Denmark: New Logo and Slogan

DenmarkDenmark – Danish broadcaster, DR, today revealed a new logo for their national final, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. The new slogan s ‘The dream lives’ and the new logo shows sound waves instead of stars…

Jan Lagermand Lundme, Entertainment Manager at DR, said that colours may change but they hoped to keep the more modern logo for the next ten years. From a distance it still looks like a star, the old logo.

Denmark melodi grand prix

Tickets for the national final will go on sale on 31st October 2014 at 10 am (CET) at billetlugen.dk and drbillet.dk. Aalborg’s Gigantium Arena will host the event on the 7th February 2015.

43 comments on “Denmark: New Logo and Slogan

  1. It is more stylized. I quite like it and I think it is an improvement. Let’s hope that the Danish hopefuls follow that trend. Good luck, Denmark!

    P.S. – something like their 1963, 1965 or 1995 entries would be perfect. :)

  2. Christer Bjorkman will be part of the jury panel that will select the 2015 Cypriot entry.He will be joining the rest of the judges during the Eurochallenge phase.

  3. The logo is nice but I totally dislike slogans. Generally, they are just stupid, cheap and totally superfluous. Only now and then sth good comes up like Belgrade’s ‘Confluence of Sound’. That was a classy one imo.

    Denmark’s entries have been one big middling bunch for the last years imo. There has been nothing to love and nothing to detest for me lately. In fact, the last 7 Danish entrieas are all between 6/12 and 8/12 on my list. LOL

    The last Danish entry I loved was performed in 2005, the last one I really disliked in 2007. 1963 and 1995 are the best Danish entries by a mile. From recent DMGPs, I really like “Jeg Har Hele Tiden Vidst Det” (2013) and “Drømmen” (2011).

    Good luck!

    • I did not even pay attention to the numb slogan. Indeed the Serbian slogan was clever and sophisticated.

      I am also a fan of ‘Drømmen’.

      • I totally fell in love with Frederikke’s song when driving through the Western Balkans this summer. It is the perfect soundtrack for an extended holiday. :-)

  4. I forgot to say that I am looking forward to konwing the stage the Danish will come up with. They’re usually very good.

  5. Well, one thing is the package…

    With or without logo or slogan, it will still come down to the songs in the end. I hope it will be a little more varied this time.

  6. EBU has issued a press release with the list of the 38 participating countries in esc 2015.Greece is not among them :(
    We’ll definitely know if we’re out in December. http://www3.ebu.ch/contents/news/2014/10/38-countries-confirm-participati.html

  7. Love the new logo, considering how old fashion the old one was; as for slogans, we havent heard a good one since like the 70s… :/

  8. Very cool logo. The slogan is just as corny as all the other slogans we’ve heard.

    As for Denmark, I haven’t been a big fan of their last entries. The last one I really liked was “All night long” and that’s a while. Bring back Neighbours I’d say, they deserve to win someday!

    Tillykke, kære naboer. :)

    • Thanks :-) But I think you meant ‘held og lykke’ (good luck) rather than ’tillykke’ (congratulations).

      • Damn it! I had a feeling it was something wrong there (ugler i mosen). One of these Swedish – Danish “false friends”.

        Goodluck, anyway! ;)

  9. No!!! I’ve already lost my favourite ESC country (Ukraine) and my 2nd (Turkey) please do not take Greece (my 3rd fave) away from me as well!!! Maybe I should just not watch in 2015. No doubt Sweden and UK will be leaving next :'( (they my 4th and 5th)

  10. Off topic but this is a funny video on how different parts of Europe think of each other :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDqayC1sR7g#t=100

  11. Off-Topic: Sad to read about the school shooting in Estonia. Geir Rönning’s song is still very accurate, unfortunately. It’s quite ironic though that I was planning to bring the Community page back to life with a film review of the Estonian movie “Klass”. But I guess that has to wait, due to circumstances.

  12. It was about time they did that, but I will miss a bit of the late-00s charm of the old logo. :P

    BTW, for those of you interested in FdlC, there will be some changes coming to the next edition.

  13. Offtopic, PeR just published on youtube a live performance of “Nasty Blues”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0LCj2Jw_9k

  14. Don’t care about logos, slogans and all that. As long as Denmark produces something as great as “Your Lies” next year then everything else doesn’t matter. That is officially the second best song not to make it to esc last year btw.

    “Cliche Love Song” was catchy though. I found myself enjoying it a lot. It seemed like everywhere you turned someone was playing it. They even set up a karaoke machine in the Metro station, and anyone singing it even halfway decently received a free metro ticket. You would have learned the lyrics just going to and from the metro. It played non stop. Except for the couple of hours that the machine had to be repaired. “But she was crazy – Crazy it was all about party time.”

    May I suggest that they bring back Soluna and have her sing one of her ballads? Forget NF’s, that is just another way to screw things up. Internal selection and be done with it.

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