2015: The Year Ahead!

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – Happy New Year to everyone, and hopefully you all made it without too many hangovers and are now looking forward to an exciting Eurovision season for the rest of this year! Here’s what will be coming up in 2015 on the Eurovision Times…

January has started with a look at the Georgian hopefuls which were revealed on New Year’s Eve. You can listen to the five entries and vote for your favourite here. We expect the winning song to be announced on the 14th January.

eurovision 2015

We’ve already had several acts announced, and know most of their songs. You can keep up with all the participants as they’re announced here.

In the next few weeks those of you wanting tickets to the finals had better keep money in the bank as we expect the next release of tickets will go on sale at the end of January. Keep your eye on OE Tickets for releases.

Also in January, Lithuania starts it’s lengthy selection process. The contenders will be announced on the 3rd January but we won’t actually know both the winning artist and the song they will sing until the 21st February! We’ll keep you up to date with all the Lithuanian news over the next 7 weeks here on Eurovision Times!

The 26th January is the date that the allocation draw will be made, and we’ll find out which countries will be in which semi-final.

There are several Super Saturdays to look forward to, when there are several selections happening all at the same time. The first one is on the 7th February. We’ll be discussing them all as they happen here on ET so come and join us.

super saturday

The annual Eurovision in Concert even which is held in Amsterdam takes place on the 18th of March and is the first time most of the acts all get together, meet the Eurovision press, and perform their song live in front of excited ESC fans. More details here.

All of the dates can be found in this year’s calendar.

In the run up to the finals we’ll be running the ET Knockout competition as usual, to see who ET readers want as this year’s victor before the actual contest itself.

Then it’s off to Vienna!

Vienna rathausplatz

Hulluna and Jade will be in Vienna for the full two weeks, bringing you photos, interviews and gossip from the press centre, rehearsals and parties, whilst Morgan will provide all your daily updates on performances in the arena and results from the shows.

After the excitement of the final, we’ll have a few weeks of analysis and no doubt some post Eurovision depression! You can join the PED support group for help and support in Facebook here!

But never fear, Eurovision Times will be active throughout the summer, with both the FRIDA Awards and our in house competition ETSC (our make believe Eurovision Times Song Contest). Start thinking about a song you’d choose from the country you’d like to represent now! The contest will be La Rochelle… who can stop France making it a hat-trick of wins?!

ETSC July 2015

September will be the deadline for songs for the official Eurovision Song Contest 2016, so as usual we will start to hear rumours and even start discovering 2016 acts any time after that.

November will see Junior Eurovision 2015, and at the moment we still are not sure if last year’s winners, Italy, will host or not. If they decline, we’ll probably be going to Bulgaria.

The we’ll be into December and the national finals will start all over again!

We hope you’ll stay with us throughout 2015 and enjoy another exciting Eurovision season! What are you most looking forward to? Do you have any favourite national finals or Eurovision events? Are you going to Vienna? What’s your favourite online competition on Eurovision Times during the year? Let us know below!




8 thoughts on “2015: The Year Ahead!

  1. I expect my hangover tomorrow because I will meet friends for dinner tonight. Last night, I was strictly Coca Cola zero … which helped me a lot while doing the statistics for my new scoring/ranking of all ESC songs. :)

    Happy New Year once again!

    • Bro Coke Zero isn’t good for you, don’t wanna scare you (can if you want) but seriously, if you want a sweet beverage, just have a normal coke but not too often

  2. Happy new year with this song. “New Year’s Eve” by the Danish band Kashmir (from the great album The Good Life, 1999)

  3. Kind of relieving that there are six shows going on the 7th of February. Then I have a good excuse for not watching every single Eurovision related show.

    It should be quite obvious which show I wll be watching that day.

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