Emmelie de Forest Appears Naked in New Video

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 12.07.10Former Participants – Former Eurovision Song Contest winner, Emmelie de Forest, has released a new single called ‘Drunk tonight‘ and strips off for the official video which has been revealed today. Have a look at her latest offering and let us know what you think. Emmelie appears naked in most of the video, which is produced by Mike Spooner. It was jointly written with MoZella, who wrote Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball‘.

Here’s the official video:

What do you think to Emmelie’s more raunchy appearance? Does it suit her and the song, or is it pandering to a music market where naked bodies seem to sell records?!

24 thoughts on “Emmelie de Forest Appears Naked in New Video

  1. I am not allowed to watch this clip but then I am not a big fan of Emmelie either visually or vocally … If I remember, I will check it when I am abroad for the next time.

  2. Emmelie de Forest is a nice girl but she seems to be too skinny and tall for my taste :P :P Song is nothing special!! Also those subtitles on the pool make it amateurish!

  3. It’s an ok ballad but it sounds and looks like a softer version of Miley Cyrus so,i don’t think it really suits Emmelie.

  4. The song sounds a bit fake but it’s not bad, and I’m glad she’s finally given up re-writing “Only Teardrops” for each new single. The video on the other hand is cheesy and desperate.

  5. I like it as well… It was pleasant surprise to see that “Drunk tonight” is not another of electro pop/trash tracks that are currently trending…

  6. I just watched it. The song is just a song. It’s there

    I don’t like the video that much either. It lacks in sex appeal for me. Emmelie is a cute girl but it doesn’t translate on film here.

    And believe me, I want to love a video that was headlined “Emmelie de Forest Appears Naked in New Video” LOL

  7. It’s a quite enjoyable tune with a nice arrangement and also a fun title. Though the lyrics are very lousy in the long run imo. All in all, I like this a bit more than “Only teardrops” and it wouldn’t have been too bad if Denmark had sent this song to Eurovision instead. But then, how would it turn out with a song titled “Drunk tonight”? There are often tendencies that countries tend to send more “safe” entries.

    Which leads me to a historical reflection…

    In 1967, Hubert Giraud and Pierre Delanoë were picked to write the French entry. They wrote two alternatives to choose from: “Il doit faire beau là-bas” or “Il est mort le soleil”. In the end, French TV thought that it was too risky sending a song with the word “mort” in the title, so they chose the other song, even if “Il est mort…” was the pre-favourite. It was instead recorded by French singer Nicoletta, and God, what a huge mistake that she didn’t represent France with that song! Nothing wrong with Noëlle Cordier; in fact, I think her song was the best entry of 1967 and is one of my favourites from the 60’s. But good God, the other song would have been in my All-Time Top 5. Easily!

    That’s the punishment for not daring to be risky…

    • Great song. I get a bit tired of her voice though.

      As for “Il doit faire beau là-bas”, I love it too, but I still think the most interesting song of that year is “Boum badaboum”.

      • It’s a fantastic song. Something Ray Charles also realised since he wrote an English version of it: “The sun died”.

        There are so many songs to choose from in the fantastic year of 1967 (one of the five best Eurovision years imo). Monaco is great too (and very out of the box for Eurovision), and so is Yugoslavia (we seem to have the same Top 3). But I will always hold the French entry as my favourite, especially since it manages to deliver both sadness and anger in its message, perfectly blended.

        And I see you even gave a rather good score for “Ik heb zorgen”. Yay! :)

        • “And I see you even gave a rather good score for “Ik heb zorgen”. Yay! :)”

          It was the false ending that did it all for me…

      • Nicoletta was super famous for her voice and vocals. I’m sure she would have actually swept the contest harder than Sandie Shaw did (my biggest problem with Uk 67 is the lyrics, not only are they mysoginic crap, but a pale copy to Gainsbourg’s 65 win, which was terribly subtle and harsh satire).

        • Agree on the UK 1967 lyrics. The naivity of the music is just difficult for me to resist. It reminds me a bit of an early David Bowie song from the same year called “The Laughing Gnome” btw. (which he apparently hates now).

    • yeah, “Il est mort le soleil” is an evergreen here everyone knows and can sing along to! And Nicoletta is an immense singer, but would she have done the song if it was sent to the contest?

      I love Fra 67, a great song, but only my 4th of 67. I see Anders went for Serge Gainsbourg (Monaco), an icon of French music here, but Monaco’s only my 5th. I have Sweden first, Portugal second and Yugoslavia third. And I like Spain a lot too. And in general, all of 67 except for Belgium (awful).

      • I like Spain a lot too (while I don’t like 1966 that much oddly enough). In fact, I like all 1967 songs except Germany and Switzerland.

  8. I have just watched it for the first time. The song is probably ok, but it leaves me rather cold. The folky stuff she was doing at Eurovision suited her persona much better imo.

    As for the video:

    My main concern about music videos is whether or not there is an artistic reason for doing what you’re doing in that particular video (or whether or not there is an artistic point in making a video at all – if there isn’t any, better just let the song speak for itself). Meaning that if it makes sense artistically to appear naked in a video, then it is fine. But unfortunately I can’t really see the point of doing it here, and as a result it seems very awkward and unnatural.

    Quite possibly it is just done for the sake of creating attention, but there are thousands of videos like that already, so the sensationality of it has gone.

    All in all it is like hearing and watching a completely different person, and that worries me. It is of course good to evolve artistically, but you have to be true to yourself all the time.

    • “Meaning that if it makes sense artistically to appear naked in a video, then it is fine.”

      In this case it does. She also got drunk, and while drunk she decided to strip and go for a swim. Makes perfect sense. LOL

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