Elton John Sends Conchita Wurst Flowers

conchita smallFormer Participants – Whilst there may be a minority of politicians in Russia still apoplectic over Eurovision and Conchita’s win, others are showing her their love with flowers. Superstar Elton John had flowers delivered to Conchita from him and his husband David.

Conchita tweeted a photograph of the gift, saying “Thank you so much!!!”

elton john flowers conchita

Conchita will be appearing on the Graham Norton TV show this evening in the UK at 23.35 (CET) on BBC1. Graham posted on his Instagram account that he was on a Conchita high…

Graham Conchita 2

Graham Conchita 1

Apparently on the show Conchita will say that she ‘loves herself’ and about her beard she said: “It’s my own truth. It makes me comfortable on stage.

“I love myself and the bearded lady is fun and expresses everything I feel. Being a teenager in a small Austrian village was not fabulous.”

Conchita also reveals her excitement at being tweeted by Cher.

It’s been estimated that Conchita could go on to be worth £25m!

Meanwhile Russian officials have sadly banned fans from staging a parade in honour of Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst. Citing the risk of violence and the need to “respect morality”, Moscow’s security department denied an application for the Conchita Wurst March of Bearded Women and Men, which was due to take place on 27 May. This was the 21st anniversary of homosexuality’s legalisation in Russia. Organisers plan to urgently appeal the mayor’s decision; and if unsuccessful, they will try to merge the event with a proposed gay pride parade in 31 May. Moscow city government enacted a 100-year ban on Pride marches in 2012.

As well as huge public support for Conchita, President Putin’s favorite soprano, Anna Netrebko, has posed a photograph seemingly supporting Conchita, shared by Russian superstar, Eurovision songwriter and LGBT supporter Filip Kirkorov.

anna netbreko

The winds of change are blowing in Russia, whether their politicians like it or not… let’s support them on their journey.


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  1. :)

    “risk of violence and the need to “respect morality”

    Violence and disrespect of morality characterize the Russian administration imo.

    • of course I agree, just to summarize Spanish media (which I’m a part of course), there are 2 ways of thinking; 1/ Conchita won and , despite her song that noone actually is interested in she is a hot topic re her drag queen scenario 2/ Concita Wurst, amongst late night analysts on TVE etc shows is either the devil in disguise/the future for TVE in ESC, you tell me!

  2. “and not call us homophobes just because we disagree with homosexuality itself.”
    indeed you have a right to believe that, with religious beliefs etc, but thus I respect your beliefs as I hope you would respect my beliefs as a married homosexual (since 2005) in a country that respects equal marriage for my own situation = Spain

  3. Off-topic: Eurovision is totally dominating the Danish charts:

    “Calm After the Storm” is No. 2 on the singles’ chart.
    “Cliche Love Song” is No. 3
    “Undo” is No. 5
    “Rise Like a Phoenix” is No. 6
    “Rainmaker” is No. 7
    “Not Along” is No. 21
    “Silent Storm” is No. 28
    “Children of the Universe” is No. 37
    “Is It Right” is No. 39
    “Running” is No. 40


    I can’t remember having seen so many Eurovision songs in the charts before. Except maybe in 2001 – I don’t remember.

  4. In my opinion people should not be judged for who they love…
    I am positive that in a few years nobody will care!

        • I agree, but my point is that, despite ideas to the contrary, Spain is at least, at the forefront of such ideas regarding such rights, at least for now despite a right wing government!.

        • imo as a journalist, people have preconceived ideas about what countries like/dislike accept/don’t accept, eg Spain is a religious, catholic country (true) thus Spain is a backward country,whereas Spain , as a country, is ahead of many countries in many aspects of equal opportunities, such things as Spanish NF 2008, Lorena come to mind! here in Spain is kind of a “mantra” for all that represents gay community with her cheesy lyrics! :-)

    • and hoping your Catalan prime minister will be cheering Barça tomorrow (he is a Barça fan of course!!), visca Barça!, Valls, named after the famous Catalan town of the “calçotadas”..Valls, :-)

      • We, the French people, are proud to have a prime minister who was born abroad (in this case, the amazing Catalan region) and also chose to be French. I too am a Barça fan and will hope they win la Liga. And I hope for Atletico in C1, with Sevilla’s amazing win in C3, it would be all four Spanish teams with a prize!

        • If Barça lose La Liga this weekend and Real Madrid win the Champions you probably won’t hear from me for ages asIi may be hospitalized!, your prime minister is part of a well-known Catalan family, his sister Joana (lives here in Catalonia) is lovely, I interviewed her once …here in Catalonia he is known as “el guapo català” :-)

          • and your mayor has Spanish roots too (Cadiz), Paris is becoming kind of Spanish/Catalan ?!! vive la france! viva España! visca Catalunya!! :-) and your thoughts?

  5. Well I respect religious people, but when they say ”I’m against homosexuality” I would like to ask them only this, are you gay or do you know anyone who is? If not then you do not know shit, seriously would you believe a book that was written 2000 years ago or 1400 when their are people now saying that they have been gay all there lives and have no explanation why? We are who we are and nothing can stop us from being just that. Its in our nature, Just like you who is probably heterosexual. I would not call you a homophobe, you can believe in whatever rocks your boat, but I would say that you are ignorant to facts all around in people like me and millions of others in our present-time.

    • The most important book in my life is Rilke’s Duino Elegies … but do I claim some special or sacrosanct status for it? No! I wish that religious people would learn some modesty because that would make them much more appealing.

      At the end of the day, the truth will always be the same: religion is the main foundation of prejudice … because it randomly differentiates between those who are in God’s grace and those who are not. I simply cannot accept such a way of thinking. Sorry!

      Every God signifies a regime of terror imo. :(

      • I did not rant but simply gave my opinion. Oh my, why are you so touchy when people disagree on the topic of religion? Btw, I know the bible by heart. As a literary historian I need too.

        And I will simply ignore the insults you have just thrown at me. However, I need to tell you that the concept of “we believe” instead of “I believe” alone makes me shudder …

    • I’m just telling facts here and disrespectful? I just wrote that ”you can believe in whatever rocks your boat” o.O thus respecting your opinion.

      ”So please don’t start telling me what ‘shit’ I know or don’t know.” But you believe, you do not know…

      Your arguments are not valid in these forums about this subjects because most of us know or have friends who know what its like. You have a book lol… (now that was disrespectful…) Do you actually know that before your book was written homosexuality (the word that is) did not exist, it was common in ancient Greece to have boys and girls as lovers no matter the gender, thus your book actually hindered the society and communities all around about not only homosexuality’s, but women’s rights as well…

      • Well its kinda ironic that you write ”I for one, am against homosexuality” and then write that they should be treated equally… says the one that is against it lol
        ”but I would say that you are ignorant to facts all around in people like me and millions of others in our present-time.” If you would have read everything to connect the dots in my comment you would have seen that you are ignorant to that so many people know that they are and always will be homosexual, by saying you are against it for something written in a book is ignorance imo when there are so many today that has it in their nature, but its your choice if you wish to believe millons of people or not.
        ”disprove my religion” naw don’t go that far dear, I am only talking about whats right and wrong and as I said before I respect religious people, maybe not when they talk about being against nature itself, but still I respect them for what they gain by it, soo many people feels better to be a part of a religion and its that part that I respect! But some beliefs in your religion is completely bollocks like the homosexuality and degrading women parts even if some of that has changed in for example the protestantism. I am sorry actually for getting a little carried away, but you don’t understand, My life has been a real roller coaster with this thing all my life, mostly bad things and to see someone being against of what I am and what I accepted myself to be just less then a year ago really gets my nerves going, for its countries like Russia and 76 others that have some sort of anti-gay law all the way to death penalty that I am afraid of and angry at and that number is growing. I for one is lucky to have been born in a country were these laws doesn’t exist, but in Countries like Russia the police happily watches when homosexuals being beaten right in front of them… worse in other countries I have heard, you religious people has nothing to be afraid of, so you would not understand and just spit out that you are against homosexuality without caring for the consequences, think about if you were in our position and someone says that I am against heterosexuality, being against who you are, who you are meant to be.

      • Thanks for understanding, but ”Yet you still fail to understand that not every Christian goes around beating homosexuals” Never wrote anything about Christians beating homosexuals though :P

  6. Gio, I seem to remember that you changed your name, I am a Catholic man, very conservative in the way I live my life, who truly believes that God wants us to live our lives with love and respect for each other. That is paramount to the Christian view of the world. I love my faith, but I detest the way the institution Catholic Church disrespects the teachings of Christ in countless ways. Conchita’s win is a personal achievement that hopefully will show society that there is no reason to be scared.

    • “homosexuality is not what we believe in”

      Nobody should believe in homosexuality imo, just as nobody should believe in heterosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, metrosexuality or whatever. I just think that we should respect and leave each other in peace when it comes to private aspects of how we lead our lives. We shouldn’t judge imo … and (in particular monotheistic) religions’ obsession with judging what is wrong and what is right even regarding identities, thoughts, practices etc. that do not harm anyone else has always been my main objection to religion. Finally, I am rather sceptical when I think of how the Christian Churches would address certain issues if they still had the power they had some 100 years ago.

      • I never said that anything was wrong with believing in God but I am perfectly entitled to have my own opinion on this matter which rests on the conviction that I find the idea of God (not only the Christian one but any God) extremely unappealing. In my view of the world the idea of God equals human hubris … mankind thinking that it is sth special while happily working on destroying the fantastic planet we live on. If animals ruled the world we wouldn’t have wars, global warming, contaminated areas etc.

        But that is just my personal opinion, no eternal truth …

  7. Conchita will be playing at G.A.Y (London’s largest gay club) on May 24th. It’s always a big gig, the boys there will have a fabulous night.

  8. Hello.
    I am an Evangelical Christian, from a Catholic background living in Ireland. I am glad that this site has allowed an open discussion about Tom and his win. To the best of my knowledge he is still Tom, and so he should be called Tom. To discuss this issue properly in the context of the ESC is a huge topic, and I wont be able to do it justice here.

    Yes I do believe homosexuality and indeed any form of gender confusion is unhelpful for the people concerned and for society as a whole. I believe this based on my biblical beliefs, (and I believe the Bible is God’s handbook for life), and my understandings of human nature from working as a psychiatric nurse and now almost being qualified as a counsellor psychotherapist.

    Apart from my personal beliefs one of my concerns is re the family nature of the ESC. For me I find the sexual nature of the ESC is increasing every year and the nature of the presentation is almost flaunting the gayness of the ESC. I know this may seem hilarious to some but it seems to me that this is forcing people like me to abandon the ESC. Perhaps most ESC fans would prefer if us Christians just left the ESC stage and let them have it to themselves???

    As a parent of two boys 5 and 8 I was actually more concerned with the Polish song. Which lets be honest was vote for my Boobs. The song was below average imo.

    As for Austria. I listened to his performance as I knew looking at a bearded drag queen would not help me vote for him. Personally I think it was a dated bond theme song from the ’60’s or ’70”s. It certainly was not a winner.
    I feel there has been a lot of The Emperor’s New Clothes about Tom. We all could see the truth but dared not to speak it. Because if you do say anything negative about Tom you are considered homophobic. One of the most misused words in the English language. Some then automatically went for positive discrimination. I also suspect that Tom’s vote were similar to the Dustin The Turkey vote. When passing fans watched Tom they thought that it fitted their ESC image as the songs, and singer etc. as being a joke. These voters don’t care for the ESC they voted for Tom because to them Tom fitted their view of the ESC, a joke.

    I applaud E.T. for allowing this discussion. In too many settings we are told that we should be open minded and consider all sides. But then when you say you disagree with something you are told you are wrong and your opinion is close minded. It seems open mindedness has its limitations.

    I know most who read this disagree with me. My basis for my beliefs comes from a real living relationship with Christ which drives my life. Christ accepts all as they are, but he never leaves them there, he brings them into new life a life of their greatest potential, gay, straight or whatever.

      • That’s just an over-simplified explanation i didn’t expect you would agree with.
        There have been other drug acts before and they flopped.Trying to explain Conchita’s victory based only on her stage persona is wrong.

        • The song was good too ! But that alone wouldnt secure a landslide victory for Austria imo. Timing was perfect for a tolerance ACT to win as well…It’s not only the beard. But it is mainly IT !

    • Oh you just made a huge mistake dear by commenting like this on this forum especially on IDAHOT day..And you were extremely unfortunate that I stumbled upon your (disgusting) comment on this day.

      Let’s begin :

      First of all you are an evangelical christian. That alone puts you in the criminal category for me. Influential evangelical leaders such as Scott Lively etc seeing that they have lost the battle against science and true knowledge about sexual orientation and gender identity in the west are now taking their propaganda which you willfully buy to 3rd world nations with abysmal levels of education and high levels of religious fanaticism (interesting how those two go together isn’t ? The most prosperous nations are the less religious one) and promote anti – LGBT legislation there. Russia’s vulgar laws and the even worse ones in african nations such as Uganda and Nigeria are the work of evangelical lobby groups who, working underground, take advantage of the people’s lack of critical thought and education at such places to toughen more and more the prosecution against LGBT people. Jail, death sentences, any kind of abuse. That’s the kind of people you support by declaring yourself to be an evangelical christian making you nothing more but an accomplice to crimes against humanity, for which currently EVANGELICAL leader Scott Lively is going to be trialed.

      So since we established that I consider you a supporter of a criminal organization let’s go forth.

      First of all you show your total disrespect for Conchita and her character by using the wrong gender pronouns, on purprose of course simply because you want to hurt people due to your self righteousness that your religious beliefs make you believe you are entitled to. Conchita Wurst is a female person, whether you like it or not and better learn to call it as it is or do not at all or people will react. You expect people to “respect” your beliefs but you fail to show the same respect for people for who they are. Typical christian hypocrisy.

      Sexual orientation and gender IDENTITY (to correct another offensive term you use – on purpose of course – based on what every major psychological association says) are nothing but unhelpful to society. If people like you did not exist no LGBT person would have to live with fear, depression or have issues accepting themselves due to growing up in a homophobic environment. These are things one person just IS as nature created them. I can tell you what it unhelful in a 21st century society : religion. An institution created by MEN to control people’s minds, strip them of their critical abilities and make them feel less responsible for their actions, thoughts and judgements by relieving them, by telling them to cover all of their PERSONAL prejudice behind the very useful but very hypocritical ” god tells me to do so”, “the bible tells me to think so” etc. You diminish yourselves to mere servants of a deity (for the existence of which there is no proof nor there is going to be found) and put the weight of all your personal decisions to the supposed dogma these deities inflict upon you. Escaping responsibility is the definition of immaturity but you demand in this society not only to be respect but laws and societies to revolve around your religious obsessions.

      I am worried that you claim to be a “pshychotherapist” and I do hope Ireland passes a bill to ban you and others to abuse people by trying to change their sexual orientation on mess with their gender identity. Your religious beliefs combined with your influential position on people’s souls make me terribly worried for any poor LGBT child that may get in your hands.

      For the sexual nature of esc : Let’s face it your problem is the LGBT aspect of the whole thing mainly, don’t try to take the attention away from that. And yes personally I would be more than glad if people like you stopped watching esc, this contest celebrates human diversity without judgement and your beliefs which only exist to create division are in stark contrast with the nature of the contest which is based on unity. And that’s why a symbol of equality and human diversity did not only compete but won. You may try as hard as you want to diminish Conchita’s victory to circus status as much as you want, your perpesective on this world allows you to think thus far I am afraid while you prefer to ignore facts. The fact is that after Dana International, no gender non conforming person has won the contest or, with the exception of the harmless and childish, Serduchka, has done well. Where was the circus vote there ? Your problem is that Conchita’s message reached people across Europe..People were willing to put their prejudices aside and listen to a great voice and a good song and vote for that. Yes there were votes from people who just wanted to pass a message about acceptance for sure (something your prejudice does not allow you to see accept or see either) but let’s face it, the majority did need to look beyond their prejudices on looks to vote for a persona like Conchita. And that’s something a person like you, who by professing their religious beliefs, cultivate division and prejudice.

      Yes personally I would prefer people like you to abandon esc once and for all if possible as I already said. You have nothing to do with the spirit of the contest to begin with.

      I don’t know where did you get that ET would be any different than any non right wing christian forum (the only places your hateful and prejudiced ideas against people different from you would be accepted in a world that gradually is rejecting thankfully your propaganda) in the sense we would accept your judgemental and offensive rant. I hope my comment made it clear that I at least do not.
      And stop the victimization please, it seems it’s the new christian trend : “Help me they do not tolerate my based on not proved beliefs intolerance, I am prosecuted!”. It’s ridiculous, coming from the people who have for centuries prosecuted others, and still do in places like Africa and other places where they can still take advantage of a poorly educated crowd.

      I don’t care what personal relationship you have with imaginary sky deities or historical figures that professed to be some kind of god and prophet and died two milleniums ago but stop forcing other people to be who you and your beliefs want them to be.
      Gay people will be gay because that’s who they are born to, same as tall people, people with blue eyes, people with blond hair etc.
      We strive on a personal level to be as good of a person as we are primarily thinking about other people’s well being.
      You and your ilk hide behind your religious prejudices, judging people, insulting them and insisting they respect your beliefs and constantly preach them how to be a worse, repressed and judgemental as you version of themselves. I pity you for your lack of personal will and judgement. I pity you for your self righteousness and constant effort to guilt others for who they are. I pity you and your ilk in general in a non hateful but deeply compassionate for your situation way. I hope one day you will see how your beliefs actually hurt people, real people and not sky deities.

      And above all I feel sorry for your children, who grow up in such an environment. I hope if one of them is gay or trans that a) he teaches you something about humans and b) if you fail to understand that he gets as far away as possible from you and leaves a normal life without judgement, repression and self pity, something christians are professionals at inflicting on people.

      And yes I have been harsh because this is IDAHOT day, a day we remember and help all those children and people who suffer around the world because of people like you and your criminal religious leaders.

      • Coming from you and people like you it’s a compliment for sure. As I told you I have faced worse than you and your evangelist friend.
        And as a rational person I do feel sorry for you as well and the way you have been stripped of all critical thinking abilities.
        I hope that you will find some truth one day and the courage to stand up for what you believe instead of hiding your judgemental attitude behind deities.

        May knowledge, science and facts come your way one day and help you finally accept people around you for they nature created them to be.

      • Wow. You really do hate what I have brought up for you. You couldn’t hate me as you have never met me. And I’m sure others have felt what you have written.

        For the record I have no idea who the evangelical leader is you are referring to. To be honest I’m not offended by anything you have said because you are just angry, very angry. I disagree with any body being publicly ridiculed because of how they express their sexuality. Though I will admit I do not accept homosexuality as something we are born with. To the best of my knowledge this has never been proven. It has just become increasingly presumed.

        I think it is regretful for E.T. that these things have been said. Dare I ask do other people want me to leave E.T. because I disagree with homosexuality?? If so well then I’ll go which would be a pity as I’ve enjoyed my limited participation. So there yah are. Vote now: ban the Evangelical. The phone lines are opened now.

        While I am partially joking with that comment if the administrators of this site do wish to contact me then they are more than welcome to do so via e-mail.

        If this is my last post Bye and God Bless.

        I’ll be disconnected from e-mail now till after 9 EST

        • I do not hate you, hate is such a degrading feeling and you do not deserve it the least. I pity you because the hate and judgement is all in you, sugar coated as “love” by the religious dogma you follow to make you feel better about the beliefs you adopted.

          I won’t go on discussing the genetics of homosexuality, the fact that every major medical organization rejects the ver idea that sexual orientation is a choice or connected to child abuse etc speaks volumes, but your side rejects science you do not like anyway.

          And again the victimisation card. No I don’t want to ban you as I told you, you are free to comment.
          But I am leaving. I do not have to tolarate you and your comments (which were the ones that were regretful for ET) same as you don’t have to accept me for being who I am born to be.Thus I am leaving.
          Take care and please do treat your children nicely if one of them is gay. i do not expect it but I can only hope.

  9. For gay people to be treated equally, surely the first thing that we need to do is get rid of offensive assumptions that homosexuality is “disordered” or “not right” that religious institutions such as the Catholic Church have consistently reinforced. You will never be able to treat people equally if you view certain people as less “right”.

    • To rephrase my original comment (which you chose to misinterpret) – how can you treat people equally when you view certain people as “not right” or “disordered”?

      • “It’s like if my friend takes drugs”

        That’s a nice one. :(

        Just get all those gays into a rehab centre! They don’t have a gay identity but simply acquired a bad habit. Very respectful indeed. And thanks but no, society tried that curing stuff some decades ago and destroyed many people in the process.

      • Sexual orientation is innate, so by describing a certain orientation as disordered (which you did a few posts above), you are also implying all people with that orientation as disordered. Also, I really don’t see how you can claim to treat gay people equally when you equate homosexuality with a form of optional self-abuse, but whatever…

        I hope you get a good seat in heaven, I’ll be burning in the pits of hell, I guess…

      • I am not criticising you for being a Christian, I am criticising you for your clear lack of understanding of the issues facing the gay community. And if you are seriously suggesting that Christians are oppressed, then LOL

        That is the last thing I have to say on this matter.

  10. Today is the International Day Against Homophobia And Transphobia.
    Don’t forget:
    “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”
    (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

    Whatever you believe in or who you are nobody has the right to degrade someone else, not with actions and not with words.

    • Saying someone is wrong is not degrading them. Saying something that people believe is wrong is only that. It is really down to them whether that makes them feel degraded or not.

      I believe it is possible to love those whom you believe are wrong. We all do it all the time.

      • I believe you are wrong and immoral. But the difference is your (immoral) religious beliefs are your choice. Sexual orientation is not.

        And stop abusing the word “love”. People like you do not “love”, that’s a lie your religious leaders have told you to comfort you for hating and judging anyone who does not think exactly like you.

        • christians talking about hypocrisy…hmmm interesting. If you do not like facts and people speaking them because they bother you don’t read my comments because I won’t stop putting them here.

          Again christians talking about oppresive language..We are talking about the same people who, if they had their way, LGBT people would still be facing what they face in Uganda for example currently world wide…Awww the audacity..!

  11. I never believed I would see all those hateful creatures calling themselves “christians” infest this forum but they will get the answers they deserve from me (especially the evangelical fascist).

    As for Conchita congrats for the success and recognition you receive, you deserve it girl :) !

    The russian politicians (and they are not a minority, they are the vast majority I assure you) can continue fuming and screaming and jumping up and down, there are some things they cannot change no matter how much they deny reality.

    • “when he portrayed his views in an impeccably respectful manner.”

      Your opinion, not mine I am afraid. Nothing was not even close to respectful to that comment.

      I called it as it is and explained my view above. The incredibly coward is sitting behind your screen and judging people for their sexual orientation or gender identity and not even take personal responsibity for it nut hide behind a belief.

      “To call Christians hateful creatures is prejudice in itself and incredibly disrespectful.”

      Yes I know “if you do not tolerate my intolerance is in itself intolerant”. You don’t want to go down the “who is diserespectful” road. For once, one should talk to you in the way you talk about people of different sexual orientation for example. Like : I disagree with your eye colour but I tolerate it, I disagree with your height but I tolerate it etc..Wouldn’t it be interesting ?

      Oh you will be getting my questions as well on your above comment (which I admit it was somewhat more respectful than the other religious extremists so I will be of a similar tone).

      Stand up for him, you do not discourage me to the least. I have faced worse than you, I have seen what Orthodox christians are capable of all this time I am involved in campaigns to help LGBT teens in Russia.

      “We are unity and we are unstoppable !” asthe queen of europe said.

      • I do not need the blessings of your hateful deities.

        May science one day find you.

        • Nope, the deity you beleive in is vengeful and judgemental and it’s invention only serves the interest of those who want to keep this world divided. “Divide and conquer” – the best application of this tactics is shown everyday : Christians vs Muslims, Muslims vs Christians, Hindus vs Christians, everyones vs jews.

          I don’t know if a weapons market would exist if religion did not exist honestly. It would be such a peaceful world.

          I love people, like real love, not the “love” you profess and you have been taught by your churches, actual love for the person as a whole, every natural aspect of them, not those I pick and choose (you know, the l”ove the sinner hate the sin” travesty).

          I will have a fantastic day. Because I consider every person equal, and not by seeing them thinking how “not right” is an aspect of them. Because you can deny the judgemental label everyday but no matter how much you sugarcoat something, the meanings of the word do not change.
          And that goes for both the words “love” and “judgment” on this case.

        • P.S. I will be waiting for answers to my 5 very simple questions I posted above. Do prove me wrong and try to actually answer them instead of vaguely stating your belief that people “should be treated equally”.

    • It’s not very respectful to tell someone you don’t agree with their very existence.Because sexual identity is part of who we are.

    • Is it just me who’s the fascist or all evangelicals???

      Anyway What am I to say? I can appreciate your hateful understanding of Christians. Yes stupid and wrong things have ben done and are being done in the name of Christian religion. If homophobia is a grossly misunderstood word Christianity even more so.

      Converting to evangelicalism from Catholicism saw me being rejected by my family and basically being forced to leave home. Every time I express my Christianity in a secular forum either on line or in person I am taking almighty risk of being ridiculed and rejected. So I don’t claim to be beyond knowing what it means to be rejected. The secular world wants Christians to go away and even to legislate it to being a personal practice not for public display.
      Does E.T. really want to ban religious people from its site if so they can tell me. I doubt it as long as we don’t use it to proselytise. Although there are sometime posts that go far in promoting a gay agenda occasionally. That’s to be expected in an ESC fan site so no point in complaining.

      It is true I have no right to tell others how to live their lives and I don’t claim to have that authority. However I am perfectly entitled to believe it is wrong to behave in certain ways as long as I do it respectfully. And I believe I have.

      I guess I just want to put it out there that it was a bearded man in drag that won the ESC not the song from Austria.

      And also I really do wish to express my concern for the existence of the ESC as a family show when you consider how hyper sexualised aspects of it are. What do other parents think??? Are you ever uncomfortable watching the ESC with your under 14 year olds????

      And Georgiokon just focus on your faith. The issue is not how people behave but on where their heart is. Jesus always did and so should we. When the heart changes the behaviour will follow.

      And now back to the Eurovision.

      Just out of complete irrelevancy I’ve heard both the Netherlands and Maltese song on a Christian radio station here in Dublin.

      • Again the victimisation card and the blames of “prosecution” from the “secualr world”. Sucky audacity and hupocrisy from the people who have prosecuted others for years and continue to do so in every place they find the opportunity to do so ! (Russia, Uganda etc) and the even more disgusting phrase “gay agenda”. Guess what as a gay man my “agenda” is that of an everyday person, to live my life with all its struggles ! Yuck yet again.

        We have seen all those before.

        And the disrespect towards Conchita continues from those who are begging for respect yet again. Disgusting.

        Being gay is not a behaviour, it’s part of who a person simply IS. Stop offending people.
        ESC is still a family show and families around the world exist in many different forms : two mothers, two fathers, one parent etc someday you may want to understand that.

        Congratulations though your presence has suceeded into driving me away from this forum, which is no longer the bigotry free forum it was.

        I have to deal with people like you everyday, I don’t need to deal with you here as well sorry.

  12. Ok I have read all those before and even if you fail to answer to me (your loss, not mine) I will for the sake of argument accept that you “disagree” with homosexuality and you “respect” gay people as equals. So a few questions :

    A) Should gay people be allowed to marry ? In a civil context and at religious premises that are more than happy to marry them.
    B) Are a gay couple with children considered a family ? Should they ?
    C) Should gay people be protected from discrimination in housing, employment, services and accomodations
    D) Do you agree with the russian laws ? (That works as a reminder as well for your claim that gay people are so blissfully accepted in today’s society..)
    E) Should a gay couple have the same rights as a straight couple in public places (holding hands, sharing a kiss etc) – and public places includes in front of kids as well mind you – same as straight couples (I make this simple clarification since your “I am against homosexuality, I accept homosexuals” crowd tends to put a “as long as they keep it away from kids ” attitude next to it) ?

    And since you pity me so much (same as I do) one last observation : Society will respect people of faith when they learn to respect other people and their rights. When you and your churches stop funneling the flames of homophobia with their attitude and rather keep a respectful and silent stance on such issues and you people stop trying to vote away and against people’s rights we can talk. No LGBT person has anything against any person of faith who knows how to treat others. I do not go around stating that I consider religion immoral and I disagree with it everytime religion is slammed on my face in the public sphere or everytime I pass outside a church. I do not feel the need to do so, to remind people how much I do not like who they are.
    Stop and make your churches stop promoting homophobia around the world and standing in the way of people’s rights and then we can talk. Right now it’s impossible.

    I probably know you won’t answer to my questions, since you have taken this passive aggresive stance throughout the thread without making a real argument and using the usual victimization card but I am used to that attitude by now..

  13. And since we are at it one last question : You claim to speak of christians etc..Many christian churches (more than you think – probably not in your quite conservative and homophobic country – and that’s not an insult against an country just a comparative check between Greece and scandinavian or western european nations) as part of their doctrine accept gay people as complete equals (they do not “disagree” with something as natural as homosexuality) and perform marriages for same sex couples. Do you respect their chistian beliefs or they are “wrong” to you ?

  14. Reading some of the comments I wonder which century this is. :(

    I expect an auto-da-fé to take place on this thread next. :(

  15. I have been singing in a church for some years – between 2004 and 2012 – and we have had some gay marriages there. Not many, but some. And our priests were often preaching tolerance towards sexual orientations, other religions, cultures, political observations etc.

    I’m not religious myself, but religion should not automatically prevent us from accepting who we are. Christianity is what we define as christianity, it’s not something that necissarily has to stay the same forever. It has never done so anyway. So it ought to be possible to accept homosexuality inside the frames of christianity.

  16. “Positive discrimination explains 100% the Austrian win in my books as well!”

    I disagree with this comment. For sure the beard made her stand out, but on the other hand i’m not so sure if the beard worked in Conchita’s favour. Had she not had a good song and had she not sung very well, she wouldn’t have won. That’s my opinion.

    But the important point here is this:

    Remember last year when Emmelie de Forest won with (in my opinion) a song inferior to Rise Like A Phoenix? Remember how the camerawork starts with a close look at that H-O-T Danish flutist?

    So my question is: why would it be more undeserving “to win with a beard” than to win with a HOT flutist?

  17. After the comments I have seen today on this thread, especially on IDAHOT day, and after commenting on the semi finals results as I thought I should, have decided to take a break from the forum unfortunately.

    I do understand that the old regular members do not hold such views and opinions and I am glad many people stood up against them but if people like James Kevin Foley or the over sensitive Orthodox one which loves playing the victimisation card are going to become regulars I honestly don’t feel like being a regular part of this forum.

    I have spent a lot of my recent life fighting homophobia in places needed through online support of teenagers in russia for example. I have heard stories, seen things and experienced events I cannot describe or dare to say but they shocked me deeply.

    I have been trying to my very minimum capability to extinguish the flames of violence and abuse these people’s religions have been funelling and I can’t stand now having these people asking me to apologize for the way I speak to them and have them playing the victims.

    If they consider themselves victims, better speak with a gay russian teen and what the orthodox cult and its influence is doing to him currently, don’t have the audacity to call me out for calling out your ignorance and ask me to “respect” you because even if you personally distance yourselves (supposedly) from such actions with your silence as religious people against such crimes, you are becoming accomplishes who follow the cult that causes many of the crimes in russia, Uganda, Nigeria etc.

    If you truly believe people are equal speak out, try to change something from the inside. But you won’t do that.

    I was hoping to get away from such people in the esc universe but it seems it’s not possible.

    Thus I am taking a break. Take care everyone ! I will be seeing you some time in the (near or not we’ll see) future :)

    P.S. Thank you hulluna, Morgan and jade for your excellent work :)

    • But we need people who speak up on important issues on this site. I can understand that you are sad and angry atm but going away equals giving intolerant people the chance to take over ET. :(

      • I do understand your point dear togravus. But I have been having this conversations on so many occasions, online or not , in my everyday life for the last year or so that I had this forum as a place to get away from all that, joke around with Morgan on boys and not feel judged by the presence of such people, even talk about the russian situation on a forum that even if we do not agree on the form of action that needs to be taken we agree on the underlying principles. This was my shelter from the outside world that includes people like the two who commented on this thread. And I am so tired of fighting that I can’t do it even here..I really am tired..Especially on IDAHOT day..gosh the audacity.

        Again I am sorry..But I will be back I promise. If they have taken over the forum so be it, I’ll find another esc shetler. I can’t fight it right now.

        Take care :)

    • Why should you leave. you have contributed to this site for the last few years. you love the ESC and that is what this site is all about no more or no less.

      Please don’t leave on my account. I am only a part time fan compared to most on this site so don’t worry about having to be bombarded by my Christian beliefs on a regular basis it just wont happen.

    • the two people who made the comments are avatarless people who did not comment before this year; do you really think they’ll be regulars or isnt just a bit of trolling after Conchita won? relax

      • Just a small correction I have being with E.T. for I think 2 or 3 years. I originally posted as JKF Irish. That posting avatar eventually did not work because our computer is not 100% so I used the face book facility instead. So I can assure you I am not a complete newbie. The discussion in the editorial section on the big 5 is mine. However I am more of a browser than a poster on E.T.

        I could say lots which I think is significant for the ESC that has come up from this but in respect to the site and the fact that I know I have infuriated many I wont add to it.

        I only posted after I had read the discussion before me and I thought I could make a relevant contribution. Which I believed I did. A relevancy that wont go away.

  18. “I would not worship a God who is homophobic, and that is how deep I feel about this,” Tutu said at a United Nations’ gay rights campaign function in Cape Town, South Africa. “I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. ‘No,’ I would say. ‘Sorry. I mean, I would much rather go to the other place.’”

    Wise words, indeed. Not every Christian is able to stand up for human rights like Desmond Tutu does. Homophobia is the new apartheid. It’s like a disease which has to be cured. And religion is no excuse for discrimination.

    • The fight against homophobia and transphobia will continue all around the world and every human being is invited to stand up for our oppressed or even killed sisters and brothers:

  19. *sigh* Please, someone tell me we haven’t sunk so far as to have ugly religious debates here. I don’t want to believe it. :(

    As for Conchita, I’m very happy for her and the success she’s enjoying after her win in Copenhagen. She did have a great performance, but the song wasn’t what won. This was a statement victory, which is fine every so often but annoying nevertheless, especially in a year which had, IMO, many better songs to offer. The international outpouring of support is especially nice to see, even if I don’t agree with the win, per se. :)

    Hopefully the EBU moves the dates ahead one week to have the final on the 23rd so I can go to Austria for the 60th!

    Off-Topic: The official DMGP channel has been uploading little extras relating to the show and they’ve highlighted some of the assets of the Polish entry. ;)

  20. Of course, we don’t want to censor things here on ET and we do believe in free speech. It’s annoying that we dont want to take side regardless of what we, webmasters, believe and we just want it to put a stop at things when they become personal and insulting.

    On the other hand, we believe also that this is an Eurovision blog. We opened a “community” page to discuss any other things than the contest. Conchita’s win, as many things with the contest, is a political statement in its own. But it shouldn’t be an excuse to discuss something as far stretched as religion on the matter. As Anders said, some religions have even welcomed gays in their communities, in some American Churches, or in the Danish church which is also a State church.

    Guys, look up. This article said Elton John sends Conchita flowers. Seriously, did that call for such a debate? I believe the best answer to intolerance is contempt. I myself did simply not reply, don’t heat up the fuel.

    This message is a message from both Lynn and I to say that this conversation has to stop all together. We hope that the Fridas which are about to open for two weeks will help us refocus on the contest’s strengths (lyrics, vocals, melody, performance…) and nothing else. And then that the summer (do you guys want another quiz?) help us, ironically, cool down.

    Lynn & Morgan

    • I am back from work and in dire need of a shower. The debate has been interesting until insults came into play. Many good points were made and let’s leave it at that. I am ready for the Fridas and will vote for all the categories. Bring them on! :)

      P.S. – Guitar, the low season is the calm after the storm. Stick around.
      P.P.S. – Laila, the same goes for you.
      P.P.P.S (how many ps will I end up using today? :) ) Visão, a quality press Portuguese magazine has a two page article on Conchita. Cleverly written by Clara Soares, it discusses the concept of the third gender.

  21. Being religious person I would ask others remember words from bible ” don’t judge others, and nobody will judge you”. For centuries 1000s of people were killed “in the name of God” but God has nothing to deal with bloody hands of monks /human beeings/ doing it for their own dogmas, interest forgetting the main taboo of Christianity “Don’t kill”. Silly to care who the person standing in front of you prefers to sleep with, and twice silly when governments try to take part in what is going on in the bedrooms of citizens! I dislike that even God may be considered and used in a sentence with the word “homophob” and I find it stupid and disgraceful no matter what that personality wanted to say! And that is not religion that makes people to start wars! War may start just because of “female” beauty like in Troy, for the treasury and other interests as it happens in general! Regardless to well developed logic human beeing still Has animal instincts and sometimes may fascinate with its cruelty and egoism!
    Regardless to above mentioned for me the look /I mean here the bread/ of COnchita remains inappropriate, silly, smth trying to fish attention and votes just like Lordi but by far less esthetic for my eyes! I still don’t believe that if that song was performed by Eva Rivas or Bonie Tyler it would win! It’s success remains for me a result of epotazh, shock and good performance! Conchita got what she wanted with her drama – the victory, attention, fame! My congreatulstions but I don’t think that the Mrs “Wurst” should be iconised and treated as Martin Luterking …
    Next silly thing for me is the hype in Russia. And opinions kind a it is a degradation of moral values in the west and gay propaganda! With the same logic what was TaTu with its videos of masturbation, kissing underage schoolgirls ? When in many official ceremonies with proud faces I see chors singing ” they don’t gonna get us” wonder why it is not considered as propaganda inspiring pedophilia aswell? I think Conchita was great winner for Western Europe to demonstrate its respect towards sexual minorities, for Russia to make black p.r. Of Europe in Eastern Europe and in the end everyone is happy! But as Song Contest ESC lost as it wasn’t the best song to win!

    • “With the same logic what was TaTu with its videos of masturbation, kissing underage schoolgirls ?”

      Yeah, Russia is the most hypocrit country in Eurovision (the peace song from 2013 was no better!) If they think it’s damn Western Europe polluting their culture, why do they keep insisting in singing in English almost every year?!

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