Marco Mengoni Releases New Single

marco mengoniFormer Participants – Italy’s 2013 entrant, Marco Mengoni, has released his latest single entitled ‘Guerriero‘ (Warrior) which he launched at a university lecture! Mengoni recently indicated that he would very much like to participate in Eurovision again.

Mengoni revealed his new single at the University of Milan in a lecture for an hour and a half, between sociology professor Federico Boni, and Andrea Rosi, the president of Sony, his record company, talking about how the music is changing in the digital age.

The song is taken from his new album which will be released in January and is about defending you from being afraid with lyrics such as When I fall you do not despair, for I will get up. I am a warrior and I will find the strength, cross your path I’ll be by your side while I’ll give you shelter from the storm, and I will hold you by the hand.” The video, shot in Trentino, follows this theme with a little boy having the support of a comic superhero to get him through bullying.

Let us know what you think to his latest offering and if you’d like to see Marco back at Eurovision one day.

11 comments on “Marco Mengoni Releases New Single

  1. It is amazing song, best I’ve heard from him… Keep up the good work Marco :D

  2. He is more than welcome to return to ESC. Marco Mengoni <3

  3. Of course he is welcome back! He has taste and can perform (caugh Emma)

  4. I am not allowed to watch this clip and couldn’t find the song anywhere else either. Perhaps I will later check a snippet in case the song is already on iTunes.

  5. Sounds like an interesting song. Not so much my taste, but it’s well performed and well produced. Interesting coda. It may grow after some listenings.

    “I’ll be by your side while I’ll give you shelter from the storm, and I will hold you by the hand” – quite clichéed, I’d say, but still a fine song.

    I did like his 2013 entry though I was never that extatic about it. Both “Madness of Love” and “L’amore é femina” were much more interesting.

    • I have to agree, of all four songs Italy gave us since return, Marco’s is the one I like the least, probably because it’s the most formulastic one (it did win San Remo, when the others either did not go to it, or went to the “new talent” bit)… but Marco’s so adorable but I’ve always loved the way he looks in daily life, like during rehearsals he had a cute (very gay) wooly that made him look tasty without overdoing it, the blue suit in esc was too “uptight” for me!

      As for the new song, it confirms that Marco does the simple quite typical Italian ballads I’m not crazy about, and if it weren’t for the poor quality of midtable Eurovision, then he probably woulnd’t have been in my top 5! (esc 2013 was quite weak too, at least to me)

  6. I am not crazy about his new song but he is more than welcome to return :)

  7. I love those rainy,foggy landscapes of Trentino!
    I really like the song too.The video is about bullying.

  8. I am not particularly fond of this song. If he wants to come back to ESC, find a good song and do it. Good luck.

  9. What a MAGNIFICENT song, his ESC entry is one of my faves EVER, actually second favorite EVER, after “Mamo”..only “Mamo ” is better than “L’essenziale”…

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