Mass Invasion of UK Charts by Eurovision Songs!

united kingdom UKUnited Kingdom – Official sales analysis by the UK’s Music Week has shown, in their words, a “mass invasion of the Top 200 by songs from Eurovision”. A huge 19 entries from this year’s contest are in the UK top 200. Check out not only which songs have charted but also their sales figures for the last week.

Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rise like a phoenix‘ leads a mass invasion of the Top 200 by songs from Eurovision. Late starting its chart career because iTunes data for Saturday was not available to OCC for last week’s chart, ‘Rise Like a phoenix‘ was the first Austrian winner since Udo Jurgens‘ ‘Mercie cherie‘ in 1966, and dashes to a number 17 debut (15,661 sales). The third winner to make the Top 20 in a row – following Emmelie De Forest‘s ‘Only teardrops‘ (number 15 in 2013) and Loreen‘s ‘Euphoria’ (number three in 2012) – it is one of 19 Eurovision entries in the chart this week.

British entry ‘Children Of The Universe‘ by Molly jumps 33-23 (13,733 sales) while Dutch runners-up The Common Linnets‘ ‘Calm after the storm‘ catapults 95-9 (21,018 sales).

Debuting to join them in the Top 200 are: Swedish entry Sanna Nielsen‘s ‘Undo’ (number 40, 6,829 sales), Danish entry Basim‘s ‘Cliche love song’ (number 46, 5,747 sales), Icelandic entry Pollaponk‘s ‘No prejudice’ (number 70, 3,098 sales), Maltese entry Firelight‘s ‘Coming home’ (number 82, 2,712 sales), Swiss entry Sebalter‘s ‘Hunter of stars’ (number 85, 2,632 sales), Armenian entry Aram MP3‘s ‘Not alone’ (number 88, 2,600 sales), French entry Twin Twin‘s ‘Moustache’ (number 89, 2,556 sales), Finnish entry Softengine‘s ‘Something better’ (number 93, 2,473 sales), Norwegian entry Carl Espen‘s ‘Silent storm‘ (number 97, 2,251 sales).

Also: Spanish entry Ruth Lorenzo‘s ‘Dancing in the rain‘ (number 102, 2,051 sales), Greek entry Freaky Fortune & RiskyKidd‘s ‘Rise up‘ (number 110, 1,878 sales), Hungarian entry Andras Kallay-Saunders‘ ‘Running‘ (number 116, 1,679 sales), Belarusian entry Teo‘s ‘Cheesecake‘ (number 140, 1,367 sales), German entry Elaiza‘s ‘Is it right‘ (number 161, 1,232 sales), Romanian entry Paula Seling & Ovi‘s ‘Miracle‘ (number 174, 1,119 sales) and Ukranian entry Mariya Yaremchuk‘s ‘Tick-tock‘ (number 190, 1,053 sales).

2013 Eurovision winner ‘Only teardrops‘ re-enters at number 135 (1,443 sales) for Emmelie De Forest, and the Danish singer also debuts at number 73 (2,972 sales) with ‘Rainmaker’, which served as the official song for but wasn’t an entry in the 2014 competition.

Source: Music Week

17 comments on “Mass Invasion of UK Charts by Eurovision Songs!

  1. Sebalter proved this year that Rybak is still a la mode in Europe :)))

  2. Meanwhile the Irish charts also sees 17 Eurovision related songs hit the Top 100 with CATS at no.4 & RLAP at no.10. Great to see the interest here.

  3. Some of these artists made a nice payday here.

    If Ilse sold 21,018 in the UK, she gets a percentage as the performer and songwriter ( I don’t know who the publisher is so they may be dipping there as well).

    Of course, good sales mean that there is a potential to break into the UK market which will really be a good thing financially.

  4. “Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rise like a phoenix‘ leads a mass invasion of the Top 200 by songs from Eurovision.”

    Actually it is the Common Linnets that are leading a mass invasion.

  5. Even though Molly didn’t deliver a good result for the UK, she managed to attract a large audience to watch the show and fortunately some of the viewers decided to buy the music. Some of the artists that participated in the contest will be very happy to know this and would consider it a big achievement because UK is the largest music exporter in Europe. U.K. can help propel European acts to worldwide stardom!

  6. In Australia

    “Calm After The Storm” – #66
    “Undo” – #81

  7. The Common Linnets’ album is also at no.40 in UK album charts.
    I actually quite liked Twin Twin’s song so I’m not surprised it’s in the UK charts.

  8. Great :D

    A shame the media will still ignore this fact and shade the contest :(

  9. I am so glad that the esc songs are doing well in arguably one of the strongest music markets worldwide :)

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