Malta: Amber to Vienna!

MaltaMalta – Tonight, the second entry for Eurovision 2015 was chosen. And it’s Amber with Warrior who will represent Malta in Vienna!

In Malta, the national final came to an end as PBS, the Maltese broadcaster, held the grand final with the14 songs that qualified in yesterday’s semi! Yesterday a semifinal qualified only 14 songs out of 20 for tonight’s show. If you missed the show, you can recap all performances on this youtube’s playlist!

This was tonight’s line-up:

  1. Glen Vella Breakaway (Kevin Borg & Simon Gribbe)
  2. Karen DeBattista12, Baker Street ( Jan Van Dijck & Emil Calleja Bayliss)
  3. MinikOnce in a while (Elton Zarb & Rita Pace)
  4. TrilogyChasing a dream (Paul Abela & Joe Julian Farrugia)
  5. Chris GrechClosed doors (Chris Grech, Edward Mifsud, Peter Borg & David Cassar Torregiani)
  6. EkklesiaLove and let go (Philip Vella)
  7. JessikaFandango (Philip Vella & Gerard James Borg)
  8. Deborah C – It’s OK (Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
  9. AmberWarrior (Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
  10. L-AħwaBeautiful to me (Erik & Anjou)
  11. FranklinStill here (Alexander Rybak)
  12. ChristabelleRush (Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
  13. Lawrence GrayThe one that you love (Elton Zarb & Lawrence Gray)
  14. Daniel TestaSomething in the way (Mins Ek & Charlie Mason)

Held in JESC’s stage in Marsa, the show saw many artists on stage next to tonight’s competitors, like Conchita Wurst who sang bot her winning song Rise like a phoenix and her new single Heroes and Firelight, last year’s Maltese representative, who presented many of their new materials.

After which we got the results, the televote’s Top 3 was Amber, Ekklesia Sisters and Franklin. But then juries came in and gave Amber a clean sweep victory! Christabelle came second.

This is the first win for Amber in MESC. She took part many times before: in 2014 she came 4th with Because I have you, in 2013 she came 4th with In control, in 2012 she came 3rd with Answer in your eyes, in 2011 she came 13th with Catch-22 and her other song, Touch wood, failed to qualify to the final.

So here’s the winning entry:


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174 comments on “Malta: Amber to Vienna!

  1. Oh and before I forget it, here is the turkvizion winner :

    She is definately…passionate I guess…And the tatars did put a lot of work to build an extravagant stage I’ll give them that..!

  2. Top 2 thus far.

    1. Macedonia 6-7/12
    2. Malta 4-5/12

  3. So…

    1. Malta 6.5
    2. FYR Macedonia 3

  4. Wow! With only two songs decided I guarantee this is top 10 or possibly even top 5! Best from Malta in a long time and the change of the background music at 0:35 is gold

  5. I don’t like this song :(

  6. Since Turkvision has come up, here is the link to the final. The winning performance gets better and better the more it is watched.

    • I see you’re holding up fine after your second bandwagon in 2 finals crashed tonight…

      • Lol.

        You know I quickly recover and move on. The bandwagon I’m currently on just won this contest,

        Btw the turkvision final is awesome. I just finished it. Awesome.

        • I watched the winning performance and it was very interesting.We’ve missed those good ethno-influenced entries in esc after 2009.

          • Let’s get back to pre 2009 then.

            Btw, She wrote and composed it. Zhanar is the Kazakh Queen. I stand by what I said earlier, this would make a great esc winner next year. Can’t they enter it?

            Kazakhstan is my favorite country of all time right now.

            I think 4 of my top 5 finished in the top 5 in the actual contest. Intelligent voters.

            It’s a very diverse show. There is even Iranian rock. And Azerbaijan entries in Azerbaijani. And of course the winning entry that simply destroys everything in its path.

            • Lol!You really love Turkvision.Don’t you?
              I don’t know if it could win eurovision but it would definitely add to the diversity of the contest.

            • My top 5 pretty much matches the final top 5, that says it all.

              The winning entry is easily better than the last 2 eurovision winners.

              Also, that’s what I noticed with the show, diversity. Everyone looks and dresses differently, and they send ethnic music in their own language. And the final lasted 2 hours total. What’s not to love?

    • I can’t stop listening!! Amazing performance and song.

    • I’m curious as to how the host communicates with all the participants in what seems to be the same language?

    • Too much ethnic sound is not my thing…but she is a good singer,I am glad she won…Here is another Kazakh song you may like😎
      The title of the song:Kazakh Girls

      • I love the Balkan girls, the Slavic girls, how can I not love the Kazakh girls?

        But my loyalties are still with The Queen. She is the number one Kazakh girl. I must support her wholeheartedly, being that I am just a loyal subject.

        Long live the Queen!

  7. 1)Macedonia 8.5/10
    2)Malta 7.5/10

  8. Okay, so I re-listened to both selected songs so far, and have downgraded Malta to 7/12.

    While I still really like the individual components of the song, the way they are put together (particularly that odd second bridge at the end) is a little jarring. That being said I thought the performance was close to spot-on.

    1. Malta 7/12
    2. Macedonia 4-5/12

  9. I have just bought “Talk Dirty”, the second song FireLight performed last night. :)

    Among other stuff I bought Can Bonomo’s “Aşktan ve Gariplikten” too. :)

  10. Yuk! Don’t like this! 4/12 !

  11. I don’t see the difference?

  12. GOSH this pic in the article is marvelous!! It’s shows the power of this magnifcent entry!
    This entry takes me into another dimension…the best Maltese entry EVER…

  13. I’m not too sure of this one if it going to make it in Vienna may 2015 at ESC. But either way very best of luck and lots of love for Amber and Malta! :) @ http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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