Eurovision 2014: All Final Results

Eurovision Denmark 2014Eurovision 2014 – As soon as the contest was over, the EBU published the full televote and jury results (including each jury’s vote). Here you’ll find the contest’s results with 100% jury, 100% televote and most importantly with the old split results prior to the 2013 changes. Tell us what you think!

Probably this is due to DR’s actions towards more transparency. Whereas last year, the same EBU took longer to publish “split” results, but only with % of rankings and not even the detailed country by country results, this year we got everything down to each jury member, and as soon as the contest was over!

And this transparency is good news for the contest in general, as we get to spot the things we can claim as unfair, if not plain cheating for some juries. But at least now we know. Sure we can say the EBU is lying on the stats they’re giving us, but that would be going very far in cynism. We have already plenty to comment on.

First and most of all, jury and televote again disagreed quite a lot. So, a simple glimpse at the full results from each set of voting can tell us which countries were liked and disliked depending on a “mass” effect of televote (where you get 20 chances to hit your favorite song(s)) or a jury result (where supposed specialists get to rank all songs).

But among the 2013 changes made by the SVT, there wasn’t just the end of random draw, there was also a change in the voting system. Before, the jury would have a top 10 with points (12,10,8-1) and the televote would as well, and put together countries had therefore points from 24 possible to 1, and that top 10 would then be given 12, 10, 8-1 in the final results. Nowadays, every country is ranked from 1st to 25th/26th (depending if the country is a finalist or not), by both jury and televote, and these results are added on, so a song ranked 1st and 26th would get a total of 27 points, when a song ranked 2nd and 11th would get 13 points and much better than in the former system, when the first song would get 12pts but the second one only 10pts.

So here’s the final results to compare:

Official results Televote results Jury results Old system
1 290 Flag of Austria Austria 311 Flag of Austria Austria 224 Flag of Austria Austria 297 Flag of Austria Austria
2 238 Flag of The Netherlands Netherlands 222 Flag of The Netherlands Netherlands 203 Flag of The Netherlands Netherlands 232 Flag of The Netherlands Netherlands
3 218 Flag of Sweden Sweden 193 Flag of Armenia Armenia 201 Flag of Sweden Sweden 213 Flag of Sweden Sweden
4 174 Flag of Armenia Armenia 190 Flag of Sweden Sweden 138 Flag of Hungary Hungary 179 Flag of Armenia Armenia
5 143 Flag of Hungary Hungary 162 Flag of Poland Poland 125 Flag of Armenia Armenia 126 Flag of Hungary Hungary
6 113 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 132 Flag of Russia Russia 119 Flag of Malta Malta 108 Flag of Russia Russia
7 89 Flag of Russia Russia 114 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 114 Flag of Finland Finland 104 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
8 88 Flag of Norway Norway 112 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 108 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 103 Flag of Poland Poland
9 74 Flag of Denmark Denmark 103 Flag of Romania Romania 102 Flag of Norway Norway 77 Flag of Romania Romania
10 74 Flag of Spain Spain 98 Flag of Hungary Hungary 85 Flag of Denmark Denmark 75 Flag of Finland Finland
11 72 Flag of Finland Finland 56 Flag of Belarus Belarus 83 Flag of Spain Spain 62 Flag of Norway Norway
12 72 Flag of Romania Romania 46 Flag of Iceland Iceland 78 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 61 Flag of Malta Malta
13 64 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 43 Flag of Denmark Denmark 70 Flag of Russia Russia 54 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
14 62 Flag of Poland Poland 43 Flag of Greece Greece 61 Flag of Germany Germany 54 Flag of Denmark Denmark
15 58 Flag of Iceland Iceland 41 Flag of Spain Spain 59 Flag of Iceland Iceland 54 Flag of Belarus Belarus
16 43 Flag of Belarus Belarus 39 Flag of Finland Finland 52 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 52 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
17 40 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 39 Flag of Norway Norway 51 Flag of Romania Romania 51 Flag of Iceland Iceland
18 39 Flag of Germany Germany 33 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro 50 Flag of Belarus Belarus 50 Flag of Spain Spain
19 37 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro 32 Flag of Italy Italy 49 Flag of Greece Greece 43 Flag of Germany Germany
20 35 Flag of Greece Greece 31 Flag of Germany Germany 48 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro 40 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
21 33 Flag of Italy Italy 29 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 37 Flag of Italy Italy 34 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
22 33 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 26 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 27 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 30 Flag of Greece Greece
23 32 Flag of Malta Malta 18 Flag of San Marino San Marino 23 Flag of Poland Poland 29 Flag of Italy Italy
24 14 Flag of San Marino San Marino 17 Flag of Malta Malta 21 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 9 Flag of San Marino San Marino
25 9 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 15 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 16 Flag of San Marino San Marino 8 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
26 2 Flag of France France 1 Flag of France France 5 Flag of France France 1 Flag of France France

Reminder: this article is mostly stats so that we can build the analysis together. Usually, people only compare jury and televote, and we’re probably the first site to offer the old system result as well. In the old system, Poland, Romania and Finland make the Top 10 instead of Norway, Denmark and Spain. Indeed, the new system helps averagy songs to do better than songs that split televote and jury. Norway is 17th in televote and 9th in jury but ends up officially 8th, higher than both! The old system has it only 11th. Same with Spain, which for 2pts made the top 10 when neither televote nor juries had it top 10. Finland, top 10 with the old system but only 11th with the new one, was 7th with juries but 16th with televote… what’s fairer?

On the other hand, glory to Austria or the Netherlands, who have the same results everywhere, and since these countries are from the West and had terrible results in the early 00s, it does mean something. But it’s not just on top, in the bottom France was unanimously voted down, or in the middle, Iceland gets beween 12th and 17th in all four vote systems as well!

Also, be careful to not look at only the rankings, but also the points. You’ll notice the juries were more spread out as usual, when televote was extremely close, the difference between 10th and 11th is 30pts, which is the same number between 11th and 22nd! So to really compare, you need to compare both rankings and points!

Post in your comments what you think. You can explore the results on Eurovision.tv‘s page. Stay tune for the same stats for semifinals coming up next!

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299 comments on “Eurovision 2014: All Final Results

  1. Guys be patient, I’m building the article as it is ;) But you can comment already.

  2. Most important is that Austria would have won no matter if there had been tele vote alone, juries alone and whatever combined result.
    And I am happy that the same goes for the runner up.

  3. can’t wait for the page to be complete so I can analyse! *geeky face*

  4. Poor France.

  5. As we saw Romania take Turkish place in immigrants votes.

  6. And Greece has no immigrants power like many believes ….

  7. Azerbaijan would have been saved a bit from the old system lol !

    So glad that the new system saved Norway though :)

  8. In case it’s not obvious, my article is very pro-old system, but I understand the new system, it’s just two different philosophical approaches. The new system really helps middle-ground songs to do super well, when the old one promoted the songs “loved”, for better and worse. What do people like better?

    • I am pro new system for sure. Changes need to be made in eastern european juries and their bias but it works very well imo.

      • Well, yeah, the damn juries *sigh*, but they’re more powerful with the new system. As well as western juries. I don’t like the current juries. And as long as juries can kill a song 25th/26th, preventing it to get ANY points from a country (Poland from UK, Armenia from Belgium, Austria from Belarus, Azerbaijan/Armenia hatred)… the old system would prevent that!

        • As you probably know I am pro 100 % jury vote so more power to the juries (which is not happening currently imo, it’s balanced) would be perfect for me.

          Juries do not know the televoting results when they vote so they can kill a song as much as televoting can by placing it last (See Malta being first or 2nd with many juries and receiving no points due to being killed by televoting). And as you probably know as well I am more than proud that juries killed Poland for obvious reasons. Votes like these are exactly why juries should be kept and enhanced imo.
          I may have issues with the juries in eastern europe downvoting Austria (Ukraine and Russia did not though and I liked that) but the main problem for me there would be other things like the armenian – azerbaijani scandal and the georgian jury ridiculousness. One thing you cannot blame western juries for is neighbour voting (see german or portuguese jury for instance..)

          • “I am more than proud that juries killed Poland for obvious reasons”

            You like the juries not to be people that like having fun?
            Poland is 100% fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

            • I want a music festival. Poland is the entry every piece of media that wants to bash esc is showing after all was said and done.
              It’s the punchline of the joke they want esc to be and I don’t want that.
              Oh the polish entry takes itself too seriously I am afraid, and that’s the problem…
              I hope we won’t have any more of that in the future. Entries can be fun without being that sexist monstrosity

            • I don’t think they take themselves to seriously. Its satire after all.

              I don’t see why its a punchline to a joke. The staging was kind enough to let you know what slavic girls do in their everyday lives. With half the song being in Polish, its hard to understand, so the visual helps the non Polish speakers like myself.

              Poland should be thanked for doing us a favor. Now we know that slavic girls do laundry by hand and they take their tops off so that it doesn’t get wet while they are laundering. LOL

            • “I don’t think they take themselves to seriously. Its satire after all. ”

              No it isn’t they said it themselves. It’s a very serious entry that wanted to attract votes for the objectification of women.

              As for being the punchline of the joke just follow the reporting on esc around the world, everywhere it is considered the best representatibe of the camp, tacky, trashy eurovision they believe it is, shown all over these news, where entries like the dutch or hungarian one are not even mentioned of course. This entry did hurt the reputation of the contest a lot imo.

              I am glad you find it funny, I am afraid I am not. I find it disgusting and degrading to women. One of the most offensive things I have seen on the esc stage.

            • Who cares what the media report? Those that don’t like esc will always find something.

              “I am glad you find it funny”
              Like i said above, educational as well. How many times are you going to see butter being churned live?

            • I care. The media are what people tend to listen to, one way or another. The “who cares” attitude is not the right one imo. I care and I want people to like esc for its music, to restore its credibility around europe and in every nation.

              I want it to be what it was meant to be : A celebration of songs from around europe, songs that will be on the radio around the continent the next day and a winner that will be the next popular thing in the european music scene.

              Not the laughing stock of a comedian on a comedy show.

            • Poland has more commercial radio appeal than Austria 100%.

              BTW, Do you think Austria was the best song and performance in the contest this year? Do you think Thomas Neuwirth singing the song would have won.

            • Wait, Thomas DID sing the song. He just did under a persona named Conchita.

            • I Know. I mean if he sang without any persona.

            • Austria had the best performance for sure and it would have ranked first with the juries anyway. I can’t tell you about televoting but I believe that yes. The best vocals of the night, the best direction. The best song ? Probably not but that’s why this is a show with live performances.

              Also I doubt it that this humn to sexism has more commercial radio appeal than “Rise Like a Phoenix” which sells better anyway (check esctracker etc).

            • I think you are over thinking Poland. It’s just 3 minutes of fun. Its not an ode to sexism. It celebrates Slavic women.

              They should be celebrated. And the staging was just acting btw. I’m sure the girls use washing machines and buy their butter in the store like the rest of us. LOL

            • I don’t think we will agree. I will always believe that Poland 14 is nothing more than this year’s disgrace of the contest and a very dangerous message of condoning sexism in eastern europe.

            • Well, what fun is it if we agree on everything?

              BTW, Poland did us all a favor because how many people watched the video and then had the urge to visit Poland? It might have helped with the tourism there. LOL

              Anyway, the presentation did its job because we are still talking about Poland. You know I am a sucker for what Poland offered. And by that I mean good marketing. LOL

            • P.S. Actually my opinion is that Austria won despite of the beard not because of it. People were able to overlook the image and vote for the voice and the song IMO.

            • He wouldn’t win most probably.But then again,Lordi wouldn’t have won if they weren’t in the monsters suits,Dana wouldn’t have won if she wasn’t Dana etc.What’s important is that Conchita wasn’t invented for esc,it’s his actual stage persona for years now.

            • You know me, I love personas, costumes etc.

          • Non hardcore esc fans watching the final praised Poland for being so fun and relaxing within a sea of ballads.So,there are people who did appreciate the song for what it was.

            • All I saw around me is people paying attention to it due to the boobs on stage.

              And as I said on this thread on another comment it is no wonder Poland was the punchline of the joke on every esc coverage that wanted to tell us how stereotypically trash and tacky it is.

      • However, the old system can’t prevent dumb televote bias (see Russia)

      • Regardless of what you think about the entries that suffered under the ranking system this year (Austria, Armenia, Poland etc.), you have to agree that it is more than a little unfair that the jury can manipulate the final result by deliberately ranking public or competition favourites last. The jury do not have to like anything, and are perfectly entitled to rank a song like Poland last, but the fact that many thousands of people have paid to have their vote registered (even if its just diaspora) should mean that five people in a room are not able to totally override this.

        • I do not share that opinion I am afraid. They know very well when they are voting that they can only influence 50 % of the result in the way it’s done anyway. The jury must do its job, they can’t be “blackmailed” to vote for something that will be a favourite with the public. It cancels the whole purpose of their existence.

          • You ignored parts of what I wrote again. I didn’t say the jury had to vote for anything, I just think the method of combining the scores is fundamentally imbalanced, and enables result manipulation on behalf of the juries (usually against diaspora-heavy countries). If the jury rank the tele voting winner last, fair enough, but the split should reflect the songs popularity in one of the categories.

            The purpose of the jury isn’t to simply reflect the tele vote, of course, but similarly it isn’t to totally negate the diaspora vote either. They should be voting for the songs and performances they like best without trying to influence the final points.

            • And I don’t see the reason why that wouldn’t be the case with Poland honestly. You are just speculating that Poland was downvoted to negate the diaspora effect, when they jury did not even know who was going to win televote even with the diaspora influences (I doubt the jury members are such esc experts to know which diaspora votes etc).

              As I said it’s completely balanced as the example of Malta showed that year. First with some juries (or high in general) and last or in the bottom 3 with televoting thus negating the jury vote.

              Poland is the same case. The public saw boobs – went crazy about them and voted accordingly…The juries simply saw a song void of much musical value and voted accordingly as well.

              Both the jury and the televoting can negate each other’s favourites equally so it’s perfectly fair imo.

            • The UK jury would have known in advance that Poland would receive 8 to 12 points from tele voting. We have seen this each year the UK have participated in the same semi-final/final as Poland. The same goes for Belgium and Armenia and many other examples that I don’t have time to list lol

              “Poland is the same case. The public saw boobs – went crazy about them and voted accordingly…The juries simply saw a song void of much musical value and voted accordingly as well.”

              This is entirely subjective. One could actually observe the same thing of the Austrian entry… (replacing the boobs with the beard obviously lol)

              “Both the jury and the televoting can negate each other’s favourites equally so it’s perfectly fair imo.”

              In that case the EBU should make tele voting free. I am fine with the public’s choice being wiped out completely by five people in a room if they are not charging thousands of people to vote for their favourite song under the illusion that they can have an impact on the final result.

            • But as I have said many times before on the thread the boobs gimmick is of very different nature with the beard on a woman gimmick.

              The first is certain to attract votes, the 2nd is more likely to drive them away mostly (not my assumption – simple societal views and norms imo).

              As for the voting, the people do vote knowing the rules I believe. If they do not they should listen to their commentators better.

              For example in the Maltese final the people influence one sixth of the result (close to nothing as the results show…the jury can crown any song the winner even if it received zero from televoting) and they vote knowing that.

              By the time the rules are clearly explained every voter knows under which circumstances they vote. They can decide then if they want to vote.

              P.S. On whether it is subjective or not – we actually have the juries around europe agreeing vastly with me here. And considering that they are the music experts and can’t all be on some secret conspiracy against Poland I believe their “verdict” is much more indicative than mine or your personal opinion on the song…

            • We will just have to agree to disagree on your first two paragraphs. I don’t think all viewers recognised the message behind Conchita’s image, and assumed the beard was an attempt to be humorous, and people don’t feel threatened by something unless they perceive it to be serious. Anyway…

              I don’t know if the casual Saturday night viewer will understand the brief explanation of the rather complex split-vote ranking system that the commentators are obliged to give, but oh well…

              As for Poland’s jury result, I think a lot of people (such as one UK juror who spoke out recently) voted against the presentation rather than for/against the song. In that case, maybe the boobs didn’t actually help them all that much lol

              Okay, I really have to go this time or I will be late for a lecture!

              Good night or day or whatever lol

  9. Lol, very intriguing results…Poland came 3rd in the tele vote! I perhaps lean further towards the old system as I believe the new system can produce odd results for different countries – however, if I’m totally honest, I would never have brought the juries in so hey :)

  10. The televoters loved Poland.

  11. Actually the example with Spain or Norway is not indicative of the new system. Greece would have placed lower than it did with the old system while being higher with both televoting and jury vote..

  12. Oh Malta really got a slap under the new system lol !

  13. Seeing Azerbaijan in that place is heartbreaking.
    Seeing the Netherlands, in second, so close to winning, is heartbreaking as well.

    • I didn’t felt disappointment for one second with our second place. Can you imagine that?

      • Coming from France, I totally can!

      • Yes, because nobody expected that high placing to begin with.

        But since they did get a high placing, it should have been the winner. Better performed, and a better song than the winner.

        • I don’t think you can really compare them.2 very different songs and performances.Within the esc context,Conchita’s win makes more sense.

          • 100% yes.

            I would have preferred the Netherlands to finish 20th, that way my hopes would not have gone up.

            But since they were contenders from the start of voting, and I like that genre better, you can see why I am disappointed with second personally.

            I have no issue with the winner. I respect the voting.

            Plus, hearing the cheer that went up in the arena before the semi performance, drowning out the performance, was an awesome experience I must say.

          • But one big thing in common. The complete image of both performances was spot on. That’s why both songs were overlooked by most people before the contest and became hot favorites after people saw them perform on screen.

    • Azerbaijan will never look for the perfect song…Their jury got their lesson :)

      I felt sorry for Dilara more…I hope she participates again

      • I agree, no more songs that bring you to tears from Azerbaijan again.

        “burning bullets in his chest” I teared up every time I hear that line.

        Now its back to boxes, and pop songs for Azerbaijan.

        And 1000% yes, I hope Dilara returns.

  14. This year we saw how biased, not professional jurors can be , that in many cases televoting is more fair and honest. This system killed great uptempo song from Poland and this will be taken under consideration in the future and next year we will have boring ballad galore! How nice it would be if Poland would make top 10…. meh
    France rocks as I see!! I wasn’t fair with France this year! Yeah , it smelled with plagiarizm but in the end I understood that The Netherlands (Police – Every Breath You Take) and Austria (Bon Jovi – Always) were no saints – taking under consideration the above mentioned I think France deserved to be higher!

    • As if the Police invented that very basic three chord scheme.

    • I agree!Poland was so fun to watch.It should have made it to the top-10.France was a mess,though.Well,Lorent was ok,tbh. :)

      • No one song deserved to be in the bottom when San Marino’s “Maybe” was in the list of competing songs!!

        Btw!! Nearly all my friends love Elaiza’s song and many of them voted for it! Germany is the winner of the nomination Post-ESC grower in Armenia !!

  15. Televote went mad with San Marino lol…

    Guys, I have the semi results as well, but it does take a while to make the chart, give me time for a little break. It’ll probably be in a different article to focus more on who would have made it or not!

  16. Spain would have been 18th with the old system?Oh…

  17. Oh my gosh under the old system it would be 12p from the 18th place to the 11th ! And three countries tied in the middle…Would be much closer there..

  18. BTW guys, the old system was made up by our regular reader and great friend Ivan (randomvan). So don’t hesitate to thank im for those stats ;)

  19. I don’t understand why Switzerland scored so bad with the juries.Another injustice.

  20. I don’t think there is any easy answer to where to go with the voting. It’s obvious that no system is perfect.

    The obvious question with the juries is: do they vote for songs or for flags? If they vote for flags, they don’t really make any sense, and then I would prefer 100% televoting. If they actually vote objectively for songs, I would like to keep them, but with some changes:

    There has to be more than five jurors, f.e. ten, and they have to be more diverse. Apparantly most of them are working with mainstream pop, and that is not necisserily in favour of the musical diversity. A good example is the Polish song which is obviously very well crafted and well produced. It’s in many respects “producer music”, and the essential part of it is not necissarily the melody, but more soundscape, beat, the handclaps, feeling etc. A hiphop producer would know that, and I believe (s)he would be more likely to give it high marks than f.e. a schlager composer. Plus, had there been more world music experts among the jurors, then Georgia would undoubtly have gotten a better result.

    My biggest concern about losing the juries is that we might see a massive decline in musical quality. This is what happened after the fantastic years 1996 and 1997 (and to some extent 1998 as well). Will the contest be dominated by huge numbers of “Wadde hadde dudde da”s again? I really hope not.

    Plus, it was the juries who secured the fantastic song from Patricia Kaas a well deserved top ten placing in 2009. It gave the contest some artistic credibility that it had not had for a long time.

    On the other hand, even televoters can vote for “real music” (such as Netherlands 2014).

    So I am very much in doubt, but in any case I think that we should at least go back to the pre-2013 system where juries and televotes just made a top ten. They counteracted each other less that way.

    • An absolute perfect answer. And how I feel as well.

    • I agree on what happened after 97/98, but I also think that there has been a significant decline in quality and even more diversity since 2010, when the ‘jury’ was re-introduced. The abandonment of the language rule hurt the quality level tremendously IMO. Also, I strongly advocate to place the emphasis on the songs and composers again and debilitate the nationalist makeup of the contest. The Grand Prix is no Football Wold Cup only with music. It would also probably reduce the voting bias a lot.

  21. Norway. The best (or second best if you like Azerbaijan better) written song got 88 points. Who knows how many points his songwriter cousin left on the table because she decided to take the nepotism route, and not enter this with a more capable singer/performer.

  22. Televoter results is just INSANE! Norway only 17. 39 p, Belarus BETTER 11. ???? There’s not just no taste or hearing broblems, but people are stupid!

  23. The New York City poll looks something like this:

    Huge support for Spain. All my friends loved it.
    Some support for Hungary and Latvia. My girlfriend was so overjoyed when I told her Kallay was born in New York.

    My best friend hated the Netherlands, so I had to curse him out lol.

  24. No matter what people say Austria and The Netherlands seem to have deserved their places by getting both jury and televoting support.

    And even if there have been tactical votings like placing the contenders at the bottom or completely ignoring them ,it is nice to see that Conchita and Common Linnets were not affected by them.

    Still I think it is better to have one professional jury than what we have now…This way the results will be more acceptable and less biased imo

  25. It’s interesting that under both systems Ukraine would end higher than it did with juries or televoters individually lol !

    • because it DID get in both of them top 12, so in both systems that’s very well recieved: being high in just one list is good enough for the old system, being averagely-high in both matters in the new one more, so in total, Ukraine was the middle ground for everyone and got “best of the rest” in almost all lists

    • Good for Ukraine. It won with a horrible song and after a revamp or two, It did well.
      That was easily the revamp of the year.

      That should be an ET award btw, “Best Revamp”
      Worst revamp was Albania, that totally killed their entry dead with what they did. They were better off withdrawing after that revamp LOL

      As things turned out, Albania should have sent the starlet Venera. She would have made the final with her duet.

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