Denmark: Listen to the 10 Songs!

Denmark melodi grand prixDenmark – The Danish broadcaster DR, which was supposed to reveal the ten songs participating in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix on the 26th, just released them today. Or they’ve leaked one day early. Check then out and tell us who’s your favorite!

It’s on Esctips’ site that the 10 songs leaked. You can listen to them here. The line-up is as follows:

  1. Tina & René – Mi Amore (Thomas G:son & Henrik Sethsson)
  2. Anne Gadegaard – Suitcase (Mickey Skeel & Magnus Funemy)
  3. Babou – Manjana (Thomas Sardorf, Karen Rosenberg, Lasse Lindorf, Daniel Rothmann, Johannes Loeffler & Mathias Zürkler)
  4. Cecilie Alexandra – Hotel A (Marcos Ubeda, Bobby Ljunggren & Kristian Lagerström)
  5. Anti Social Media – The Way You Are (Remee & Chief1)
  6. Julie Bjerre – Tæt på mine drømme (Lise Cabble, Maria Danielle Andersen & Jacob Glæsner)
  7. Andy Roda – Love Is Love (Andy Roda & Maria Hammer-Jensen)
  8. Sara Sukurani – Love Me, Love Me (Sara Sukurani, Robert Uhlmann, Alexander Papaconstantinou & Arash)
  9. Marcel & Soulman Group – Når veje krydses (Marcel Gbelke, Jeanette Christiansen & Bjarne List Nissen)
  10. World of Girls – Summer Without You (Daniel Calvin, Rune Braager & Martin Fliegenschmidt)

152 thoughts on “Denmark: Listen to the 10 Songs!

  1. On Greek elections: For the first time in my life I voted for the party that actually wins the elections. Hope has won in Greece. It is to be seen where that will lead us.

    • I hope that Syriza’s win will bring a change for the better for Greece and for Europe. I am not sure that it will, but I congratulate them for their victory.

      P.S. – I am also happy for you, Oxi. :)

    • Congratulations. :) The first time a party I voted for won an election was when we got our Green Party prime minister here in Ba-Wü in 2011.

        • Yes, they are. :)

          On German talk show “Hart aber fair” a German lady living in Greece told Bavaria’s finance minister Markus Söder that he should be ashamed to call himself a “social Christian” (CSU) after Mr. Söder had lectured on his cynical approach towards the crisis in Greece. :)

          • It seems that the result of the Greek elections will be sparking some “tension” all over Europe for some time :)
            Btw, it was a bad start for the new government today already if you ask me. I mean Sy.Riz.A. allying with a right wing party is not sth someone voting for them would hope for. The only thing the two parties have in common is that they are both anti-austerity. On the other hand Tsipras had not many other options to form a government.

            • Well, stange bedfellows indeed. Both seem to share a populist approach to politics though imo. I have never understood or endorsed to make politics with a religious category like “hope” f. e. Hope belongs into church. If we want successful politics we need to be reasonable, consider all facts, check the options and formulate a realistic aim plus a way to achieve the goal we have set. Moreover, I am very worried that SYRIZA might become a huge disappointment because the relevant international powers won’t play along. On the other hand, I hope (sic!) that SYRIZA’s victory will engender a shift of thinking about social issues and capitalism in Europe. Only if Mr. Tsipras can convince his colleagues in Europe that this is necessary can sth good come out of this. Atm, I have no clue what will happen.
              We can hardly expect Ms Merkel f. e. to change her approach when such a change would mean losing the next federal elections. According to a poll conducted today, 80 % of Germans oppose the idea of renegotiating conditions with Greece. If Merkel agrees to do that nevertheless, it will be water on the mills of right-wing populist AfD. It is a very complicated situation. :(

            • I’m afraid that you are right about Syriza ending up as a let down at the end of the day. That’s my fear too. Complicated situation indeed.

              Btw, how did you do with the Prinz Blog contest? :) Or is the voting still under way?

            • The voting will start next weekend and I don’t expect a result until May. :) There are around 120 songs in the competition, and Prinz Blog does contests always as duels (5 to 10 every week). I’ll keep you updated … I certainly hope that I won’t face someone like Kati Wolf in round one. Wish me luck! :)

    • Thanks for the link, Oxi. Syriza is close to an outright majority. The Portuguese media do not get enough of hte Greek elections, so to speak. Bloco de Esquerda (the Left Bloc) and the Communist Party (very old school, they still say that North Korea is a good place to live) are enthusiastic with these results. The Socialists are trying to sound both happy and worried at the same time. PSD (the Social Democrats are a centre-right party here) expressed they wish for a sensible government. CDS (Christian Democrats and the other member of the ruling coalition) have not reacted yet.

      P.S. – Portugal will hold elections in the Autumn. The polls say that the PS (Socialists) will win without an outright majority)

      • Yeah, the Social Democrats are centre-right. I was just so confused when I saw that for the first time, thinking like “do they only have left-wing parties in Portugal?”. It’s just the same thing in Denmark where the biggest right-wing party is called Venstre (“The Left”).

        Bloco de Esquerda feels like the Portuguese counterpart of Syriza, being this post-globalism socialist left party (and now there’s a new party up there, LIVRE, which feels like a distant relative of B.E), in contrast to the more old school class struggle Communist Party.

        Will we see Manuel “Uma flor de verde pinho” Alegre again, running for president? :)

        • PSD used to be PPD (Popular Democratic Party), but they changed their name in the early eighties or late seventies and called themseçves the modern left. Being right of centre was not easy in the first years after the Carnation Revolution. CDS was attacked by several individuals and some of their offices were burnt down. They were the only party that voted against the Constitution written after the revolution – it was a Communist manifesto in certain parts.

          Manuel Alegre has said that he won’t run again. Portugal will have to elect a new President in early 2016. No one has officially declared that he or she is going to run.

        • Niclas, I forgot to tell that, yes, Bloco de Esquerda is our Syriza. They are going down in the polls though; Livre was actually founded by a former Bloco de Esquerda member of the European Parliament. The Portuguese far left has always been very fragmentary. I am very curious to see how Livre does in the next elections.

      • I’ve been reading (actually trying to read, since my portuguese is not that good :P ) some articles on re: Greek elections too. Thanks for the info.

  2. Being a moderate leftist I’m carefully happy about the result, but let’s see how things will work out in practice. In any case, the neo-liberal agenda has been dominating Europe for far too long. If a new government will mean more social justice, I don’t mind at all.

  3. Boy are you gonna hate me for this…

    I actually prefer Babou or Sara Sukurani over the rest.

    All sound like… usual Denmark blandness, and I feel those two can break away from it.

    Sara’s might be heard over and over, but I like the spunk it has. Will definetly stand out.

    Babou won be over with the inclusion of Danish, which would be a welcome change of pace.

    The rest… eh… Hotel A sounds as flat as Kedvesem and I don’t want to have another borefest of that level so soon. The rest are either flat or bad forms of upbeats.

    Babou or Sara to Vienna to spice things up!

    • Hotel A is a lot of things but definitely not simila to “Kedvesem” at all, at least not to my ears. It reminds me more of the many quirky songs we often get in MF and tend to actually stand out. I get that you dislike “Kedvesem” and “Hotel A” but I don’t see how one made you think of the other?

      • They aren’t exact equals, but when I heard Hotel A… I didn’t feel much of anything, which is exactly what happened with Hungary 2013. A broad comparison, I admit. It is more cutesy and sugary, but doesn’t really help its case for me, and the keyboard chorus hook sounds…dated.

        If anything, a watered down Switzerland 2011 is a more fitting description.

      • all of what has been said against “In a moment like this” is true and I agree but I still find Dk 2010 very charming, it’s like the perfect pot-pourri of qualities in a genre I usually despise… plus it has a sexy blonde who apparently likes Asians :p

        • That guy who was said to be big in Russia? Which didn’t result in more than 1 point from Russia at the end anyway. :P

          While I find Denmark 2010 to be dull as a rock, “Mi amore” sort of gets me, even if I think that it contains a lot of flaws too. So maybe it’s the same for me as DK 2010 is for you? The song kinda remind me of, as I said on Skype, an old MF song from 2002 – Linda Grip’s “You’re the best thing” – that got like no votes but I kinda liked it in an odd way. Still not more than a 5/12 so far. I’m definitely on the hotel bandwagon.

        • You know I usually tend to like the Danish radio friendly bland stuff more than I should (lol) and 2010 is no exception. It has a lot of charms. Now, 2009 is the one I can’t explain why I enjoy it so much

          • Yeah but I dont mind 2009, well crafted, enjoyable 3mns, pointless and irrelevant… the jurys adored it anyway. since DQ, the Danes made sure to always send such type of songs anyway

            • I know what you mean and I agree, but the staging of 2012 actually worked wonders (regardless of what people think of the ultimate result, which was underrated): without it, she would have seemed like an Anna Bergendhal and probably would have finished like her in the semi

            • It was a very competitive year too. Sure Loreen, the grannies and Seljko make it seem top heavy but the middle was very packed

            • Yeah very: she did all she could to stand out in semi and make the cut, the rest it’s a nice song that can only go so far in televote anyway, and juries couldnt save everything (especially when they’re just “meh” as juries)

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