Turkvision: Kazakhstan Celebrates

KazahtanTurkvision – Celebrations have been taking place in Kazakhstan after it won this year’s Türkvizyon song contest. The alternative competition, established by Turkey, this year involved 25 Turkic-speaking countries and was watched by about 3 million people.

Zhanar Dugalova Kazakhstan

This year’s winner was Zhanar Dugalova, singing ‘Izin Korem‘ (Ізін көрем). The song was composed by Zhanar herself with Rinat Zayytov.

Zhanar was delighted to win, saying

“We have done everything we planned. I was first in Tatarstan, Kazan. Now the city will be one of my favorites. You cannot even imagine how happy I am that we are first. This victory in the Turkvizyon competition will be remembered for a long time. Not least because the live broadcast was watched by about 3 million people!”

This year’s event was held in Kazan in Tartarstan, with 15 countries competing in the final. Check out who was knocked out of the semi-final here. Tartastan came second in the competition. Turkish broadcaster TRT will not be too happy as Turkey finished last!

You can watch the whole programme here:

Next year’s Türkvizyon will take place in Mary, Turkmenistan.

107 comments on “Turkvision: Kazakhstan Celebrates

  1. I only checked the winning song and Prinz Blog’s favourites Tatarstan and Kyrgyzstan. Everything is very colourful and over the top. La Agurbazh wouldn’t be out of place there. Although I personally enjoy the winning song Türkvizyon seems to be pretty much a LOL event. :)

    Last year, I really loved two songs: Belarus (Why do they never send sth like this to ESC?) and (politically incorrect) Northern Cyprus.

    • ”(politically incorrect) Northern Cyprus”

      If they were using the term ”Cyprus”; I wouldn’t mind. I believe this contest has a political background and therefore chose not to follow it.

      • Of course it has a political agenda. This one is not about celebrating diversity but about celebrating what is familiar (= Turkishness). Türkvizyon is nationalistic crap and thus the complete opposite of ESC. I utterly detest the idea behind it!

        • I understand celebrating diversity, thats one of the reasons I fell in love with ESC, white western boy, wouldnt usually here songs like Everyway That I Can, etc etc

          But I don’t see why celebrating your own culture as well is somehow bad?

          I want Turkey do both Eurovision and Turkvizyon. While I haven’t watched Turkvizyon yet I think I will because I love that Turkic sound and culture. Why deprive me of that?

        • I don’t know what made you think it is nationalistic contest dear because they are not bragging how great they are or looking down on other nations…They are just singing songs… I don’t see anything wrong with Turkic world and Turks all over the world coming together and singing their songs in their mother tongues which differ from region to region
          but if you say it was done for political reasons then I can get it…Turkey should have stayed in Eurovision too
          In fact I have never understood the love of current government for Turkic world..They are not interested in them at all when they have a lot of ”Sunni” muslim friends.Turkic world is like ”infidels” for them (since most of them have got nothing to do with religion)

          • Exactly, pulling out of Eurovision and having Türvizyon instead seems like structural cultural nationalism to me. (Structural is the crucial word here.) But perhaps I am wrong.

            • In fact the founder of this cultural festival was Gülen movement (they were also organising Turkish Olympics) then all of o sudden the goverment claimed this song festival and turned it into a contest for the reasons you know…
              The wrong thing was to leave Eurovision..Had they participated in Eurovision,people wouldnt have made this a big deal…
              still music is music and I cant turn a blind eye on a music contest just because of the people behind it :)It existed long before those idiots
              Thats me of course..you are free not to follow :)

            • I sort of follow too because there are some nice songs and you can’t blame the songs for politics. But I follow with a very critical view on what is going on. Multitasking: enjoying and being critical at the same time. :)

            • yes..there is nothing I can defend when it comes to our government you know…don’t mince your words ;)

  2. the winning song is too ethnic for my taste but I can say Tataristan made a good job hosting the contest.

    Here is a song I like from Tataristan :) It is so awesome to understand what she is saying😊I can’t say the same for Kazakh language…

  3. Kazakhstan has so much more to offer…I had shared this before…great Kazakh song by Moldir…awesome video with a beautiful styling and acting❤️❤️❤️

  4. I’m not amazed with the winner! But I like that here Azerbaijan is not represented with a Swedish song. And surely dress designer of Azerbaijan was’t a designer from Milan :

    What I like is Sirusho’s PreGomesh impact on the Central Asian artists! Well Kazakh artist is quite influenced by sirusho’s style and it started when she was in Kesh You band:

    Just Like Kesh You at first Durdona /Uzbek singer/ was hiding her copy paste of Sirusho’s song but when huge army of Sirusho’s fans started its attack she renamed her video as cover of Sirusho’s PreGomesh:

    Good for Sirusho!

  5. OMG, am shocked Turkey came last. Yes it’s slightly embarrassing to come last in your own event but with a really good song as well, omg, and while I didn’t watch it so dont know the other songs, that Turkish song didnt deserve last.

    Only silver lining is maybe if you come last in a contest you set up to rival ESC, you might be more inclined to join ESC as even under the unfair jury system that Turkey rightly hates they would never finish last.

    • There are rumors that the other countries voted down turkey between the semi and the final.

    • For non musical reasons.

      • Because of Turkey’s poor response to the ISIS crisis?

        • No the rumor is here. Don’t know how true it is.
          Doesn’t matter to me the winner is awesome and deserved to win.


          • OMG that is just blatant, that is so wrong! Nothing short of outrageous.

            • It is outrageous. The Queen only finished 3rd in the semi. Lol

              It would be hypocritical of me to condemn what happened. I love the winning entry so much that I’m willing to turn a blind eye to all this.

            • But surely you can agree Turkey deserved top 3 like it acheived in the semi.

            • Turkey was in my top 5. It was the only song in my top 5 that didn’t finish top 5 in the actual contest. If only esc worked that way.

              That being said, you ever heard of the phrase “love is blind?” It applies here. I don’t know anything about any allegations nor do I care to find out. “Ignorance is bliss” is another saying that applies here.

              I wouldn’t be asking any questions either if I was you. She is otherwise benevolent, but in this case The Queen may not take too kindly to any scrutiny. Lol

            • im not saying kazakstan cheated or questioning her win. Just that Turkey deserved to be up there too :)

            • Smart man. It’s better to have The Queen as an ally rather than as an enemy. Lol

              I liked Turkey too. They just need to learn to vote correctly next time. Lol

            • I’m surprised Azerbaijan were able to keep their nose clean.

        • Poor only from a Western perspective. Turkey has different interests. Plus, the conflict is right at their doorstep.

          • I tell ya what, if there was a mass murdering group of terrorists on my doorstep trying to break in, I wouldn’t just be sitting in my living room hoping my next door neighbours (the kurds) keep their telly down.

            • Dear Max, I don’t want to go into detail but do you have any idea what might happen in Turkey if the Kurds get a state of their own? I am really your friend but I suggest to study history before voicing an opinion on very complicated matters like the one we discuss right now.

              Plus Erdogan wants Turkey to become a hegemon in the region. The more rivalling forces weaken each other the better for Turkey. I know that this is terrible but this has always been politics. It is all about power annd privileges. Or do you think it fair that we in Europe are obscenely rich while people are still starving in Africa, where we destroyed all social and cultural traditions by colonial violence. Plus, subsidising our agricultural industry, we do not give those countries a chance to develop. Europe is at war too, but we kill people by allowing them to starve.

              Sorry, I should not post stuff like that on an ESC fan site but I had to say it once. I will never do it again.

            • Well personally I don’t see why Turkey can’t let Kurdistan have independence, but then the idea of letting people have self rule seems to be a British only perspective (we let Scotland go for independence if they wanted, whereas Spain, America, Turkey, and countless other countries, all stop regions from gaining independence)

              And Turkey’s game of waiting it out may backfire tremendously, ISIS have no intention of stopping at Kobane, they have expressed interest in concurring all the islamic world, of which Turkey is high on the target list.

            • The question whether Mr. Erdogan is a wise man is an entirely different question …

            • He is a stain on Turkey, an otherwise fantastic country!

            • If he is a stain but people keep reelecting him into office, why is Turkey a fantastic country? Turkey is not Mermaid … even though we all wish that all of Turkey was like Mermaid. How much do you know about Turkey? How do you think that the conservative muslim segment of the Turkish society would react if Turkey actively fought IS f. e.?

            • Because up until he came in Turkey was a beacon to the Muslim world, of how to be both Modern and Islamic, to still be Muslim, but also secular and treat people fairly and equally. Instead he imposes a stricter doctrine, and don’t make the mistake of thinking all his voters think this, the turkish economy is doing well (relatively), and like any people they vote with their wallets as Bill clinton said, its the economy stupid.

              Surely as a German, you must know that a leader being elected doesnt necesarily mean the people agree with all his policies.

              From a UK perspective, I personally am a supporter of David Cameron, but that doesn’t mean I like what he is doing with regards to tuition fees or international aid.

            • You support a guy who says stuff like: “I have just returned from Brussels. They wanted our money. They didn’t get it”? *faints* Plus, he looks llike one of the Maltese nuns … ;)

              And you have a lot to learn about Turkish history, culture and interests. Sorry, but understanding and objectively describing is the foundation of any credible opinion.

              Mermaid for president! :)

              Good night, dear Max. Tomorrow will be another busy day. :(

            • Yeah he is a bit of a mess in Europe. Like everyone can see he didn’t get us any money back, but his general idea of renegotiate then opt to stay in or out, was my idea before it was his.

              As for Turkey I will admit I’m no expert, but can agree with Mermaid for President, as long as her first presidential decree is to tell TRT to go back to Eurovision and send Sertab, Hadise and Siebel as a Turkish female supergroup. (Ayse can join too if they need a 4th member)

              And yes tomorow, a very exciting day, not only do we get the first Swedish contestants announced I also begin my Swedish course!


            • At least we agree on Mermaid for President! :)

              Let’s start the fund raising. :)

            • That is all we have to cling to atm, I am afraid … but “hope” is a bit vague for an objectivity-hag like me. ;)

            • And finally on your personal attack (“Surely as a German” … I am Toggie and German only by accident …): My grandfather was a humanist and died in a Nazi prison while my granny was pregnant with my dad (it was a stroke according to official Nazi documents …). My granny gave birth do my father hidden in the cellar of her friends’ house. Well, it is a sad story. But that personal story doesn’t change the fact that the majority of Germans supported the Nazis. You know that Hitler was democratically elected, don’t you? It is always a bad idea to close eyes to reality. Most people are egoistic cr*ps … :(

            • “You know that Hitler was democratically elected, don’t you?”

              This was my point, not a personal attack, trying to say that just cos he was elected, didnt make all germans bad, most of them didnt know the scale of what he was going to do. They voted on economic matters.

            • Most of them knew exactly what was going on. Let me tell you a goodnight story: My other granny’s best friend was a Jewish lady, who was deported to a concentration camp and eventually killed there. My granny had always known what had happened, but she insisted on telling everyone: “I thought that they had moved somewhere else”. Unfortunately, that is how people work in order to have a comfortable life. (Just forget about the children starving in Africa and the refufgees drowning in the Mediterranean as long as the European we are superior party goes on …)

              P.S. My granny only told us that she had always exacly known what had happened on her death bed …

            • yeah but its not her fault what happened, she was clearly distressed and didnt want to think about it, she wasnt actively supporting it tho.

            • I still don’t think that we can acquit her though …

            • Acquit? She’s not committed a crime, she just wanted a peaceful life.

              What was she supposed to do, stand up to them and be killed herself? Have you not seen Hunger Games?

              You wouldn’t have been born if she did, and an ET without Toggie would be much worse if i may say.

  6. the green room interviewer/host is super hot :p

  7. It isn’t just Kazakhstan celebrating. Anyone that read the Malta winner thread knows that I am also celebrating the Queen’s victory!

    • I love your enthusiasm so much :)

      • Thanks.

        But it isn’t hard to have enthousiasm when the winning entry is that awesome.

        It would be an all time great winner at eurovision. Yes, an all time great. The song, the performance, the fire in the Queen’s eyes. Such a magic, enchanting performance.

        If that’s not enough, 4 of my top 5 also finished in the top 5 at the actual show. That’s a once in a lifetime occurrence.

  8. Erdogan says that Olympic flame belong to Turkey, all world cultures start from Turkish world and Muslims discover America :/ No more comments :/

  9. Ver interesting song. Congratulations to the winners. :)

  10. For being a hissy fit and something only to please to Turkey, there are one or two good songs there. Kazakh lady does sing amazingly, both her and KeshYou are great.

    But still… is a hissy fit only made to please Turkey and for them to always win. Even if they ended last.

  11. It’s kind of cute seeing her being so excited for being watched by 3 mil people to be honest..Imagine how she would react in the esc scale of numbers of viewers !

    Anyway, I have only heard the winning song and I can’t really take this contest as a whole seriously sorry. It’s way too over the top and out of what I like musically 100 %. This year’s winner is no exception. It serves as some kind of weird exhibit to me but little more. I liked the stage though, quite a lot of work has bee put in that !

    • Kazakhstan isn’t a big musical market so getting 3 million people to watch you is no small feat. One week ago she was just a singer. Today she is a Queen.

      Of course it helps that this song and performance is at minimum better than the last 2 esc winners, by a long distance. Better than the vast majority of winners since I started watching in 2004.

      And the whole show was great, great music, great entertainment, and only 2 hours long. And loads of diversity, and no English language songs. It’s a great change of pace.

      Sure it would be great for Turkey to return to esc but if they keep producing shows like this every year, I might prefer for them to just continue with Turkvision.

      If Turkey does return one day, my wish would be that either they continue with this, or have another country continue it.

      At the very least, I hope this show gains enough traction one day that the ebu is forced to adapt some of the great things about Turkvision: native languages, less songs in the final, and shows that end in 2 hours.

      • I do hope you are kidding to a certain degree honestly. Turkvizion is funny imo as a cult event and nice to have around for the “wtf” moments mostly but no thank you I am keeping my esc as it is :)
        More countries in the final, lingual freedom and as weird as it may be to say that, much less gimmicky.

        As for the part about winners again I can only take it as a light hearted comment, not serious really..

        • No jokeing this time around, I stand by everything I wrote. Wholeheartedly.

          The ebu can in fact learn a thing or two from it.
          And I am serious: the Queen’s performance and song blows away the vast majority of winners in the recent past and the not so recent past.

          The two hour final itself is great and compares favorably to the actual esc shows.

          Seriously, if Turkey does reappear at eurovision I hope they keep their show going, or at the very least have someone else take over.

          They should look into marketing it better because it fills in the spaces that esc neglects.

          • Ok then I do not think we will agree on any level I am afraid.
            Turkvizion for me is a surreal, over the top musical event, with little to offer musically, especially compared to esc nowadays. ESC has absolutely nothing to learn from it and it should not.
            It’s good enough for the novelty value it has as a contest but if Turkey is to come back to esc, they’d better put up their serious face and send some good music.
            As for the Kazakh entry all I have to say is that it’s…interesting in its own way. But as a novelty and little more.

            • You don’t think the introductory videos before the performances where you get to see the acts before they hit the stage, and the pre tapes where they talk about their experiences at their homes isn’t something different and cool as a postcard?

            • I did not like these background interviews at all to be honest but it might have been the personality of the singers. I think they get in the flow of the show a lot, I want to listen to the songs as close to one another as possible as the best means to compare them.
              As for the postcards meh…The ones we had this year in esc were much better.
              The ones in 2008 ? Brilliant and as artistic as it goes.
              I did not see much inspiration in those in Turkvizion.

            • The esc postcards this year were clever and well produced. No doubt about it.

              But I like seeing the artist’s personality. It’s cool to see an artist, singing a cappella in the green room moments before she goes out there and gives a performance for the ages.

              For me, I like those kind of pieces. I am the type of person that likes going up to artists and offering words of encouragement. That’s why it was so awesome the way Kobenhavn allowed access to the artists during the shows. I took full advantage of that.

              Surprisingly, the artists like it too. I got a lot of genuine smiles. Even from Soluna. We had a nice chat after her show. I tried to convince her to come to New York to continue her career. Lol

            • I don’t think seeing the artists backstage acting crazy at times offers nothing to the contest. For Turkvizion it may be suitable, not for esc though and that’s where I see the difference. An artist before going on stage ,especially in such an event as esc, needs their time to focus and concentrate imo. I would find such interviews as meaningless as those press conferences after the semi finals tbh.

              I would also like to see artists in person, but in person. That’s a different experience totally imo (and that’s why I wanted you to send my regards to my lovely Soluna :) !)

            • We differ in this too. You know how much I like kristas wackiness.

          • P.S. Personally I consider comparsions between Loreen, Emmelie or Conchita and the winning entry in Turkvizion at least offensive to these esc winners.
            I am not saying its not your right to like this song and performance but for me it’s mindblowing that they can even be compared on any level, beginning from the quality of production in the songs discussed.

            • There is nothing offensive to these winners. I’m not insulting them. I’m judging performances.

              It’s a ranking. If you rank one song over another does that mean you have insulted the lesser ranked song?

              If I said the queens song and performance is better than Poland 2014 (an entry you don’t like) would you say i was insulting Poland? No right? So why it is that bad if I substitute only teardrops for Poland?

              In my 2013 rank I have Finland top then Estonia. That doesn’t insult Estonia, in fact I dare you to find someone who loves the Angel her song or her performance more than I do. I just love something else more that year.

              And you begrudge turkvision’s winner for being a gimmick but the winners you mentioned, especially the last 2, won in large part to being gimmicks.

              In fact every esc winner incorporates gimmicis. It’s as much a visual contest as it is an audio one.

              I like turkvision’s gimmicks, which in most cases is just traditional ethnic garb.

              I love Euphoria, and I consider it the best esc winner since I’ve been watching in 2004. Still listen and watch the performance nowadays.

              I can easily love both Loreen and the Queen. I don’t have to pick sides, it’s not either I have to be on esc side or Turkvisyon sides. I can enjoy both shows.

              I enjoyed esc 14 on tv and in the arena and I also enjoyed Turkvisyon 14.

              More choices for me, that can’t be a bad thing.

            • “And you begrudge turkvision’s winner for being a gimmick but the winners you mentioned, especially the last 2, won in large part to being gimmicks.”

              I disagree vastly. Emmelie had no gimmicks with her, just a great song to carry her and a standard stage presentation.
              As for Conchita I will just say that vocally she was miles ahead from the turkvizion lady and the song is miles ahead in terms of production quality, not even comparable imo.

              I never said I did not enjoy Turkvizion. But as I said not as a music contest, not even close. As a very surreal and intriguing gimmick, a well intentioned and well set up “circus”. It offered nothing musically to me.
              I enjoy esc but for completely different reasons.
              For me these are contests that do vastly different things and have vastly different quality on offer.
              I enjoy them both. That does not mean I enjoy them the same way or take both seriously, sorry.

              But I do not believe these contests should interact in anyway, especially for Turkvizion to influence Eurovision in anyway.

              To me they exist to their different realms and should stay there : Eurovision as a music contest I enjoy a lot and listen to its songs long after its done.
              Turkvizion as a surreal gimmick that gives me a smirk or too and leaves me with those “wtf” moments. An above average song may appear now and then probably in the future (there was none this year I am afraid..) and it will be welcome but I am definately not expecting it.

              I will just let each thing be what it’s good at being.

            • A gimmick means things that make a performance stand out.

              The drums, penny whistle and attire on on,y teardrops are gimmicks. Good gimmicks, but still gimmicks.

              Watch her sing only teardrops with these things missing. Like in London pre esc. The performance suffers greatly.

              A beard and a dress is most certainly a gimmick. Nobody was talking about the song winning. It was 40/1 pre show.

              Obviously, I can’t begin to tackle the vocal question because I like the female singing voice better than the make singing voice when it comes to non rap and non rock songs. It’s a matter of taste.

              And we will agree to disagree as usual on turkvision. I found the quality high throuought.

              If Turkvisyon starts getting some traction and starts building a tradition and a world wide audience, the ebu may start taking some of their good ideas.

              And why not, competition is a great thing for the viewer.

            • I don’t think “Only Teardrops? benefitted from anything other than being the song it was honestly. The things you mention are part of a stage performance and little more. They are musical instruments, included in the song’s orchestration and its a natural choice for them to be included on stage to visualize that of course.
              On Conchita I stick with what I have been saying since she won : She won DESPITE the beard not BECAUSE OF it imo. It wouldn’t have won if it wasn’t for the song and the vocals. More extreme presences went on the esc stage and did not win (or get a good result for that matter).

              We will obviously disagree. As I said the Turkvizion entries are novelty to me, with no musical value at the least when it comes to most of them.

              I doubt Turkvizion will get any worldwide traction or attention. And honestly they have no good ideas that should infect ESC in any possible way. If that happens I am afraid my favourite music contest will not be one worth watching or following so closely and that would dissapoint me deeply.

              There is no competition here. Eurovision is a music contest. Turkvizion is a novelty born out of turkish spite that exists to only enhance their nationalistic feelings and promote a political agenda through a tacky, without substance or aesthetics imo event.

            • Most importantly of all: just call “the Turkvisyon girl” what I call her, the Queen.


            • No thanks, I won’t have any of that :)

            • P.S. I do not intend to offend anyone participating in turkvizion. I just feel I would be dishonest if I did not say exactly how I feel and why I watch each event, that’s all.

            • Of course we want honesty, what good would it be if we just lied?

            • And one more thing: I think that you, more than anyone else, bring out my serious side the most.

              I think I have had more serious non joking conversations with you than pretty much everyone else.

              You know I like to keep it lighthearted. For me this website is about music and fun. Mostly fun.

              Except that one period when I first arrived here and had to fight off the saari fan club. Lol what memories.

              I do enjoy them though. A little debate and exchange of differing ideas won’t hurt anyone.

            • I will take this (the fact that you had more serious conversations with me) as a compliment Alex :)

              P.S. Estonia can wait to be favoured by me in FDLC when the voting comes, btw, I love the song ;)

            • So, the more I compliment you the more points Estonia gets right? Lol

            • Not at all. I like songs from people I barely speak to haha ;)

            • I’m taking my compliment back then. LOL

            • I think that the Türkivzyon 2015 winner is better than Denmark 2013 but worse than AUT 2014 and SWE 2015.

            • Well we obviously disagree. For me DEN 13 is the best out of these 3 winners (and one of the best esc winners in general imo) – I definately like it more than “Euphoria” (which is amazing itself of course) as a song, I think it has more substance and a more intriguing orchestration. Plus while Loreen has a certain impact on me as an artist, Emmelie’s elegance and straightforwardness win me over.

              But all 3 are light years ahead IMO in comparison to any turkvizion entry, including the winner.

            • *SWE 2012*

          • Why is 2 hours better than the 3 hours the ESC final runs? Personally, I prefer longer shows. The more, the better. :)

            • The esc final runs 3.5 hours. How many people, of the total audience on Saturday, watch all 3.5? Most of them are on this website. Lol

              2 to 2.5 hours is a better length. Introduce the participants, start the show, 15 minutes to vote, count the votes, announce the winner, say goodnight. Let’s go party in Vienna.

              Malta runs 3 hours plus. The more the better doesn’t apply here for sure. Lol

              The best way to cut time is to cut the number of finalists. 15 is a much better number because the viewer has less to digest, less to remember, and each act has more impact. Less things get lost in the shuffle.

              The hardcore viewer watches the semis so he/she gets to see everyone that participates that week and the general audience on Saturday won’t care about the number of entries.

              In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratings increase as the show is shortened. And that’s the bottom line to the ebu, ratings. If they see that something increases ratings, they will do it.

              15 entries also allows more time to introduce the songs. Maybe give time to start showing the songwriters and having the artists introduce the song.

            • If only 15 countries qualify, the majority of acts will get stuck in the semi-finals. This will be followed by withdrawals. Not a good idea imo. I have never understood why people argue that movies/shows etc. shouldn’t exceed 2 hours. I love endless movies (de Oliveira is a God!) and shows … but only if I enjoy them of course. Let’s be happy to disagree. :)

              Btw, all our Sunday prime time mysteries are exactly 90 minutes long although some would need more time and others would benefit from being shorter. That habit of sticking to the 90 minute prime time slot is extremely silly imo.

  12. Ok watching some of the entries now : The lady from Turkmenistan has to tell me where she gets dressed. She gets my vote just for the styling on stage. Also some weird BDSM stuff going on with the Kyrgyz entry…Oh my gosh, I love this contest :P !

    • It is very entertaining in a *blush* way, isn’t it? Guilty pleasures. I recommend to check the jolly gay guy from Tatarstan with his totally random stage show. :) I love it to bits …

      • I adore it ! Tatarstan is last on the line up, I am currently on Yakutia, another lady I am casting my vote on simply by seeing the dress !
        Seeing the lady from Turkmenistan on stage singing her jolly tune and the rockers from Iran in the green room dancing to it holding iranian flags is the most surreal thing I have seen in a while..!
        Someone just offer me a ticket to this next year, seriously..I don’t need Vienna !

        • “Surreal” is a very good description of Türkvizyon … at least from a Western European perspective …

          • It’s definately an interesting cultural experience. And most of them are vocally bombastic and over the top but very good at that actually. The songs suffer from a similarness and safeness at their respective cultural context though (still exciting for poor westerners like us I guess !).
            I am currently on Bosnia, one of the more toned down entries (who gets my vote for the cute lead singer though lol !)

            • I haven’t checked Bosnia but since I trust your taste (???), I will check the entry tomorrow night.

              Good night, guitar. :)

            • Just checker Tatarstan. Loved it to bits ! That sphere with the projections, the horses running on the sphere, him standing on the sphere..I mean certain countries in esc have a lot to learn from the entrants here if all they can bring is a hamster wheel :P !

              Good night togravus !

            • LOL. Sleep tight and have sweet dreams of Tatarstan and other remote regions of our crazy world. :)

  13. To be totally fair with the lady from Yakutia, Sweden has already done the wolf theme in eurovision in 2000…!

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