Latvia: Supernova 2015 Announced!

LatviaLatvia – Dziesma is no more! Latvia has announced a new selection process for next year, called Supernova 2015. Three semi-finals will take pace on 2nd, 8th and 15th February 2015. The Supernova 2015 grand final will take place on 22nd February 2015.

10 artists will start the journey, with the songs being made available on 10th January 2015. Six will be eliminated along the way and a 50/50 jury public vote will choose the winner from 4 grand finalists on the 22nd February 2015.

The jury will include non-Latvians to see if they can appeal to other countries tastes too.

Songs must not have been performed before and the closing date is 10th December. You can fill in the entry form online now here. The rules can be found here.

Latvia’s best result to date was in 2002 when Marie N won the contest with ‘I wanna‘.


38 comments on “Latvia: Supernova 2015 Announced!

  1. Marie N was a deserved winner of what was a very weak contest imo. There are only a few songs I can listen to until the end without getting upset at the insult most entries are. France, Macedonia, UK, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania are all fine but pretty far from being excellent. Cyprus is OK but generic boyband stuff of the kind that began to become lame and dated already back then. The rest is just meh.

    Latvia had some great songs in Dziesma over the years but unfortunately they have never sent one to ESC. My favourites are “Sad Trumpet”, “Revelation”, “Rišti, räšti”, “Home”, “Like a Mouse” and “You Are”. The last Latvian ESC song I found interesting was performed in 2009 (plus fantastic backing ladies …)

    Isn’t a supernova the last bright light a star radiates before dying? Well … LOL

  2. Oh Dziesma…To be honest I am glad it’s gone, it was about time. Not necessarily because the quality of the entries overall was that bad but simply because latvians never seemed able to pick a credible song of the bunch each year. It’s all a joke to them and thus the results are extremely poor as well for the country currently holding the running record for most non qualifications in a row (The Netherlands broke it – in an impressive way 2 years now – last year).
    Of course I can’t omit the fact that Dziesma last year offered a song I consider to be among the absolute pantheon of esc related songs and tbh among my personal pantheon of songs in general as well. “Revelation” was special, memorable, beautifully orchestrated, amazingly staged and so damn motivating and Ralfs finally showed that he is an artist truly. And above everything else it was RELEVANT to its age in a tasteful yet rudely “in your face” way – and that’s its beauty.
    As for ESC itself Latvia has offered only one entry I not only like but absolutely love in 2005 (my No.3 for the whole decade) and then chaos.
    Their 2002 is more of a show rather than a song but it was an ok winner at its time and at a contest that was better than 2001 but still quite mediocre.
    With the exceptions of France, FYR Macedonia and Estonia which were great and with a couple of good entries from the UK and Malta, everything was either mediocre or downright horrible.

    Good luck with the new concept Latvia ! Eagerly waiting for some better results music-wise as well..

    • Back then, when I realised during the voting that Wig Wam stood no chance winning, I started to cheer for Latvia which was like my 3rd favourite then if I remember it correctly. Listening to it again, I think that I’ve been to harsh towards it recently, because it really is a sweet song. If they just could’ve scrapped that sign language thing (must be a Baltic thing, look at Lithuania 2011 f.e.).

  3. I liked “Cake to bake” for what it was, a charming and carefree little tune, but it came as no surprise that it would flop. Just as Togravus, I think that the 2009 entry was the last really good entry that Latvia showed up with. And before that, we need to go to 2006 (I’ve always had a weak spot for “I hear your heart” and it’s in like my 5th place in that weak year).

    Sad to say that I’m a bit doubtful about this format. Especially the things with “international juries” which is a system that is far from perfect. Because how much can a specific person from one country tell exactly how his or her countrymen will vote and what they will think about a specific entry? And do they really know which song that can win Eurovision? If “international juries” had had the last say, Norway would have sent another song than “La det swinge” in 1985 and Denmark another one than “Fly on the wings of love” in 2000.

    Anyway, good luck!

  4. Should they had sent either “Sad Trumpet” in 2013 or “Revelation” in 2014, Latvia would had easily secured another place in my all time esc top20 (or even top10).
    They still have the #20 in the forementioned list with their gem from 2000.
    Good luck.

    off topic: two pieces of news that made me sad today

    • Extremely upsetting, especially the first one imo. But nothing I do not expect from the regime of a man gradually going insane and lusting for more power.

      Unfortunately for me at least, the results of the 2014 midterm elections and the extremism that took over the congress and will have a probable effect on the whole world, top the list of bad news this week..

      • *2014 midterm election in the USA

        • Unfortunately Obama hasn’t lived up to expectations many times during his mandate, and for me is an overall disappointment (not such as Mr Hollande though).
          Let’s hope that he will stick to his healthcare plan till the end, at least.

          • Obama did many great things in domestic policies imo, like Obamacare. Unfortunately, he has never had a clue about interantional politics, in particular in the context of the terrible mess Mr. Bush left behind …

            • And yet the healthcare law is one of the main reasons he is not popular. What goes without saying in Europe is considered “evil socialism” in the US unfortunately.

      • I agree on the US elections. The Republicans seem totally unable to compromise ever since George W. Bush Jun. decided to do his thing no matter what everyone else (and in particular the European “partners”) thought. Very bad news for Europe indeed because the Republicans believe that we Europeans are weak and degenerate just as much as Mr. Putin does …

        • The real problem is that there really isn’t much choice over here. You have Democrats and Republicans and that’s it. If you aren’t in either party you pretty much have no voice in national politics.

          You have no idea how hard it is to even have a third party candidate in the presidential debate. After Perot did it, the rules were tightened so it’s pretty much impossible to replicate it. The 2 big parties like the duopoly and don’t like it being challenged.

          I’m sick of both of them. I don’t even bother to vote and haven’t done so in more than a decade. I don’t think I ever will either, unless here are wholesale changes. Also, being a political science major in college definitely leaves you jaded.

          • I will come out of retirement if one of my ESC favorites runs for president though.

            President Angel does have a nice ring to it I must admit. Lol

          • I would urge you to vote personally, even if you find candidates for either party in every race unappealing. By not voting you let others speak for you, others who may not have anyone’s best interest at hand believe me.

            • Politicians will do what they want regardless of me voting or not.

              If there is a chance to get President Lena then I will surely vote. Satellite can then become the new usa national anthem.

          • Exactly! And the reason for that is “the winner takes it all” system where the winner in each state gets all electoral votes. Which means that it’s no point voting for f.e. a Democrat in Texas or a Republican in California. It is also the best way to maintain a two-party system where any real big changes are impossible. We more or less see the same thing in UK where it’s all about the Labour Party and the Conservative Party getting the power. Liberal Democrats will never stand a chance since they’re “number three” and always get around 50 seats and nothing more. And I can assure that my own country would look the same if we used that system too.

        • Republicans by european standards are far right isolationists worse than the kinds of Le Pen and Farage. They have no clue how to conduct themselves internationally for the precise reason you mention : not only europeans, but everyone is not worthy of much attention other than to expand our interests in the most blatant way.
          Especially some of the people elected, are so fringe and extremist by european standards, I can only feel sorry for sane american citizens..
          Anyway, let’s try to stick to esc, it seems like one of the only positive outlets of the extremely harsh reality out there.. :)

          • I don’t think that’s true in all cases. I’m a registered Republican but a social Liberal. Not all of us are as far right as LePen or Farage (although I do admit Ted Cruz is crazy and the thought of him running for office scares me).

            • Which means that if the libertarian party was a viable choice you would vote for them right ? Since they embrace the economic policies of the republican party and the social policies of the democratic party.
              I did not say all republican voters are extremists but the base that influences the policies certainly is. I woulnd’t be surprised if Cruz is the presidential candidate tbh – which would be a good thing since he would never get elected on a national election.

          • Sorry, I tend do get carried away which might be understandable because the USA have been my academic topic for almost 30 years now. And G. W. Bush still makes me so angry because he is such a stupid man. After 9/11 he did exactly what the terrorists wanted him to do: act irrationally and destabilise the Near East. Obama is a good and morally integer man imo but how can such a man deal with a situation like the one we have in Syria and Iraq now? You can’t act successfully in those countries without doing terrible things …

            Anyway, I will stop now and return to ESC. I am listening to Flor-de-Lis atm. :)

          • Well,wait and see.Maybe in a few months Greeks will elect some stalin fascist relics along with many ex Pasok corrupt party members. :)

    • I agree.All 3 news topics you both discussed are disheartening and worrying.I would add the arson incident that took place today at the Athens Voice premises.Maybe,it’s not of the same significance but it underlines what’s wrong with Greece besides the financila crisis.

  5. As soon as Latvia work out that it is not their NF format letting them down but their song choices, they will be alright. There have been fantastic (or at least very good) songs in every recent Latvian line-up – including of course “Revelation” (even if my enjoyment has been someone spoilt by Ralf’s highfalutin arrogance).

    Good luck!

  6. Yeah ok… Since I’ve followed Eurovision’s national finals in 2002 (which includes Marie N) they’ve always had a rather good line-up almost every year with songs to care for or artists… and they’ve almost always went with the worst available or definitely not a song inside the top 5… so it’s not the selection method per se as just really bad Latvian taste imo… (if I may say so)

  7. Nice thing that they are still trying… Hoping for something serious this time, I followed Latvian NF’s every year a little last couple of years, and they always make a big miss in selecting a song (there is always one that would do decent or even top 10)…

    Serbia news – Bojana Stamenov confirmed as one of three competitors (Jelena Karleusa confirmed as non participant).

    • Thanks for the video. I like her :)

    • She is an interesting artist!Is she mainly a soul singer?

      • She is best at it, but she can sing everything… I would love for her to get something great and win our NF, she has amazing voice and charisma… She only has one of her songs, more remix promotion like song than an actual one…

        • She is indeed a very good singer and she seems to have stage charisma too.Now,it will all depend on the song she’s given.

          • Yup, I hope they wont throw all that away like they did with Moje 3… Those girls are amazing as well, but the song and staging were total disaster…

  8. The problem with Latvia isn’t the songs taking part in their NFS but the awkward choices made by televoters.Unfortunately,with such low voting numbers,results could be skewed.

  9. Regarding Latvia:
    2014: 5-/10
    2013: 3/10
    2012: 4/10
    2011: 5/10
    2010: 3/10
    That sums it up pretty well…

  10. Hope they don’t screw up this year and send something… at least respectable. Pedeja Vestule wasn’t my favorite by far, but it would’ve been a respectable choice. Should’ve been either Revelation or Stay.

  11. I just read on esctoday that Supernona isn’t a eurovision selection show but an independent one and that although the winner will be elegible to represent the country in esc,he/she can still decline.Plus,there will be a pool of 10 songs that will be allocated to the contestants something similar to Lithuania’s format: http://esctoday.com/89713/latvia-ltv-opts-new-format-eurovision-selection/

  12. Antri Karantoni and not Ivi Adamou will be the host of the Cypriot national selection: http://esctoday.com/89696/cyprus-antri-karantoni-host-cypriot-national-selection/

  13. I can only hope that this search for an international sound does not translate as bland and middle run of the mill stuff like something out of one of the anonymous playlists that surround us nowadays. Good luck, Letónia!

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