/12)

    Held og lykke!

  4. 1. “Mi amore”: heard thousand times before, boring song, lame, pointless

    2. “Suitcase”: enjoyable while it lasted, so early 00s it has that “teenage version” of Shirley Crow no? harmless enough

    3. “Manjana”: it’s hard to just hate it coz its just hilarious, I cant believe they’re still doing stuff like that

    4. “Hotel A”: not as great as I was lead to believe from people’s comments, but it was still nice and fun, the quirkyness could be great live, and it’s Bobby of course ;)

    5. “The way you are”: “The way you are”: my bf “oh wait there was a song going on? wow they’re all so radio friendly” and me “yup”

    6. ”Tæt på mine drømme”: ooh my fave so far, not that it’s good but there’s something I like about it I can’t point out what… oh, it’s in Danish so you cant tell crappy lyrics…

    7. “Love is love”: awful awful awful emptyness

    8. “Love me, love me”: i HATE this even more than the one before? What the hell? It’s like Turkey 2009 all over again with emptyness all around it, how can any one pick or even write such a dated song?

    9. “Når veje krydses”: it’s… I dunno… acceptable?

    10.”Summer Without You!”: it’s like if America puked all over Denmark

  5. What a pleasant surprise Denmark turned out to be: they managed to pack a ton of awesomeness in the 30 minutes of music they provided. What a group of fun, sing along, summer songs.

    Shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing the heavyweight ESC songwriters on this list.

    If there is any justice in this world of ours, Denmark would be allowed 4 or 5 ESC spots to accommodate most everyone. Suitcase, Hotel A (aka piña colada song ’15), Tæt på mine drømme, Love Me Love Me (a good old shake it, shake it for all its worth), and Summer Without You. Even 6-10 isn’t bad by any means.

    Easily the best NF for filling the summer playlist. Easily.
    Well done Denmark! A beatiful country comes through in 2015.

  6. First impressions (ratings are preliminary):

    “Mi Amore”. A re-make of “In a Moment Like This”. Actually it is so close to it that it is difficult to distinguish them from each other. It’s like a ham with water pumped into it to make it bigger than it really is. I don’t hope it wins. 4-5/12

    “Suitcase”. Nice and jolly. Relaxed and simple. Not so much more than that, but pleasant enough. 7/12

    “Manjana”. Empty and un-artistic. Almost non-existing melody. Song no. 117 with a I-VI-III-VII (minor) chord progression. Will probably get votes from those who like Medina and such. 2/12

    “Hotel A”. Another I-VI-III-VII based song. Note really my cup of tea, but it has got its charm. At least the production is quite unusual. 7/12

    “The Way You Are”. Slick production with a catchy chorus. Makes me think of Slade and other similar things from the 70’s. A fine song from a solely popmusical point of view. From an artistic point of view less impressive. I think it will win. 7-8/12

    “Tæt på mine drømme”. Like a style exercise in the pop music that dominated the Danish charts in the late 80’s. As such it’s not really my thing, but I recognize its catchiness. A little bit of edge would have done good. 6-7/12

    “Love is Love”. Actually it reminds me a bit of Paula and Ovi’s “Miracle”. I don’t really know what to think of it, but it’s probably as far away from my taste in music as possible. 4/12

    “Love Me, Love Me”. It would have done well in ESC 2004 or 2005. Greek flavour to the music? (Alexander Papaconstantinou sounds Greek). There’s an echo of both “Always” and “My Number One”. Not so much to get from it if you don’t feel like dancing. 5/12

    “Når veje krydses”. We haven’t heard funk for a long time, have we. There were a lot of students at musicology playing that kind of music. Generally I think it’s more fun to play than to listen to. Unless you want to dance. It swings, but that’s more or less all about it. Doesn’t stand a chance. 5/12

    “Summer Without You”. Corny lyrics, and far too synthetic music and production. The catchphrase quickly gets enervating. So does the vocals. 4/12

    All in all a disappointing bunch of songs given what they promised us. But at least there is more musical diversity than in 2013 and 2014. Apart from that I can’t really see the “2.0” element.

    • Good morning ! On “Love me Love me” , yes , Alex P is a Greek-Swedish song-writer and producer and i ‘m surprised that a song like this is in the final line-up of a nordic country ! I can’t judge it objectively since it does have greek and east influences ! It makes you wanna dance but it’s an outdated ethno pop song ! Tbh the chorus reminds of Arash’s “Temptation” and the verses (copy paste?) of Antique’s “Mera me ti Mera” !

  7. faves of what’s left

    Switzerland: ‘Singing About Love’
    Cyprus: ‘Deila Den Agapo’
    Denmark: ‘Mi Amore’
    Iceland: ‘Litil Skref’
    Estonia: ‘Superlove’/’Goodbye To Yesterday’
    Lithuania: Mia/Monika with ‘Not Perfect’/’This Time’
    Latvia: ‘Love Injected’
    Finland ‘Crossroads’
    Hungary ‘Lőjetek Fel’
    Moldova ‘Day After Day’
    Norway: ‘A Monster Like Me’

  8. Just came back from the polling station where I voted and having breakfast while listening to the Danish hopefuls :)

  9. From a first listening:
    -Mi Amore: 4/12
    -Suitcase: 7,5/12
    -Manjana: 4/12
    -Hotel A: 7,5/12
    -The way you are: 6/12
    -Tæt på mine drømme: 6,5/12
    -Love is Love: 3/12
    -Love me, Love me: 1,5/12
    -Når veje krydses: 7,5/12
    -Summer without you: 1/12

    I’ll probably try giving all of them a second chance :)
    Good luck!

  10. Like: Suitcase, Hotel A, Love is love

    Indifferent: Mi amore, Manjana, The way you are, Når veje krydses, Summer without you

    Don’t like: Tæt på mine drømme, Love me love me

  11. 1. Tina & René – 5/12, catchy, bland, but not irritating
    2.Babou – 5.5/12 nice nothing special stuff!
    3.Anne Gadegaard -6/12 nice nothing special stuff!
    4.Cecillie Alexandra- 8/12 , can have great staging and grow a lot after competent live performance! After listening to it wanted to listen some songs of my youth /Alizze, Vannesa paradi/ – wonder why!
    5. The way you are – next song I can’t love, I can’t hate! 6/12
    6. Julie Bjerre – sounds too teenage-girlish for my ears! 5/12
    7. Andy Roda. 2/12
    8. Sara Sukurani – very Arash, just very Arash! 6/12
    9.Marcel & Soulman Group – 8/12
    10.World of Girls -5/12

    Thanks Denmark for positive mood before my visit to dentist :) as always sweat and radio friendly :)

  12. I don’t believe some idiots made a cover of ”In a moment like this”….lame!

  13. Good morning from Greece !
    Well, i’ve just finished listening to the danish hopefuls and my ranking is :
    1. “Hotel A ” : fresh and different , 8,5/10 (winner alert)
    2. “Tæt på mine drømme”. radio friendly , pure pop song, catchy 7.5 /10
    3. “Suitcase” ” sweet , simple , pleasant 7+/10
    4. “Mi amore” : “In a moment like this” Vol 2 , 7-/10
    5. “Manjana” : not bad , he came 3rd in X factor 2011 , a serious contender 7-/10
    6 “The way you are” : radio friendly , not bad 6.5/10
    7. “Love me love” : outdated ethno pop 5/10
    8 “Når veje krydses” : i don’t like it 4/10
    9. “Summer Without You” : boring , nothing special 4-/10
    10. “Love Is Love” : awful 2/10
    So, it’s between the three girls imo but Hotel A is the BEST ! Good luck!

  14. Off topic : the last hours in Cyprus Panagiotis Koufogiannis – Without your love has turned into a HUGE favourite FTW ! Here is the studio version of the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSOjZ0PhwhE

  15. As usually the Danish national final doesn’t contain anything I like. However, if I ha to chose that would be ”The way you are”. Also ”Suitcase” is a decent option.

  16. The Danish hopefuls are not as bland and dull as I was expecting. We do have the same type of songs over and over again (mostly written by the usual suspects). However, 2015 seems to have brought some interesting layers and hues. These are my favourite songs:

    1. Cecilie Alexandra – Hotel A (very good orchestration, clear melody)
    2. Marcel & Soulman Group – Når veje krydses (I usually go for this type of music and I am surprised to fin dit in this NF)
    3. Julie Bjerre – Tæt på mine drømme (sweet and unpretentious)
    4. Andy Roda – Love Is Love (unpretentious dance track that actually made my feet move LOL)
    5. Anne Gadegaard – Suitcase (competent effort)

    It’s not the most original and interesting bunch of songs on offer this season, but Denmark came up with a decent goup of 5 songs and another 5 that are quite forgettable for different reasons.

    Good luck, Denmark !

  17. Hey Cyprus, look, over here… UPTEMPO SONGS!! Yes, you too could try one next year, yes?

    Was it in the rules in Denmark you had to write a summery happy song this year?

    They’re all inoffensive and pleasant enough, but I genuinely don’t hear any ‘stand-outs’. Maybe Tæt på mine drømme for me so far but I can’t see any winning in Vienna.

  18. Off topic.

    Reticently I posted about possible “big surprise” head of our delegation was talking about. According rumors that was to be “System of a down” but a photo leaked from AMPTV let me think that it is going to be a mess :( … So that “surprise” may be a team song of Andre /2006/, Inga Arshakyan/2009/, Emmy/2011/, Hayko /2007/ and Gor Sujyan (2013)!

    • :(
      I would prefer Emmy or Inga by them self or in a duet, while guys singing backing vocals… I don’t like the idea of 5 people sharing the song… It looks crowded…

    • SOAD would have been awesome, I’ve seen them live a few times at festivals. That would have shaken Eurovision up lol

      • They will makr tour in Europe /UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia and One open aired concert in Yerevan near my office/! Some people claimed that it is also their Eurovision tour and I started to belive it! But I guess the next entry will be bland ballad by the chor of the past!

  19. “Mi Amore” – a dull remake of “In a Moment Like This” 4/12
    “Suitcase” – cute and summery 7/12
    “Manjana” – lame, void and dated 2/12
    “Hotel A” – fluffy and cosy. I would like to spend a night at that hotel. Not a masterpiece but it has some elements that kept me interested througout 8/12
    “The Way You Are” – pleasant but simplistic 5/12
    “Tæt på mine drømme” – inoffensive and bland 6/12
    “Love Is Love” – No! I mean No! Go away! 1/12
    “Love Me, Love Me” – I won’t even try to come up with a single argument in favour of this one … Everyone will hear that itt is lame and awful … but you all know that I have a soft spot for ethnic shake shakes … and thus I’ll award 5/12
    “Når veje krydses” – I generally like funk but this is lame too 5/12
    “Summer Without You” – the definite sign that civilisation as we know it is coming to an end. This is what Romans would have enjoyed in the 4th and 5th centuries … 1/12

  20. Oh my, I have just listened to the songs that will be performed in the first UMK semi-final and all but one are so bad that I couldn’t listen to them until the end. (exception: Loveshine)

  21. I have listened to 148 NF songs now and Tamara’s “Brod što tone” is still in first place on my list.

  22. Off-Topic: Now it’s the exciting time of election following again. I always consider political elections to be some sort of relatives to Eurovision NF:s, both being about voting, following your taste. Simplified. :P

    As for Greece tonight, I’m especially amazed to see that they have four social democratic parties in the race.

    Good luck in voting, Greece. Hope you will finally find some order and stabilization in your parliament.

    • We’ll need tons of luck after tonight’s results. :P It’s actually 3 so called Social Democratic parties in the race,the 2 most likely will make it.A communist party,a populist right wing and the neonazis will all enter the parliament too.

      • Okay. I used the ideological definitions from this page, but maybe DIMAR should be considered socialist instead of social democratic.


        Is there any link where I, as a non-Greek, can follow the vote counting? I tried Antenna but those bitches didn’t let me, lol. :P

      • It will be interesting to see how much Mr. Tsipras can achieve with the Troika. My educated guess is: not much. And what will happen then? I do understand why people in Greece obviously voted the way they did but I don’t think that voting for SYRIZA is a good idea if we care for Greece’s future. Well, I hope that I am wrong.

        (I am a stout leftie myself but I am a realist too.)

        • Indeed.Dreadful results,imo.The neonazis may end up in 3rd place with more than 7% plus a right wing populist party made it again.
          Syriza leader says he’ll change Europe.I find this quite laughable tbh.

          • Well, good luck to Mr. Tsipras trying to change Madame Lagarde, La Merkel and their friends. I think that tonight’s results show one thing only: many people in Greece are so desperate that they do not vote with their brains anymore but with their hearts. Europe needs to take that very seriously but the EU cannot simply say: OK let’s forget the past and start from scratch. Europe would lose all credibility, and it would be a steep ride downhill for all of us for the next decades. The Europe we have known for the last decades would belong to the past.

            • I guess that while it wont change much, for Greece or Europe, it could help create an even bigger gap between Hollande-Renzi and Merkel-Rajoy-nordics when it comes to our financiary decisions and on the Euro…

            • Oh, and how the financial markets will love the EU having an agenda full of U-turns and postponed decisions. We’ll become easy prey for speculation. Well, let’s hope that all this will end well. (If I was a pious man, I would go to church and light a candle now …)

            • Apart from desperate unemployed people voting for them there is also the vast majority of the spoiled people working in the public sector who believe that Syriza will get them back to the 2009 illusion…Not a word for the so much needed reforms. :(

            • … or where the money should come from. Such populist politics make me sometimes ashamed to be leftist too.

              Imo, we need 2 things:

              1. If we want a common currency, we need a common tax, labour market and economic policy. Unless we achieve that, the whole EURO project won’t work.

              2. We need a tax policy strengthening redistribution from top to bottom of of the income scale.

              Being the realist I am, that’s my leftist credo for now.

            • I agree!Togravus for European commissioner! :P

            • LOL Thanks. Can you do the campaigning in Greece for me? ;)

      • My electoral geography study showed me that Crete is much more left-leaning than the mainland. I also found out that the Cypriot Communist Party is very big. Is voting left an island thing in Greece / Cyprus? ;)

        • Crete traditionally votes for center/left so do most of the islands.Mainland and most importantly Northern Greece votes much more conservative,center-right parties.However,it’s the Athens metropolitan district and Thessaloniki that determine the final result,most of the times.

          • Do Athens and Thessaloniki belong to the “swing citites” that can vote both left and right?

            According to the electoral map right now, it is Peloponnese, Greek Macedonia and the Cyclades voting right-wing, the other regions voting left-wing.

            • Yes.Athens and Thessaloniki belong to the swing cities.Thessaloniki district A and Athens district A are usually smaller and more conservative(wealthier parts)while the most populated B districts are usually more center-left leaning but it’s the first time they vote for the radical left.

    • the three main candidates in Brazil presidential elections called themselves “social-democrat” as well… a lot of people like to call themselves that because it basically means nothing (or just “we’re ok with capitalism but promise to not give up entirely”) So, no real political substance.

  23. After the first listening I’m disappointed and i rank like this:

    1. Tina & René – “Mi Amore” 9/10
    2. Cecilie Alexandra – “Hotel A” 9/10
    3. World of Girls – “Summer Without You” 6,5/10
    4. Anne Gadegaard – “Suitcase” 6,5/10
    5. Julie Bjerre – “Tæt på mine drømme” 6/10
    6. Babou – “Manjana” 5/10
    7. Anti Social Media – “The Way You Are” 5/10
    8. Sara Sukurani – “Love Me, Love Me” 3/10
    9. Marcel & Soulman Group – “Når veje krydses” 1/10
    10. Andy Roda – “Love Is Love” 0/10

  24. Our former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, is not happy at all that Syriza will win. :P

  25. The left rise in Greece, and Spain. The Greens are surging in the UK. I wonder what would happen, really happen, if everyone really voted with their hearts, took a risk, wanted a better less capitalist world and all shifted to the left… could we make it work?

    • I don’t think so.They tried it in the Eastern Europe and look where it got them.Another example is Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela :)
      I’m really worry about the rise of UKIP in the UK,though.

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