Hungary: First 6 Acts Through from Heat 1

A Dal 2015 HUngaryHungary – Tonight saw the start of this year’s A Dal contest in Hungary and the first 6 artists were chosen to go through from Heat 1 to the next stage. The jury picked the first 5 acts, with the audience giving a chance to a 6th act via a mobile voting app.

The 6 qualifiers are:

PassedMesmerize (43 points)
Vera TóthGyémánt (39 points)
BogiWorld of violence (38 points)
Gabi SzűcsÚgysem felejtesz el (37 points)
KarmapolisTime is now (37 points)
Timi AntalWoke up this way (33 points) – audience choice

Heat 2 will take place next week on Saturday 31st January.

83 comments on “Hungary: First 6 Acts Through from Heat 1

  1. I agree on the top-3.They were the best.I don’t like the rest of the qualifiers.Balazs should have qualified .

  2. A Dal off to a bad start I am afraid. Yes, Bogi made it, but two great songs did not and on top of that the jury is way off this year. If Passed with an extremely sub par performance (of an otherwise very good song I admit) get such high scores and Bogi with a flawless performance of an at least equally good song gets 6s and 7s then there is a problem with the jury this year, especially the new member (on the left of the table).

    I am sure the majority around here is happy but for me A Dal is off to a worrying start. Of course I may be expecting too much from a jury with similar composition who ranked “Karcolas” last year among the last both in the heat and the semi.

    Hoping things will improve for heat 2 with Panktastic! in and heat 3 with Kati Wolf.

    Congrats to Bogi and Vera and Bogi FTW so far !

    • Bogi does not provide the great song you seem to think. You are the only one in favor of it fanatically. It scored from 4-6 from most people around here (except from you and Dimitris I think).
      Besides, how can your beloved juries get it wrong anywhere? :P

      • Oh,you are definitely asking for trouble. :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b555bMm76BM

      • People’s taste around here do not set some kind of bar for the quality of an entry you know, especially for me. We are talking about the crowd that worships “Suus” for god’s sake.
        Bogi imo does provide a great song. It does not overdo it, it has a restraint strength and a discreet anger I really like, it is very well made. Of course she boosts that vocally, she has a distinctive voice (some love i some hate it).

        Unfortunately national final juries are not like the juries chosen for esc..

        • Of course they are not since they don’t fit your taste :P

          • When they have two entrants before them (with no elaborate choreography either to hinder the vocals which would be natural), one with obviously sub par vocals and a loose stage presentation and you give 9s and 10s and another with great vocals and a very tight presentation and you give 6s and 7s (which is not a plus minus 1 difference, its significant), then sorry but it does not have to do with my taste. But hey whatever suits you, not gonna argue.

  3. Passed and Vera were the best, so far I agree with the jury. I still think that Passed must redo their performance, because it didn’t fit the song at all. Way too carefree and unconsidered. I also liked Balázs (who deserved a place in the semi) and Gabi. The others didn’t do it for me. Quite average heat in all, hope the next will be better.

  4. Vera Tóth – Gyémánt : 8/10
    Passed – Mesmerize : 7/10
    Bogi – World of violence : 6/10
    Timi Antal – Woke up this way : 4/10
    Karmapolis – Time is now : 4/10
    Gabi Szűcs – Úgysem felejtesz el : 4/10

  5. My favs: Mesmerize, Gyémánt, Time is now.

    So far (reposting):
    01. France
    02. Georgia
    03. the F.Y.R. of Macedonia
    04. the Netherlands
    05. Belarus
    06. Malta
    07. Albania

    • I think I am more like :
      but it’s difficult to rank these songs as they average more or less

  6. Tonight’s live acts have been uploaded on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/adalvlog/videos

  7. A Dal has made a very promising start here.

    My ranking of the qualifiers:

    Passed 9/12
    Vera Tóth 8/12
    Gabi Szűcs 6/12
    Karmapolis 6/12
    Antal Timi 5/12
    Bogi 4/12

    Passed FTW!

  8. I am watching the live performances now. :)

    Tóth Vera – restrained ballad, great orchestration, strong vocals, bad dress. 9/12

  9. Passed – Fantastic song (12/12 in studio version) but silly presentation and very … VERY … bad vocals. (That snippet I caught live was deceiving.) Down to 7/12. Please improve asap!

    • even if that’s disappointing, i saw that coming miles ahead and kept sadly repeating it was doomed to happen :/

      • I hadn’t listened to the song before tonight and thus had no expectations regarding the live vocals. Unfortunately, electro pieces frequently fall flat on their faces when performed live. :(

  10. Gabi – Nothing wrong with this one … except that it gets boring after 1 minute. 5/12

  11. Timi – Irrelevant girlie pop-rock with rough and shouty vocals. 3/12

  12. Karmapolis – Inoffensive sound from the 80s. 6/12

  13. Bogi – Rather pretentious and a tad dull too but not all bad. The vocals are … well Bogi vocals. 7/12

  14. Balász – I really like this song. Good vocals too. 9/12
    I won’t listen to the remaining songs.

    For now I say “Vera to Vienna!” (Won’t happen though …)

  15. Off-topic

    Listening through the Danish songs now, and there is a lot of crap and mediocrity, but one pretty decent song that seems a likely contender to win.

    1. Cecillie Alexandra – “Hotel A” 9/12
    2. Julie Bjerre – “Tæt på mine drømme” 6/12
    3. Anne Gadegaard – “Suitcase” 6/12
    4. Anti Social Media – “The Way You Are” 5/12
    5. Marcel & Soulman Group – “Når veje krydses” 4/12
    6. Andy Roda – “Love Is Love” 2/12
    7. Tina & René – “Mi Amore” 2/12
    8. Sara Sukurani – “Love Me Love Me” 2/12

  16. My favourites went ahead so I am happy with this start. Passed have clearly the best song of this semi and one of the best of A Dal 15 and probably the whole season. Their vocals were not top notch, but they did much better than I was expecting.

    The jurors have done a good job with perhaps the exception of one of them, the gentlemen on the right. The female juror was great and she wore a geen dress. :)

    Next week, my personal A Dal 15 nº1 song will be on stage and I hope that Gergő Oláh does not disappoint live. The orchestration has changed slightly at the very start of the song.

  17. Cecilie Alexandra-Hotel A FTW!A weak line-up in DMGP.”Hotel A” is the only reasonable choice.

  18. Suitcase and Hotel A for me!

  19. Watched top 3 of A Dal performances and I’m not impressed at all… All three were okay at best… Bogi have best song, but she was not good live…

  20. DMGP quick review
    1. “Mi amore” 7.5/10 – weird title, all around “in a moment like this”, overall not bad
    2. “Suitcase” 9/10 – Sounds cute :D I like a lot
    3. “Manjana” 6.5/10 Finally some beat to ESC… Nothing special, but can get through it without getting to much bored
    4. “Hotel A” 9/10 Can get higher, depending on the performance. Another cute song.
    5. “The way you are” 5/10
    6. ” Tæt på mine drømme” 6/10 I guess, Everything is nice except main part. Chorus. It is totally boring…
    7. “Love is love” 6/10. Why do they make such a nice instrumental and destroy it with awful lyrics.
    8. “Love me, love me” 9/10 Arash again! I don’t like the fact that all his songs are recycled… But I really miss this kind of music on ESC. #Nostalgia
    9. “Når veje krydses” I’m still singing “Love me, love me”. Don’t really boring to listen this one after previous… 3/10
    10.”Summer Without You!” 6/10 1D song, singed by the bunch of girls…

    So I would really love for “Love me, love me” to win, but “Suitcase”,”Hotel A” even “Mia Amore” could be better representatives… Sorry guys, but this time I am in teamARASH!

  21. Than goodness the audience saved the best song. Although the staging needs a shot of Amandine, or a few shots for that matter.

    You need to capture the intensity, attitude and rebellious nature of the song, and you don’t do that by smiling through it. The backing vocalists also look to “nice” on stage. More brashness, less niceness.

    +1 million for the choice of hair dye though. Red or dead.

  22. The winners in Hungary tonight “passed” go and collected, not 200 dollars, but a possible ticket to Wien.

    Or, they “passed” their first test with flying colors. The other entries need to “harp” on that now.

    That harp player is a superstar btw. Immediately caught my eye.
    The best performance overall won tonight.

    Now the question is, can they possibly be sur-passed?

  23. Passed – Mesmerize: Fantastic performance and a really good song, the best of the qualifiers yesterday.
    I also like Bogi and Karmapolis.

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