Germany: Unser Song für Österreich Reveals 1213 Wildcard Wannabes!

GermanyGermanyUnser Song für Österreich, Germany’s national selection show, has revealed the 1213 songs in the running for its wildcard place! The songs were submitted to the online platform and will eventually be reduced to just ten finalists that will take part in the Clubkonzert round on 19th February 2015 at 20.00hr (CET).

Unser Song für Österreich

All of the wildcard contender songs can be listened to here.

Seven more acts (probably some of who are well known) will be revealed by German broadcaster NDR this Wednesday, 14th January.

The winner of the wildcard event will join the 7 named acts in a grand final on 5th March. You can buy tickets for the German final here. Last year’s wildcard, Elaiza, surprised many by winning the ticket to Copenhagen with ‘Is it right‘ and finished 18th on Eurovision Island in the 59th Eurovision Song Contest

Singer/songwriter, Andreas Bourani, had recorded this year’s anthem for Unser Song für Österreich called ‘Auf uns’. He said,

The wild card is a unique opportunity for candidates to take part in the German national final and achieve both nationally and internationally an audience of millions. Elaiza have shown in the last year that the Wildcard has much more than an outside chance to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. It can be the start of a great career.

So what delights can we expect from this year’s wildcards. The likes of this…

11 comments on “Germany: Unser Song für Österreich Reveals 1213 Wildcard Wannabes!

  1. That was the first video that I watched. I cannot watch another 1212 of those. Any volunteers?!

  2. That Russian… stuff… reminded me of what used to pop up in those Spanish online wildcard pre-selections in the late 00’s. John Cobra, El Gato and all that misery.

    A person with free time and an enormous portion of patience (I have neither) will have my 100% support if he/she wants to plough through the sea of German hopefuls, and tell the rest of us what to hope for.

    Viel Glück!

  3. I am pitching in with one video randomly chosen and I quite like it:

    Kometen – Lichtgeschwindigkeit

    Atm, I say Kometen FTW! :)

  4. OMG Victorya Pertryk (Ukraine NF “Love is lord” is participating (found the video accidentally)

  5. Apparently Inzhir (my pre-favorite of this years BLR NF are participating also) :

  6. Good luck to us. ;)

  7. 1213 songs… Well I am not going to take that task.

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