Malta: Amber to Vienna!

MaltaMalta – Tonight, the second entry for Eurovision 2015 was chosen. And it’s Amber with Warrior who will represent Malta in Vienna!

In Malta, the national final came to an end as PBS, the Maltese broadcaster, held the grand final with the14 songs that qualified in yesterday’s semi! Yesterday a semifinal qualified only 14 songs out of 20 for tonight’s show. If you missed the show, you can recap all performances on this youtube’s playlist!

This was tonight’s line-up:

  1. Glen Vella Breakaway (Kevin Borg & Simon Gribbe)
  2. Karen DeBattista12, Baker Street ( Jan Van Dijck & Emil Calleja Bayliss)
  3. MinikOnce in a while (Elton Zarb & Rita Pace)
  4. TrilogyChasing a dream (Paul Abela & Joe Julian Farrugia)
  5. Chris GrechClosed doors (Chris Grech, Edward Mifsud, Peter Borg & David Cassar Torregiani)
  6. EkklesiaLove and let go (Philip Vella)
  7. JessikaFandango (Philip Vella & Gerard James Borg)
  8. Deborah C – It’s OK (Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
  9. AmberWarrior (Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
  10. L-AħwaBeautiful to me (Erik & Anjou)
  11. FranklinStill here (Alexander Rybak)
  12. ChristabelleRush (Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
  13. Lawrence GrayThe one that you love (Elton Zarb & Lawrence Gray)
  14. Daniel TestaSomething in the way (Mins Ek & Charlie Mason)

Held in JESC’s stage in Marsa, the show saw many artists on stage next to tonight’s competitors, like Conchita Wurst who sang bot her winning song Rise like a phoenix and her new single Heroes and Firelight, last year’s Maltese representative, who presented many of their new materials.

After which we got the results, the televote’s Top 3 was Amber, Ekklesia Sisters and Franklin. But then juries came in and gave Amber a clean sweep victory! Christabelle came second.

This is the first win for Amber in MESC. She took part many times before: in 2014 she came 4th with Because I have you, in 2013 she came 4th with In control, in 2012 she came 3rd with Answer in your eyes, in 2011 she came 13th with Catch-22 and her other song, Touch wood, failed to qualify to the final.

So here’s the winning entry:


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174 comments on “Malta: Amber to Vienna!

  1. As expected :)
    Congratulations Malta but you had a better song last year…

  2. Congrats :D
    Best song, best effort in years if you ask me :)
    I liked Fandango as well, but she was very static on stage for that song…

  3. I had a feeling from the first moment I heard the snippet of “Warrior” that this could well be Amber’s year. It felt like the kind of thing the jurors would lap up (and they did, unanimously) and I figured she would do reasonably well with the public, without winning the tele-vote (I was wrong).

    For what is essentially the musical hybrid of “Survivor” and “Wild Soul”, “Warrior” is a surprisingly decent song. It has a strong melody and some slick production, and although the lyrical inversion trick between the first and second verses is a tad annoying (“we had to be courageous”/”we were courageous”) that is only a minor gripe. Amber is obviously great and charismatic as a singer, and has had even better songs in the past, but this song doesn’t do her any disservice in my opinion. Put short, this is my favourite Maltese entry in quite some time :)

    8/12 and 1st place on my list

    1. Malta 8/12
    2. Macedonia 4/12

    Also, can I just take a moment to acknowledge Karen (0 points in the final) and Raquel (eliminated in the semi-final) who both deserved much better.

    • I agree. Both Raquel and Karen deserved better. But at least I was right that those despicable nuns wouldn’t come close with such a heavy jury vote.

      • Say, did you happen to find Domenique’s leg. I lost it when Karen’s bandwagon crashed into mine. I think insaw it fly in the air. It’s somewhere in Valetta.

        • According to my friends on Malta, it is all a mayhem atm. I will call Dr. Temperance Brennan this minute. Perhaps she, Cam and Hodge can save those legs for us to put them on our shelves. ;)

          (Oh my, that one IS bad …)

          • It didn’t help that I was knocked unconscious either.

            Did you manage to at least save the posters?

            • Yes, I saved the posters and Temp told me that she and her team would catch the next flight out to Luqa Airport. :)

            • At least some good comes out of it. I will pick mine up after I recover from my concussion.

              I think my girls ended up with 12 points total. It was a real beating.

            • Yes, we are badly bruised atm … Your poster is safely stored in my house’s basement. Don’t worry … you can drop by any time. :)

            • Great. I may unfurl that poster in the arena when Amber performs.

              I should rush the stage and do it there. I may need bail money in a few months. Loll

            • Just like ESC 1964 … just make sure that you rush the stage during the right act. LOL

  4. Congratulations, Amber! Finally! You were my favourite in both 2011 and 2012, and even if I would have liked those songs rather than “Warrior”, it was still in my Top 3 tonight. I also think it was the best choice for Eurovision, even if that doesn’t mean much.

    Good luck!

  5. Nothing for Karen. I still love her regardless.

    The positive is that it won the televote, so the people’s choice won out at the end.

    I was anti jury before, this only reinforces my beliefs. Every jury member had this as their favorite. Young and old, male and female. No change whatsoever. I hope the vote wasn’t done to please the crowd and it it was what they believed.

    Anyway, good luck to the Maltese Helena. I still prefer the Greek version.

  6. copy/paste

    It’s a sweep. I am no fan but see the qualities MLT15 has. Good luck.

    1st MLT
    2nd MAK (you will be terribly punished by me for not sending Tamara … GRRRRR)

  7. I am glad with this choice. The song is not wow material, but it is a decent effort and Amber’s rendition is sincere and honest, avoiding the usual stereotypes too many singers go for these days. Congrats and good luck!

    1. Malta
    2. Macedonia

    None of these two will end up in my final top 10, most probably.

  8. Malta blandness again, but at least it was a complete sweep… But they have something going on here. Let’s see if they can pull of an Ukraine and polish it. At least is way better than the nothingness of last year.

  9. Hi guys!
    Avoided watching the show because ads…and I was watching an anime…
    Glad I did, because this song is so dull, so “I heard this thing a million times before.”
    Its not bad or good. Is just there for me.

  10. Congratulations Amber!One of my favorites won tonight.I knew it would be her year.
    Thank God,the nuns flopped and thank God the runner-up didn’t come close to winning.Good luck Malta.This is actually my all-time favorite Maltese entry!

  11. After two years with great choices it seems that Malta are back to their usual boring stuff.
    Good luck.

  12. OGAE fanwank…
    I will be surprised if this one gets anywhere near top 10 next year.
    I don’t dislike it , it is just that I find the chorus annoying.
    I preferred Malta in 2013 and 2014.
    7/10 for now.
    Thank u MALTA for leaving those nuns behind
    1.Malta 7/10
    2.FYROM 5/10

  13. The maltese entry for 2015 is the definition of middle in the road elevated a tad by a kind of strong voice. Amber is a likable singer with a lot of vocal virtues. “Warrior” is not a song that showcases them though. It sounds really sloppy and hastily made, without much thought or effort put into it. It’s different parts sound disjointed and as a whole the melody does not flow smoothly. Amber is doing her best though to hide these weaknesses. She succeeds at some points and fails at others.As a big ballad this fails to interest me or excite me (and I am a fan of big ballads). Malta may have a chance to reach the final with some help from the juries but I don’t see it near the top 10 or top 15 currently to be honest. 5.9/10 and 1st place on my list :

    1. Malta – 5.9/10
    2. FYR Macedonia – 5.5/10

    This season is not off to a great start I am afraid. Hope thing pick up in the following months.

  14. Not getting a single point can cause Karen to make new career plans😊
    I feel bad for her though…0 point is nothing but an insult

  15. Well it’s very weird. Inside the Maltese NF universe, it was one of the best they had to offer, definitely in my top 3 all along, sometimes first coz I liked her delivery, sometiemes 3rd coz it was too much like the typical europop we usually get; now inside the Eurovision universe, this one will keep going down my lists I reckon: there will be better stronger europop schlager, with better singers, and there will be better songs in general for me to get excited for or to even have as guilty pleasures. Some people said that, after trying out unusual songs for them in 2013 and 2014, with actual final qualifications, they went back to their usual formula, and I agree with that. I think Malta won’t make the cut in the final in Vienna. We’ll see how they revamp and how Amber does on the big esc stage after all.

    This is my final MESC list with all 20 songs, the fact that my top 2 were eliminated in semi or last with 0 in final is sad to say the least…


    10 Raquel Galdes – Stop haunting me
    17 Amber – Warrior
    07 Karen Debattista – 12, Baker Street

    03 Franklin Callejy – Still here
    18 Trilogy – Chasing a dream
    15 Corazon Mizzi – Secretly
    06 Chris Grech – Closed doors
    09 Glen Vella – Breakaway

    16 L-Ahwa – Beautiful to me
    05 Jessika Muscat – Fandango
    13 Deborah C – It’s ok
    01 Lindsay Pace – Home
    08 Daniel Testa – Something in the way
    14 Danica Muscat – Close your eyes
    12 Lawrence Gray – The one that you love
    02 Iona Dalli – Could have been me

    04 Christabelle Borg – Rush
    11 Domenique Azzopardi – Take me as I am
    19 Dominic Cini – Once in a while
    20 Ekklesia Sisters – Love and let go

    • Yeah, I agree with a lot of this, except I think that Malta have made the most Eurovision-y choice every year since 2012. “Tomorrow” and “Coming Home” were, after all, shiny schlager disguised in acoustic, pseudo-alternative clothing.

      • yeah that’s true, and it was hard for me to like them as well on the actual shows, but after both 2013 and 2014, and that includes now, I look at Malta’s long run in esc and think they’re so much better (thea, vodka, vertigo, i do… sigh)

  16. So let’s compare the jury Top 5 with the televoting Top 5.

    1. Warrior
    2. Rush
    3. Breakaway
    4. Closed doors
    5. Something in the way

    1. Warrior
    2. Love and let go
    3. Still here
    4. Rush
    5. Fandango

    Overall, I’d say I agree more with the jury. Even if I don’t get what they saw in Glen Vella’s boring and below average dance/pop piece.

    And lol that the nuns finished in 7th place in the jury voting.

  17. Guys, our of Amber’s 5 songs in MESC, which is your favorite?

  18. Gonna go against the trend here:

    1. Macedonia 8/10
    2. Malta 5/10


    – Mainly because Lisja Esenski’s melody isn’t so WTF and jarring.
    – After hearing Amber scream ‘BREEEEAK’ at the start of Warrior’s chorus for the ∞th time, I now find it extremely irritating (as would a dog, even).
    – Don’t know why but I’ve been a total sucker for Macedonia’s entries in ESC – 2006, 2012, 2013, 2014 and now 2015, when most people seem to detest these.
    Somewhat Very pissed off that Christabelle didn’t win.

  19. This brings to another question, is Amber doing a PeR? (which consists of sending your worst entry to Eurovision when you had so much better material before/after)

  20. “dat amber is kinda hot, lolz. we need to get a new sis b4 all the old 1s have passed out!”


  21. The main task was to prevent the nuns from winning. Mission completed :-)

    But I still fail to appreciate the winning song, and I’m not entirely convinced that Malta will reach the final this year.

  22. Keith Mills has a message 😄

    “Dear Malta,if you have no further use for that nice stage,can you put it up on eBay so that I can buy it for RTÈ”


  23. Sooo..Next stops : Belarus on the 26th of December and then Albania (FiK final) on the 28th. I suppose I am the only one who is not too optimistic for either of those :P

    • I dunno. Belarus has given us plenty of laughs and Albania can swing both ways but I didnt like the last two editions at all, and do think it went down since 2010 in general.. we’ll see, but I’m midly interested, as any NF, but do admit my hopes arent high.

      • My expectations from both are so low that anything above the 2 already selected entries on my rankings would be a big surprise (and improvement for both)..

        • Albania could have done something last year but the people in charge decided to do negative revamping on it. AKA butchering. Changing the language was a mistake, among other things.

          Belarus was fine as a novelty song. Nothing earth shattering but a fun 3 minutes.

      • Alexander is winning the Wit-Rusland final. ;)

    • The Cypriot shows kick off on December 7 too.

      • I was talking about finals, dates we are going to get songs mostly. The cypriot shows will be 10 I think, 7 of which auditioning on something ? I don’t think I will follow them personally..

  24. Btw, this is one of my favorite songs by a singer named Amber. Quite possibly the most successful Dutch performer in the USA.

  25. Well done Malta. ”Warrior” was the best song of the night but Amber needs to work on her performance.

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